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Do read “ experience the joy of giving “ and add your details via Volunteers - add your profile .

For Volunteering possibilities in orphanages & shelters, see

For Volunteering in old age homes, see 

If you are an NGO needing volunteers, click here to fill form

  I would appreciate if you would volunteer for any of the following to increase and improve the info on

We would deeply appreciate your help in the following ways:

  1. Send a short email about to all your friends. An example -
    " Hi, let's put our normally-wasted time to good use - do some volunteering or mentoring for non-profits via which puts Mumbai NGOs and volunteers together. One can help from home too. Give me a call to discuss. "

  2. Organize a 20-30 minute talk for us. We will attend along with an NGO (of your choice) and a volunteer. We will explain about We will not be pushy and shall not seek donations but we would expect a donation of atleast Rs. 5000 for the NGO.

  3. Help to build a Library of Articles and Links which can be useful for any NGO worldwide. So please surf the net and email us info preferably in the following format:
  4. Category/ Topic Descriptive Phrase URL / website page link
    e.g. Children

    The categories / topics can cover any topic close to your heart e.g. Fund-Raising, NGO newsletters, non-profit publications, etc.
    Or just email us any info that you already have.

  5. Email us contact lists of non-profits e.g. the various Rotaries, Rotaracts, Lions, Jaycees, municipal schools, charities, temples, NGOs, etc. in Mumbai. A phone number and contact name would be appreciated. We would like to add these in the list of NGOs in

  6. Give us suggestions for improving our home page, forms, lists pages, etc. Ideas to cover ease of understanding, ease of usage, better visual appeal, tone of voice, etc. would be appreciated.

  7. Jokes, quotations, poems, list of songs, etc. which cover volunteering, helping, etc. would be appreciated. Please surf the net and email us. Some themes? - uplifting, meaning of life, meaninglessness of life, deeper purpose, perseverance, courage, etc.

  8. If you are involved with a non-profit, we would like to talk to you / meet you.
    1:30 - 3:00 pm is the best time.
    6:00 - 8:00 pm is the best time to meet over a walk on Marine Drive.
    We would like to understand your organization better to see how to help you effectively through our large network of personal contacts.

  9. Interview NGOs in your area or in the category of your interest. The basic idea is to prepare a note on an NGO which makes it easy for people to have a better understanding of the NGO, it's activities, etc. I have a general set of questions and points. Writing skills are not needed. The note can be structured as in or unstructured such as a magazine article.  
  10. Update NGO lists of different categories which are in . Work involved would be to surf the net and to phone ngo's.

  11. NGOs and volunteers have lots of heart-warming, touching, moving, inspiring stories. We need someone who can write articles based on these for circulation to various publications to inspire others.

  12. Do help in whatever way you can. Thanks. Vinay 

All the work would be finally displayed so as to be accessible free of charge to anyone.
There is no time deadline for whatever work you take up.
We can pay nominal amounts esp. to cover all expenses.
Please email or phone me to discuss further.


The lists of ngo's in needs to be updated. The only 2 lists which are fairly up-to-date are orphanages and the animal welfare ones.
If you can volunteer to update the lists by phoning ngo's as well searching for them on the net, do send me an email in . We will then discuss the format for whichever category you are interested in.
One category will take about a week of 1-2 hours of surfing / phoning a day. In our experience, emailing doesn't yield results as most ngo's are fairly unresponsive to such emails (due to lack of time, lack of access, other priorities, etc.)


We would appreciate if someone would volunteer to search articles for us on the internet.
We will pay Rs. 2 per article. 
We will need the article, it's url, etc. to be emailed to us.

We will inform about the type of articles needed -- typically from daily newspapers and also for specific subjects which we are focusing on at that moment e.g. hearing challenged, physically challenged.

Articles greatly help the beneficiaries and their families, NGOs, researchers, government policy making bodies, etc. We have found that all of these have woefully inadequate information both in breadth and depth.

If you are willing, please contact.


  There seem to be a lot of events in the coming week as circulated among the various yahoogroup messages.

If you can attend any of the programs on Karmayog's behalf, do let us know, as there is certain info that we like to get from each such program.

