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Get involved in YOUR city and locality - Improve Your World
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Name Volunteer Activity Location NGO preferences
Siddharth Mehta financial planning Tardeo Medical, Attitude Change
International Development Exchange (IDEX)   U.S.A.
Indicorps reconnect people of Indian origin with India India  
Malcolm Michigan fundraising, maintaining proper accounts and records, compliance with regulations Khar  
Nandakumar Menon accounts, computerizing data base Thane  
Lillian Ann welfare of animals Mumbai  
Manisha in Orphanages Anywhere Orphanages
Mukta Matta children, mentally challenged, physically challenged Mumbai  
Parag Mahalley internet work home none
Ms. Elizabeth Kurucz retirement homes, emergency center in hospital, preschool teaching USA  
Ms. Aparna S Gunjikar
Teaching, Counselling, empathising, translations India  
iVolunteer orientations, workshops and marketing to further promote volunteerism India  
Ujjwal Banerjee use of my interests and abilities Mumbai  
Ms. Deepali writing, spreading awareness, meeting people India  
Ms. Angela Smith community improvement, environment USA  
Lieutenant Ramphal Yadav (Retd) actively involved in rehabilition of affected peoples in jamnagar India  
Dr Shilpa Sehgal Mumbai  
Ms.Bhavi Udani related with children India  
Ms. Janet Zhou Women's Rights, Education USA  
Mr. Rudolph Alves meeting people, managing volunteers, plans
handling calls, responding to letters, publicity,
spreading awareness
Mr. Oliver Picton Teaching, Tutoring Mumbai  
Mr. Ravindra Raghuwanshi meeting people, phoning, devp marketing, desigining business, internet research. Mumbai  
National Service Scheme      
Centre for Promotion of Voluntarism      
One! International      
Harry Konnor plans, responding to letters, meeting people, internet research West Africa  

I am the founding editor of the OneWorld Volunteering Guide which provides a basic introduction to various aspects of volunteering relevant to support for developing countries.

Bill Gunyon
Project Manager - OneWorld Volunteer Editors, OneWorld Guides
Ritinjali is a Delhi based NGO working in the field of Education and Community Development. We have a few volunteers in Mumbai and we would like them to volunteer for projects in Education and Community Development. Sonali V Attri, Ritinjali
K – 99, 1st Street, Opp. IDBI Bank, Mahipalpur, New Delhi – 110 037,
US nonprofit that connects business professionals with quality community organizations around the world. Over the past three years we have developed an avenue for people who work within corporations to volunteer abroad for 3 weeks to a year while at the same time developing global leadership skills.Jennifer Anastasoff CEO and Founder BuildingBlocks International

....sends students to India every summer to provide service for six weeks....
“Project DOSTI is committed to giving students an opportunity to provide service, gain a better understanding of India, strengthen bonds of shared culture and values with India.”
read the full article at
why not invite them to your org ? see
I am one of the co-founders and serve on the board of directors of Volunteermatch. Our USA-based nonprofit's mission is to help everyone find a great place to volunteer. To achieve this, Volunteermatch offers a variety of online services to support a community of nonprofit, volunteer and business leaders committed to civic engagement. We are interested in becoming more international since many of our business partners have offices outside the United States. - Steve Glikbarg, email:
Our projects in India are of different categories: Vocationally-oriented education, Teacher-training Assistance and Science Teaching Improvement, Education and Training of the Handicapped, