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NGO : Aarambh
Type of Volunteer Opportunity: teaching kids  
Geographical location: navi mumbai  
Notes: many more kids will have access to education  
Description of Responsibility: committment, patience  
Qualifications / Skills needed: english or marathi   
How will a volunteer benefit: satisfaction, flexiblity  
Do you provide volunteer training?: yes
Time commitment needed: 2 hrs
How long will this assignment be?: ongoing  
Number of volunteers needed?: 4  
name: shobha murthy 
email:   is looking for volunteers to "Help Make the Earth a Better Place For Womankind".

We need people to help coordinate our activities, to train our staff and other volunteers, to act as mentors for young women, to help produce our publications and videos, to liason with corporate sponsors, and to just add a helping pair of hands. Sometimes just talking can have a tremendous impact. Let's communicate! 
Dr. Kamala Dharamshi Narsee Shruti School For Dumb is a school established in June 1973, involved with children with hearing disabilities. The total capacity of the school is 250 children. Children learn till 7th in Hindi, English and Gujarati. We need volunteers to help children in making charts, drawings, etc.

Thank you,
Ms. Bhavana Shah

Dr. Kamala Dharamshi Narsee Shruti School For Dumb
D.B. Juikar Marg
Behind Chandan Cinema
Juhu Vile Parle Scheme
Mumbai 400049
Karmayogi: Mrs. Bhavana Shah 
Tel: 26205283
Fax: 26284840
PAWS - Dombivli orgnising Anti-Rabies Vaccination Program in Kalyan on this Sunday. Over 100 Stray dogs to be vaccinated in morning. We need voluntry help. Please attend the camp & help stray animals.

Name of Camp : Anti-Rabies Vaccination Program
Area         : Jimmi Baug, Kalyan - East
Day & Date   : Sunday, 19th June 2005
Time         : 9.30am Sharp

All volunteers are requested to Call Our Gen. Secretary Nilesh on 9820161114 & confirm attendance. All Volunteers will gather at 9.00am at PAWS registered address.

Donations are welcome for the cause! Volunteership forms available!
NGO name: Habitat for Humanity India Trust 
Type of Volunteer Opportunity: fund raising 
Can it be done by email: yes
Can it be done from home: yes
Geographical location: Andheri East
Description of Volunteer Opportunity: Contact  corporates and high net worth individuals to raise funds for providing houses for poor and needy 
Description of Responsibility: Internet search for corporate CSR profiles Contact companies

Qualifications / Skills needed: Good Communication Skills
How will a volunteer benefit: Expenses shall be reimbursed
Do you provide volunteer training?: yes
Time commitment needed: 1 hour
How long will this assignment be?: ongoing
Number of volunteers needed?: 10

name: Rekha Kuruvilla
phone: 26824879 - best time to call: 9to5
cell: 9323550378 - best time to call: 9  to 5





Type of Volunteer Opportunity: Administration

Can be done by: phone

Can it be done from home: no

Location: Vile Parle (w)

Description : Volunteer is responsible for spreading awareness about the program so that maximum people can be beniftted. A volunteer is required to fill up forms, visit cards for patients, show them patient education programes through a software, attend phone calls of patients, spreading awareness, meeting people.

Qualifications / Skills needed: Good listner, good cummunication skills, knowlegde of english, courteous and presentable, pleasing personality, preferably female.

How will a volunteer benefit: Since this is  dental check up camp he could include his family members. Apart from stipend the volunteer would get exposure to the medical field. 

Do you provide volunteer training?: yes

Time commitment needed: 3 hrs per session.

How long will this assignment be?: 2 Yrs.

Number of volunteers needed?: 2 Per Check Up.

name: Dr. Jignesh Mehta.
phone: 26143333/ 022-2615 4444 (best time to call: 10.30 AM to 12.30 PM
Even: 5.00 PM to 8.00PM.)
Share the power of the wish
Make-A-Wish Foundation of India- Delhi Division is in need of volunteers who can help us grant wishes of children with life threatening illness. 
Those interested may kindly contact Vijayalaxmi : 9899338403 e-mail:
Greeting from Magic Bus
We are back in action after a long summer break and are raring to kick off and splash around!! We are in the process of finalising our Weekly Schedule and shall send it soon for your reference. We hope to have you all 'Onboard' Magic Bus in full force. We have scheduled a Day Trip for Monday, 27th June '05 with children from the 'Home For Mentally Deficient Children' . We would appreciate volunteer participation from Volunteers who are sensitive, patient and would love to have some fun time with these special children.  The details of venue etc. will be sent later.
I look forward to your responses soon.
With regards,


Katyayani Agarwal
Magic Bus
233 Adhyaru Estate
Sunmill Compound
Senapati Bapat Marg
Lower Parel
022-24954429 / 31
'Young Giants' is an international organization of social work for men and women aged 15 to 25 years that fosters leadership and responsible citizenship, encourages high ethical standards in business and promotes international understanding and peace.