• We get many emails daily e.g. from those needing volunteers, materials, services, funds, etc. and also from those willing to provide such support.
We need this data via the various forms that are already on our home page.
We would like a volunteer who can put this data into the form i.e.
- we will forward the emails every day to the volunteer
- the volunteer has to copy-paste the data in the emails into the relevant fields in the form that same night.
Some data may have to be re-worded to fit the field in the form. So the skill-set needed is good grammatical English, common-sense, willingness to type diligently i.e. capitals where needed, etc. A cable net connection would be preferred to ensure that work is done in a timely manner.
We will pay Rs. 2 per form.
When data is put into a form, it can be put more easily on the website by the software itself. The data is also available in a very searchable and user-friendly format. This helps both the person who sent the email and those who want to be involved with such a person.
If you are willing, please contact me.

We would like to map the capacity and capability of each NGO sector in Mumbai. We began with the hearing-challenged. We tried to obtain info about every school and every NGO. We then visited them to profile them so as to put up meaningful data on the net which could benefit beneficiaries and their families, schools, ngo's, Rotary clubs, service providers, etc. both in and outside Mumbai.

After each visit, we realised that we missed out on some questions that we should have asked i.e. we could not figure out a proper checklist of questions from the beginning itself. So the effectiveness of the data that we have been able to put up is much lesser than what it could have been.
Also, even at the end of this month-long exercise, I realised that we do not have a good overview of the sector.
So I think it would be better if we can get guidance and support from someone in an ngo in each sector who has a good broad and deep understanding of the sector.
I would have liked to donate to the ngo in return for the time the person would be putting in but I don't think that our level of possible donation would be adequate to make that a worthwhile reason to guide us.
So I would appreciate being contacted only by those who really like the Karmayog concept and who would be willing and able to spare adequate time over the phone and for a review meeting every 2-3 months.

• NGOs have been listed by their location in Mumbai in  .

We would like certain more data about each and would thus appreciate if you
can volunteer to visit all the NGOs which are in any area convenient to you.

You can do so at your own pace.

If interested, Contact 22940109 (For enquiries between 2 to 3 pm).
  We would greatly appreciate if someone can take the trouble to email news pertaining to NGOs which are covered by newspapers.
We need the headline, date, the article itself, and the url of the article.
Pl email to . Pl send each news item individually in the body of the email itself and not as an attachment.
Some news websites are and .
We would prefer Mumbai or national level news.
We are also willing to pay a nominal amount. Contact 22940109 (For enquiries between 2 to 3 pm)
Some of the Indian newspaper sites are:
Type of Volunteer Opportunity: Associate, Free Legal Aid, Fund Raising and
Cause Promotion.
Can be done by phone
Can be done from home: yes
Location: Mumbai and Navi Mumbai

Description of Volunteer Opportunity: Citizens for a Just Society was founded by Dr. Usha Mehta, Noted Gandhian. CJS has been working on Safety of
over 50 lakhs of  Suburban Railway Commuters safety and on Nuclear safety etc.,.Variety of them to Promote the Development sector and support the

Description of Responsibility: Need to addres the develomental issue and promote vounteerism in creating a Just Society.

Qualifications / Skills needed: All variety is welcomed with zeal to do the social cause.

How will a volunteer benefit?: Will grow with the organization and develop skill of support giver.

Do you provide volunteer training?: yes
Time commitment needed: no restrictions
How long will this assignment be?: no restrictions
Number of volunteers needed?: one dozen

name: Dr. BKS RAO
phone work : 2766 39 11
cell: 09869354713
• Name: Binal zaveri
Organisation: Times of India
Telephone: 9820328739
Subject: special report
Message: I'm Binal Zaveri from Times of India. We're doing a special report on disaster management for which we're listing various volunteering opportunities for people who're so inclined.

What I need is more information with a focus on what a volunteer can do - how, where, what it entails etc.

Also, if you can put me through to people who've done some good relief work in the deluge, it'll be great. we're looking for some 1st hand accounts.

Thanks and regards
• IAHV is an organization that is conducting volunteer work for the Mumbai Flood victims in Agarpada, Vakola and Kalina districts of Mumbai. They are primarily working in a slum that houses nearly 20,000 shanties accommodating over 200,000 people.

The wall that acts as a fence between the slum community and the Mumbai airport broke down on July 26th, 2005 with the force of the
floods and several houses were swamped, washed away and also several people lost their lives.

IAHV is collecting medicines, bed sheets, blankets, grains at a storage center in Vakola.

Volunteers are needed to segregate these items and transport these items to the slums and help in distribution of the same.  Also a
medical camp is being started on Saturday August 6th 2005. 

If you would like to volunteer please contact IAHV and speak to Alpa at 9820334944.
• iVolunteer Mumbai is helping in the collection and distribution of relief material for people affected by the July 26th deluge. Click here to know more

iVolunteer in the News

Mumbai volunteers at Hi-Tech Foundation were once again covered by the press in the Mid-day Metro (Malad to Borivli edition) of 20th July. This group of
5-6 volunteers meet every second Saturday of the month and spend time with mentally challenged children. Read more...
The Hindu Metro Plus on 28th July carried an article on volunteering. As expected, iVolunteer, our Chennai volunteers as well as the Chennai-based
non-profits we work with were featured in it. Read more... 
iVolunteer Bangalore was featured in the Deccan Herald last month. This informative piece unearthed our vibrant Bangalore centre and its active
volunteers, who come from different walks of life. Read more... 

iVolunteer Activities

iVolunteer Mumbai organised its first iVolunteer Factory Visits for 21shelter children from Ankur-Asmita and project CHILD (Mumbai Central).
Initiated in Mumbai, the underlying idea of this programme is to expose shelter children (above 13 years) to different types of job opportunities
available in factories. Read more... 
iVolunteer Excursions for the month of July entailed a rain trek to Peth (on the outskirts of Mumbai) with 27 children from Ankur-Asmita and project
CHILD (Mumbai Central). The trek was organised and sponsored by the employees of Mahindra British Telecom. Read more... Bangalore volunteers spent a memorable day teaching and interacting with children of construction workers through the NGO Outreach Onsite. Rohit, our first time volunteer, enjoyed the event so much that he had these inspiring words to share ...
To further the work of the non-profit, Vision Bangalore, our Bangalore volunteers carried out a street play on HIV/AIDS for the slum dwellers who
live behind Banaswadi Railway station.
International Summer School (July 5th - 12th) saw iVolunteer Pune provide volunteers and assist CYDA in coodination work. Our young volunteers, all
between 16 to 23 years, were busy handling the reception desk, organising resource people & resource material, handling internship of the
participants, compiling a daily newsletter and overseeing press coverage. 

Upcoming Events

To reach out to college students in Mumbai, iVolunteer will be participating in Malhar, the annual festival of St Xavier's college and Umang, that of N M

Visit our website or reach us at:
Delhi : 011 - 55672160  -
Mumbai : 022 - 26105235  -
Bangalore : 080 - 25469242 -
Chennai : 044 - 52105447  -
Pune : 020 - 25533167  -
Ahmedabad : 079 - 27910270  -

For other cities mail us at

Volunteer with
CED to implement a knowledge management system
CYDA as a content writer
Relief Foundation to develop a database management system 
Society for Child Development to help with their newsletter 'Jal Tarang'
Vision Bangalore as a website designer
 More online opportunities