Young Giants is a program of Giants International headed by Padma Shri Nana Chudasama. The Young Giants work under the guidance of their local Giants Groups. This association of young groups with their 'parent' Giants Group has existed for several years in India and Europe. Groups draw members from the community or are organized as an extracurricular activity for college students.

Young Giants, conducts meetings, which sometimes feature speakers,  cultural activities, discussions, and networking with other organisations. Giants utilize a majority of their time for social work, social events, and professional and leadership development of members.

Based on these lines, Young Giants of Byculla work under the aegis of Giants Group of Byculla.
This group was installed on 23rd July 2003 and has been instrumental in organising a variety of activities. Attached herewith please find more info on Young Giants and the project Young Giants of Byculla has done.

We do require the support and membership of people between the age group of 15 to 25 years to make our group stronger and more efficient. The membership fee is Rs. 650/- (upto December 2005). This is the administration fund that we collect to carry out various activities such as Unit/Federation Conferences, Meetings, other communications etc. The money required for organising projects is taken care of by the fund raisers we do.

We request persons who are interested in real social work to join us.  
Saloni Bhatia (Ph. no. 09870107059/25647990)
President - Young Giants of Byculla 
A part-time volunteer is needed at Anand Kendra at Worli to teach the children basics about Computers.
Timings -weekdays after 6pm and Sundays any time.

Please contact Mr. Manjrekar on 24922552.
Anand Kendra is an orphanage for 27 boys aged between 8-17 yrs.
It's postal address is:
Anand Kendra
Thelma JRD Tata Anand Kendra Trust
Dr. A. B. Road,
next to Happy Home
Mumbai - 18 

Pooja Taparia
Eye Bank co-ordination and Research centre is working towards alleviating corneal blindness. it is affiliated to the International Federation of eye and Tissue banks baltimore USA and a member of the Eye Bank association of India. EBCRC has a state of the art laboratory for processing eyeballs. The corneas are processed, evaluated and distributed to the waiting list of corneal blind patients. When one person donates eyes two corneal blind persons get the Gift of Sight.
EBCRC  requires your assistance in getting Doctors to help in enucleation of eyes. We need volunteers to help in the cause of Eye donation. As per the human transplant act only medical practicioners can enulceate eyes from a dead person.(and not trained technicians as is done all over the world.) If General practitioners before issuing the Death Certificate requests the next of kin to donate the eyes of the deceased, I am sure the Eye donation Movement in our city will leap forward and there will not be any corneal blind person in mumbai. people normally listen to their family doctors and would carry out the noble act of Eye Donation.

Let Eye Donation become a social Responsibility

 Rekha Mehta
Eye Bank Administrator.
Contact no. 24164342/24162929

fax - 24168869
Below I am giving details as per EBAI Statistics on corneal blindness.

Persons with two eyes blind - 1.91 lakhs
Persons with one eye blind - 5.91 lakhs
Persons with corneal opacity - 9.721 lakhs
Incidence of corneal blindness - 20-25000 per year.
Childhood blindness:
1.5 Million children blind in the world
1 million children blind in Asia
200,000 children blind in India
2% of total blind are due to corneal blindness.
A study on Causes of blindness in children conducted in schools for the blind shows that cornea related blindness is 28% in India.
Collection during 2003 (Jan - Dec) is 20514.
Maharashtra collected 3494 eyes 5% higher than previous year. Ranks third in the country after Tamilnadu and Gujarat in terms of collection.
Number of eye banks in Maharashtra - 70.
Total number of eye banks registered with EBAI is 404 
NGO name: PETA India
Type of Volunteer Opportunity: Compassionate Citizen Crusader
Can it be done at: phone
Can it be done from home: yes
Geographical location:   
Description of Volunteer Opportunity: The heart of PETA's Humane Education Campaign in India is our exciting new teachers' kit, called Compassionate Citizen. This multi-disciplinary kit consists of a colourful poster, a 28-minute VCD (available in Hindi and English) hosted by Jackie Shroff, the late Nafisa Joseph and John Abraham, and a text pack which has a step-by-step Teacher's Guide and four Worksheets with lessons in history, math, and language for students aged 8 through 12. We are willing to distribute this programme free of cost to every school in India. Compassionate Citizen is currently available in two versions, English and Hindi.

Our goal is to reach every child in the country.

The programme is very interesting and exciting indeed.