Volunteer with
CCBT Mumbai to assist in their Independence Day programme
CYDA Pune to help in relief work for rain affected areas in Maharashtra
Kriti Delhi to make recycled paper
Kriti Delhi to organise film screenings
Media4Change Pune to conduct a survey
NEG Pune to assist them in a toy campaign
Nethrodaya Chennai as an event manager for a volley ball tournament
NMP+ Pune to help in administrative work
NMP+ Pune to teach computer basics
NMP+ Pune to train people on team building skills
Pratibha Mitra Bangalore to give Chemistry tuitions
Pratibha Mitra Bangalore as a career counselor
SHARP Pune to promote health and hygiene among children
SICHREM and Stree Jagruti Samiti in Bangalore as a fund raiser
Sunbeam Mumbai as a teacher of conversational English
The Banyan Chennai to assist in making PowerPoint presentations
The Banyan Chennai as a caretaker for their inmates
Vision Bangalore to cheer up hospital patients
More volunteering opportunities
• 100 volunteers have been on the field in the last few days thanks to a joint effort by UNICEF - Rotaract - TISS.
They are distributing chlorine, soap, and high-protein biscuits.
They will be 2000 volunteers today. The aim is to have 30,000 volunteers by Tuesday and one lakh volunteers by Friday.
So please put together a team of volunteers and call 55740096 which is the number of the 24x7 Control Room of UNICEF. 
To understand the gravity of the situation, one should go to Kurla and see and inform others.
• Indian Red Cross has lots of clothes in a godown at Vikhroli. They need volunteers to sort clothes
So do other orgs and even govt orgs. If you have a team, pl inform. 
• The heavy rains that lashed Mumbai and many parts of Maharashtra have caused serious damage to life, livelihood and property of people. Raigad, has been severely affected.
While relief measures are being carried out by the state, Adivasis are being neglected as per the assessment of people's organisations in the area.
College of Social Work - Nirmala Niketan students are going day after tommorrow (3rd August) to Raigad with supplies, clothes, etc.  We request you to kindly chip in with your support in terms of:
1.. Utensils (most urgently required by the Adivasis)
2.. Tarpaulin (very important)
3.. Clothes
4.. Food grains.
Besides the above we would very much appreciate your monetary contributions.  Cheques may be drawn in the name of College of Social Work - Nirmala Niketan.  

Ms. Rucha Chandvankar                 Tel: 2280 4986 and Email:
Mrs. Prabha Tirmare                       Tel: 5656 4933 and Email:
College of Social Work                    Tel: 2200 2615 and Email: 
• Committed Communities Development Trust (CCDT) wishes to arrange for recreational (as well as vocational) activities for the women in the red light area of Kamathipura. This organization addresses the psychosocial, medical needs of such women. They also have a day-care center for them near Mumbai Central.
Persons needed for teaching following activities (preferably free of cost/very nominal charge):

•     Yoga (lady teacher only)
•     Needlework-Embroidery
•     Jewellery making
•     Drawing-Painting
•     Making Paper bags
•     Tie n Dye-Bandhani making
•     Making gift wrapping paper and various styles of wrapping gifts
•     Mehendi
•     Pottery 
•     Dance Therapy (lady teacher only)
•     Singing (lady teacher only)


These activities will help women satisfy their recreational needs and give vent to their creative side. Apart from that, activities like yoga, dance therapy, singing will lower their stress levels and enable them to lead better lives. In the long run, the aim is to help them earn a living out of the activities they learn.

Duration of project: Will be a long term project

Manav Seva Kendra .




Manav Seva Kendra is a charitable organization which was started with the sole purpose of providing quality Dental care to the common people. To render such services it has tied up with Smile Design Studio and Dr. Jignesh Mehta ; wherein his own private set-up and his credibility will be used for the purpose of Manav Seva Kendra .


Dental Check-up camps are held on 1st and 2nd Sunday's of a given month at Smile Design Studio wherein a person can use the dental services of the private clinic by paying Rs. 20/- per head (Includes Consultation and Check-up). Further treatments as per requirements will be sponsored by Manav Seva Kendra to the tune of 50% of Dr. Jignesh Mehta 's private charges.



Any person with a flare for Marketing, Meeting people, Creating Awareness, having good public relations, or simply has good contacts, or may be has a lot of friends, would be the one we are looking for. Any previous experience would be handy.



Creating awareness about the program by meeting people and explaining the program details to them.

  • Sourcing people who would like to take the benefit of the program.
  • Filling up of check-up cards and forms (only 3 lines).
  • Approaching charitable trust / NGO's / Clubs / Organizations who would like to  

      take up the benefit of the program.

  • Collection of payments from the beneficiaries in cash.
  • Submission of collected payments to Manav Seva in order for the participants

      to be included in the check up program.

  • Submission of Filled up forms to Dr. Jignesh Mehta .
  • We need a minimum of 50 forms or in multiples of 50 there off to be submitted at a given time


Since this is a charitable activity and a social responsibility we are not making any money out of this. But since the volunteers are giving their services we have decided to award compensation by paying them. The compensation would be 25% of the amount collected by the volunteer.

For example a volunteer fills up 100 successful forms and collects Rs. 20/- per head, this would amount to Rs. 2000/- as total collection. The person would be awarded a compensation of Rs. 500/- and so on.

As a part of the organization a volunteer could access the services offered by Manav Seva for himself and his family. 



There are many trusts providing dental treatments at low costs. The problems faced by the beneficiaries are listed as below.

  • Lack of good and modern infrastructure.
  • Normally fresh passed out doctors join such trust for getting more experience.
  • Experienced doctors work with such trusts for their own vested interest.
  • Lack of credibility of the treatments rendered.
  • Patients are not sure of the quality of the treatments offered.
  • No service guarantee.
  • Mostly doctors leave such organization after gaining experience.
  • Doctors unavailable for follow ups after treatments.



 Smile Design Studio,

Shop No. 4&5, Amrut Apts ,

Bajaj Road , Vile Parle(w).

Mumbai 400056.

Tel : 2614 3333 / 2615 4444 .

E mail :

• A Request to those who wish to Volunteer with NGOs through Karmayog    It is good to see so many people wanting to volunteer time and energy for socially relevant work of their choice. Karmayog is happy to provide space  for them to explore possibilities to find such work with suitable organisations. However, we have found that some individuals ignore response from NGOs and other groups to their own announcements. Please at least politely inform the responding organisation that they are not interested in working with it for some reason or the other. A few  not bothering to  respond can create a wrong impression for others who are earnest and sincere in their desire to volunteer time and energy. Their credibility is questioned. NGOs and other organisations might think they too are not serious about volunteering.
Do let us also know the following:
- how many ngo's contacted you?
- could you volunteer with any?
- if so, with whom?
- what was wrong with the others?
- your suggestions for ngo's and for karmayog.
• HABITAT FOR HUMANITY INTERNATIONAL (HFHI) a  non-profit, housing organization seeking to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world, and to make decent affordable homes for the  underprivileged. Habitat invites people of all backgrounds,to build houses together in partnership
 with families in need. Since 1976, Habitat has built  more than 175, 000 houses, and providing shelter for  nearly 900,000 people worldwide. Now at work in 100  countries,in India Habitat has built 10000 houses . Habitat India is launching a" Youth  build in India"  to involve 10000 youth across the country in
 building  500 homes for the underprivileged. For this project we request volunteer  leaders to support  us  in mobilizing resources . Volunteer leaders who are interested in giving back  to society with good presentation and organization skills, who could mobilize resources could send  their details with Telephone numbers to or
An allowance to cover the incidentals of Rs 3000 to Rs 5000 per month  
This would be a 12 month assignment.    Housewives and retired people are encouraged  to apply 


Vice President – Rotary Club of Bombay Hills South

Secretary – Zonta Club of Bombay 1

Member – The Silvery Dawn Lodge No. 7700 E.C             Chairman – Allstate Group of Companies 


Ramprasad Ruia

Vice President

- District Task Force &

  Governer’s  Special Aides

  For Avoidable Blindness


- Community Service II B


- Eye Bank Association of India (West Zone)


- Club Service II

- Community Service II C

  & Club Centennial Project



The shortage of eyeballs and probably 2 to 3 million people awaiting the transplant of cornea so that they can get the lost vision.  The collection is hardly 10,000 in the whole year all over India.  Accordingly the awaiting list will never end. 


Sir, I have prompted a project and I hope every person take it seriously.  The project is very simple that every person should try and arrange donation of atleast one dead person’s eye to the eye bank in the whole year.  This is possible because everyone of us stays in some society and every society have many flats and many people also live in your neighborhood of you.  You may come across atleast 2 to 3 deaths in one year and what you have to do is that out of these 2 to 3 deaths you have to persuade atleast one person to donate eyes and if that is done the shortage of eye balls in Maharashtra will be over.