We want every child to grow up to become compassionate citizens. Research has shown that children who are violent to animals at a younger age, grow up to become violent adults!  
Description of Responsibility: Those interested will need to contact schools and other organisations working with children, make presentations to them using the Compassionate Citizen programme. They can show the film and conduct the associated activities and interact with the children!   
Qualifications / Skills needed: Excellent communication skills/ presentation skills, Lively and enthusiastic personality and the determination to make a difference to the lives of children and animals in India.  
How will a volunteer benefit: Once the volunteer completes five presentations in a month, he/ she will receive a badge. This counts as work experience in a way and can help the volunteer grow as a person and develop self-confidence. Moreover, there is complete inner satisfaction, as he/ she is making a difference to the world!  
Do you provide volunteer training?: yes
Time commitment needed: 30 minutes
How long will this assignment be?: Ongoing  
Number of volunteers needed?: 5,000  
name: Nandita Narayan
work direct: 022-26281879, show on site: yes, best time to call: 9:30 a.m. - 6:20 p.m.
work board: 022-26281880, show on site: yes, best time to call:
home: yes, show on site: , best time to call:
cell: 9323567240, show on site: yes, best time to call:
email personal:  
What's the coolest thing to do this summer??? ---- Volunteer with


  About Us:

   iVolunteer, the volunteering gateway to India is committed to promoting and  facilitating volunteering in India. Through a large network of verified NGOs across the country, we provide opportunities for individuals to contribute back to the society. We currently operate in 6 cities in India.  Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Pune.  For contact info please check

  Whether its long term, short term, or an online volunteering opportunity that you are looking at, we can help you find the perfect volunteering opportunity which matches your skills and time as per your choice of cause (children, animals, hospitals, environment etc) 

  Calling college student, homemakers, corporate professionals and senior citizens.
  Current Volunteering opportunities available:

    1.. Readers for the blind
    2.. Writers for the blind
    3.. Website designers
    4.. Designing leaflets & Brochures
    5.. Lady Karate instructor
    6.. Teaching art and craft along with fancy packaging to women
    7.. Data entry
    8.. Data upgradation
    9.. Corporate Fundraising
    10.. Teaching (June onwards)
    11.. Drama teachers
    12.. Verifying details and implement a simple questionnaire via phone/ email

  If you think you want to make the best use of your time, share your skills and contribute back to the society by volunteering then do contact us on 56756675 or e:mail us at

  Encourage your friends, colleagues, relatives to volunteer & share some of their skills and time.  


  Misha Bhatt
  Center Incharge
  6/C Apollo Industrial Estate
  Off Mahakali Caves Road
  Andheri East
  Mumbai- 400093
  Telefax:   56756675

  iVolunteer , Because Intentions don't make a Difference, Volunteers Do. 
FHSSI (Friends of the Humanist Slum Self Improvers) in association with Kherwadi Social Welfare Centre is organising a Career Fair for the slum people residing in Cama Estate, Goregoan (E).

It is a poster exhibition wherein the slum dwellers would be made aware of various vocational courses that are conducted by Kherwadi Assocaition.

The event is being held tomorrow, Sunday, 24th April from 10am to 6pm. We seek volunteers who could help us reach out to these people in an effective manner. The volunteers would be required to assist in briefing the slum dwellers and visitors about these courses.

Interested volunteers are requested to contact Abhishek at 9322832783 for further details.
NGO name: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Type of Volunteer Opportunity: Fund raising thru subscriptions to our children's educaitional and entertainment monthly magazine
Can it be done at: email
Can it be done from home: yes
Geographical location: Anywhere within Mumbai  
Description of Volunteer Opportunity: To raise funds for The Bhavan via generating annual subscriptions to our children's magazine  
Description of Responsibility: The volunteer will have an optoin to do work in his locality  or work virtually or work via telephone  
Qualifications / Skills needed: Good English preferred though not necessary  
How will a volunteer benefit: Experience of fund raising, training in marketing to children, developing entrepreneurship skills and free tips on good writing and editorial skills.  
Do you provide volunteer training?: yes
Time commitment needed: 1/2 hours
How long will this assignment be?: Ongoing  
Number of volunteers needed?: Around 20  
name: Hitesh Joshi
work direct: 022-24946025, show on site: yes, best time to call: 10 am to 6 pm
work board: 022-24931924, show on site: yes, best time to call: 10 am to 6 pm
home: yes, show on site: yes, best time to call: 8 pm to 10 pm
cell: 9819434917, show on site: yes, best time to call: Anytime
email personal:  
 CPPA India will be starting a support group for cancer patients and those bereaved by cancer at Breach Candy hospital very soon every Saturday afternoon. We are actually looking for volunteers
Shubha Maudgal,
Cancer Patients Aid Association,
Anand Niketan,
King George V Memorial Infirmary,
Dr. E. Moses Road,
Mumbai-400011, INDIA
Phone: 0091-22-24924000
Fax: 0091-22-24973599
Wanted: volunteers and item donation for animal welfare thrift shop

Beauforts, near Akbarallys at Fountain has offered shop space free of cost to sell items and let proceeds go to animal welfare groups. The shop operates on a thrift shop principle - people donate items which are priced lower than the market rate and the proceeds go to charity. Here's how you can help:

1. donate or ask people to donate gently used/new items. Anything is welcome as long as it's usable.
2. help to collect items from people who are unable to deliver.
3. offer to store some items in your home/office.
4. publicise the shop by copyingthis and sending it to people or printout and put on public bulletin boards.