Eyes can be removed only after the Death Certificate is made, and only if the relatives/close friends who are present at that time sign the Consent Form.  Eye removal takes just 15 minutes & does not affect the appearance of the face. Removal should be done as early as possible (max. 6 hrs) of death.  Keep the eyes closed. Cover the eyes with cold cloth or ice compress. Avoid water entering the eyes or direct blast of fan on the eyes. Keep the head raised, by putting a pillow under the head.


Sir, it is not difficult if you think that you are helping 2 blind people by doing this to get their vision and this will give you the best result in your life.  By such deed God will bless you in very best manner, as there can be no better donation then this. Please inform us immediately that you have done the projected donation of eye of one man and we will try to honour you with a certificate for this service of good deed rendered to the society. If you have any difficulty to carryout this project you are free to contact me.  We have literature on the procedure and if you want the same please let me know.


Thanking you,



      For EYE DONATION, contact  :   1919  or  2416 – 2929  

• Post Internship, Coop and Volunteer Opportunities for FREE

We offer employers and organizations worldwide the opportunity to post internship, co-op, and volunteer listings on our website ( Any organization may post internship opportunities for FREE and select any date you choose for your posting to be viewable.

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-Go to "View/Edit Posting", it will be the fourth option in the menu after logging in. Click on the posting that you want edit, and then you can fill in all of the postings details, descriptions, and then activate your posting.

This entire process will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

Use this promotional code E6HD7HZ to recieve a 20% discount on all our other services and you will see why we are rapidly growing Internships4You's best features are Screen and Interview. These features ensure higher quality intern applicants who match your requirements and are more motivated to answer your questions.

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Lastly, Internships4You is continually working for you to improve our systems. If you could take 3 minutes to complete a short questionnaire, your responses would be greatly appreciated: Employer Questionnaire.

We are available to assist you with any problems, question, or concerns you had while using our service. Locating interns for your organization is our primary goal.
Thank you for your interest in Internships4You.
Please let us know if we can supply you with additional information or assistance.

Build Your Future
• International AIESEC Trainees

AIESEC, the world's largest student-run organisation, runs the Youth Development Exchange Program or YDEP, wherein youth from across the
globe come to India to work with various issues and projects and similarly Indian students go abroad to work with various developmental projects.

Any NGO who would wish to have qualified international AIESEC trainees working with them in various areas ranging from Research and Documentation to Fundraising and Marketing to Adovacy and Awareness etc, please get in touch with me, Anuja Raut, at 98192 56085 or mail
me at

• anyone wants any help with their writing work can get in touch with me. i also shoot pictures so i have a huge collection of photographs which can be used by anyone.
 please feel free to write your queries.
thanks and bye to all

• The Foundation for Human Horizons is "Disaster Relief Team" working in the Mumbai Slums. we had 6 medical camps in the affected areas. The next Medical Camps is in Kurla, Kandivali - Hanuman Nagar and Damunagar. We need two volunteers on coming Sunday.

Please Contact :
Neilratan Shende - IIT Bombay 9869350748  or Mr Lalit Khandare
We appreciate your efforts.
Deelip Mhaske 
• As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, WeP Peripherals has initiated rehabilitation efforts in Naluvedapatty, a village 50 kms south of Nagapattinam - one of the areas affected adversely by Tsunami last year. Some of our rehabilitation and social development activities include distributing nets to localites who lost these because of the tsunami, construction of toilets (especially for female students, as lack of separate toilet facilities result in female student dropouts), enhancing the quality of education in schools, de-siltation of agricultural lands rendered uncultivable due to salt deposition after the tsunami and construction of essential facilities in their schools.

We are looking for volunteers to help us in our endeavor  to enhance the quality of education in the schools. The volunteers would be required to visit Naluvadapathy and spend a period of two weeks teaching or coaching rural school students in their primary classes in subjects like English and activity based subjects like General

This would be an extremely rewarding experience personally for the individual, apart from being an opportunity of being an ambassador for WeP - the organization we have decided to call our own. I would request you all to consider volunteering for this activity which we believe is a small but effective step towards imparting effective education for children in rural schools.

The first batch of volunteers would be sent to the site in the last week of August or early September.

All interested could send me their confirmations through email at
With best regards,
Vishakha Das
Corporate Social Responsibility Officer
WeP Peripherals Ltd.
40/1A, Basappa Complex
Lavelle Road
Bangalore - 560001
Ph: 51182208(D), 22270359/ 360
Fax: 22270378
• I contacted the BMC and they asked our help in distributing chlorine or any other tablets to houses to make BMC water safe for drinking. They also needed volunteers to disinfect the places from where the rubbish is removed by BMC.  Those who want to help can get in touch with DMC, Zone II, Andheri directly or through me.
Luthria G B

Type of Volunteer Opportunity: Fundraising, Training, Community Empowerment Programmer, Trainer in Leadership & Management, Public Administrator , To attend Domestic and International confererences,and Retired IAS. 
Can it be done by email: yes
Can it be done from home: yes
location: Andheri (W)
Description of Volunteer Opportunity: ILMA is a registered NGO working on Leadership and community empowerment at various levels.
Description of Responsibility: To take the objective of the Institution of developing grass-root leadership and commnunity empowerment and development. 
Qualifications / Skills needed: Commitment, Excellent skill to interact with people at all level.
How will a volunteer benefit: Shall grow along with the Organization and Honorarium is possible.
Do you provide volunteer training?: yes
Time commitment needed: varies
How long will this assignment be?: 3 to 5 years
Number of volunteers needed?: 12
name: Dr. H. GOLANDAZ
phone: 2624 6115 - best time to call: 10AM
• A taxi driver wants to educate his only child - a daughter - to the best of his capacity. He has got her admitted into a Central School with a CBSE syllabus. She is in class 2. He lives in Cuffe Parade. The child needs help with English. Would any volunteer, preferably living this side of town, be available to help the kid out a couple of times a week - or so.  The child finishes school by 2 pm. He is offering to pay a bit - if need be. Pl. reply to me at 

Hoping that help will be forthcoming.
Thanks.  love, pervin 
• NGO: P N Khayal Education Foundation
Type of Volunteer Opportunity: Web Development, Fund raising, Financial
Planning, Business Plans, Legal Advice
Can  be done by email
Can it be done from home: yes
Geographical location: From Anywhere
Description of Volunteer Opportunity: Web Development, Fund raising,
Financial Planning, Business Plans, Legal Advice
Description of Responsibility: Web Development, Fund raising, Financial
Planning, Business Plans, Legal Advice
Qualifications / Skills needed: Good Liasioner and Confidential
How will a volunteer benefit: Name Fame and His growth in this sector
Do you provide volunteer training?: no
Time commitment needed: As per his wish
How long will this assignment be?: As per his wish
Number of volunteers needed?: 5-8
name: Anurag Batra
cell: +91-9415374431 - best time to call: Any Time
website: x 
• NGO: Saheli Group- Support group of & for single women's Rights Mumbai
Type of Volunteer Opportunity: writing & translation
Can be done via: email
Can it be done from home: yes
Geographical location: community is in bandra, prefer person from bandra
Description of Volunteer Opportunity: Brochure & report will send to various
group for creating support for group
Description of Responsibility: Translation of brochure, report  & other
Skills needed: Language known English & hindi
How will a volunteer benefit: we will put the name of vol in our support
group list & other documentations
Do you provide volunteer training?: yes
Time commitment needed: 1 to 2 hours
How long will this assignment be?: 1 or 2 month
Number of volunteers needed?: 2
name: shilpa kashelkar nipunge
phone: 26672015 - best time to call: Friday morn. 11 to 2
cell: 9867209773
• NGO : Population First
location: Mumbai Ward Level Activities
Volunteers needed to collect data for resorce mapping form, at ward level in
mumbai. under the planning & implmentation programme in"LAADLI" Campign
contact person:  Samir S. Salvi
phone number: 22702196/22626672
mobile: 9819211080
• I am deepak negi, co ordinator of CCBT registered with your website.  it is doing a very excellent work.
we are celebrating Independence day this year with 15 organisations all across Mumbai.  iIam the only staff handling day today activities and co-ordination work of our organisation.  right now, our immediate requirement is of 15 volunteers for helping me in the task of co-ordination and meeting different organisations. 