For details about volunteering or donating things call Lyla at  9821733529
DO NOT drop items directly at Beauforts. It's only a point of sale.
NGO name: Maitrivan / Raksha
Type of Volunteer Opportunity: web development, fund raising, writing, publicity, networking, spreading awareness, event management, filing and office work, accounts, handling calls, legal advice, data entery work, managing volunteers
Can it be done at: email
Can it be done from home: yes
Geographical location: Anywhere in Mumbai  
Description of Volunteer Opportunity: We have lots of different opportunities. Volonteers should be interested in our ideals of humane and enviromental education and health education in the form of prevention of disease. We can give a lot of information. I am sure the volunteer will grow in some way and will share our enthusiasm in our endeavour.  
Description of Responsibility: Depends on the time available and talents and inclination.  
Qualifications / Skills needed: They should be good in their professional skills.  
How will a volunteer benefit: He / she will definitely benifit in his / her own health.  
Do you provide volunteer training?: yes
Time commitment needed: one hour
How long will this assignment be?: on going but the volunteer can determine how long he or she can commit.  
Number of volunteers needed?: As many as possible.  
name: Nandita Shah
work direct: 22814949, show on site: , best time to call: 7 - 10 pm
work board: , show on site: , best time to call:
home: yes, show on site: , best time to call: 7 - 10 pm
cell: , show on site: , best time to call:
email personal:  
NGO name: The Welfare Of Stray Dogs (WSD)
Type of Volunteer Opportunity: on site first-aid programme, education & awareness,walking dogs at kennels, fund-raising, special projects
Can it be done at:
Can it be done from home: no
Geographical location: Mahalakshmi (Saat Rasta)/ in the area where you reside /Mumbai  
Description of Volunteer Opportunity: Different opportunities according to the activity the volunteer wants to help out in and the time he/she has. They include 1) Dog Care- On site first-aid, kennels and help in tansporting dogs.
2) Fund Raising
3) Education and Awareness progrrame : Slide presentations in schools etc, Chart presentations in slums
4) Adoption programme
5) Special projects
End - result : Achieve 100 % sterilization of stray dogs, healthy stray dog population, awareness about rabies and dog -bite prevention , increased adoption of abandoned pets and pariahs that require a home.    
Description of Responsibility: - make slide and chart presentations
- on site first aid
-help out at the kennels
-help out in fund raising
-help out in WSD's adoption programme  
Qualifications / Skills needed: -passionate about animals/strays
How will a volunteer benefit: Satisfaction in helping strays as well as humans through a healthy stray dog population and reduction of rabies.  
Do you provide volunteer training?: yes
Time commitment needed: depends on the activity the volunteer will want to help out in
How long will this assignment be?: ongoing  
Number of volunteers needed?: as many as possible  
name: Abodh Aras
phone: work direct: 23733433, show on site: yes, best time to call: 10:00 to 6:00
work board: , show on site: , best time to call:
home: no, show on site: yes, best time to call: any-time
cell: 9819100808, show on site: no, best time to call:
email personal:  
Location: Mumbai, MH, Ahmedabad, GJ, and Nilambur, KE

Saathi's main focus is on adolescent street youth and runaway girls, aged 14-22.  It addresses marginalized populations and children through advocacy and intervention, and is involved with the environment as it relates to community development.  Direct intervention is done through center activities and outreach efforts to street youth and runaway girls, and through a program run with a local pavement community.  Advocacy is done within the direct intervention programs as well as through specific projects.  Community development issues are addressed in a forest-dependent community in Kerala, and in a community affected by the 2002 communal violence in Gujarat.

Project: Advocacy and Awareness/Education Programs Assistant:  Saathi seeks an individual that can research topics, organize arguments, and draft organizational stands via working papers, articles, and letters, and awareness drives.  Sample issues include: Visa rejection due to Muslim background; Creation of a hydroelectric dam near the forest-dependent community we work with in Nilambur, Kerala; Lack of laws protecting against child sexual abuse; and others.

Special Requirements: Researcher, activist or related experience, good
English writing skills.
Time Length: 3-6 months+

Contact: Valerie Tripp at: 

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"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth." --Mohammed Ali