kindly put this ad on your website for wider circulation.. anybody interested in volunteering can directly contact on my cell 9892403186.   office nos:- 22870672 / 73   Resi: 95250 - 5687355.

our website is  anyone interested to know more about us can log on to this website.

thanks and hoping for a favourable reply soon.
• NGO : Jeevan Sanvardhan
Type of Volunteer Opportunity: event management
Location: anywhere in maharashtra
Volunteer Opportunity: maharshtra level competition which will spread
scientific awareness in schools & colleges.
Description of Responsibility: Be a representative of JSS and arrange the
biggest competition.
Skills needed: good communicational skills,
How will a volunteer benefit: by membership, by salary
Do you provide volunteer training?: yes
Time commitment needed: 3-4 hours daily
How long will this assignment be?: one month
Number of volunteers needed?: 25
name: Harish
phone - work : 55884155
cell: 9323892182, /  9820092896
• NGO : yeoor jungle camp
Type of Volunteer Opportunity: org activity in the jungle[trekking/nature
Location: thane
Description of Volunteer Opportunity: to meet people, org trekking ,
rainhike, rivercrossing, nature talk.
Responsibility: to look after the group and get involved in activities.
Skills needed: no experience required, should be active,
intelligent,interested to do all types of work.
How will a volunteer benefit: they will get breakfast, lunch, evening tea,
travelling exp of bus.
Do you provide volunteer training?: yes
Time commitment needed: 7 a.m to 6 p.m
How long will this assignment be?: mostly on sat / sunday / holidays
Number of volunteers needed?: 10
work direct: 9820100485 - best time to call: ANYTIME
work board: 56778801/02 - best time to call: 10 AM TO 8 P.M
• We want some good Volunteer for translation who can come to our office and do it. 
From English lang. to Hindi & Marathi.
LIFE Trust
9, Sumer Kendra,
P.Budhkar Marg,
Mumbai-400 018
Tel.: 022-55822 367 / 702 
• For those of you who want to volunteer at Pratham (,
these are a few activities that I thought of.  I have kept in mind the time factor for volunteers so there might be few things that are time intensive like evaluation of a project etc and others involve minimal
time e.g. weekend activity with children.

Please feel free if you want the activities in detail.
1.      Read to me Saturdays: Where the volunteers could read stories to the children.
2.      Art and Craft day: The volunteers can teach a special craft to the children. It could be small thing they know, kite making, flower making, book making, etc. It will be better if it is a low cost item.
3.      Spread the word day: It is a day decided by every one to talk about Pratham and its activities to one more person and ask them to join our guest list.
4.      Recommendation day: The volunteer is supposed to visit Pratham classes and leave a sealed note at the zonal office about his/her views about what he saw and what recommendations he/she has.
5.      Write a letter day: The volunteers describe what they saw in our classes. It has to be a short note and will be put up on the Pratham website.
6.      Write stories: Pratham is always in need of stories. Pratham Books could publish the stories with an acknowledgement to you J
7.      Expertise help: Pratham is always in need of people who could
make use of their professional skill in the organisation e.g.
database management, help with PR etc.
8.      Evaluators: We are always in need of external program evaluators who could evaluate a project or a class overtime to present to us their views. This helps us to better our programs and
gives the volunteers a good field experience.
9.      Forming an active like minded group: We could start with various activities to promote Pratham's work and its intensions. It will be a good base to exchange ideas amongst the group.      

 "Radhika Iyengar" <>

PS: These are only a few activity's that I could think of based on my
experience, but Pratham caters to a wide variety of backgrounds. I am
an economist by training and am a full time volunteer with Pratham.
There are Hotel management graduates, computer graduates, MBA's  who
work at Pratham also. 

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"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth." --Mohammed Ali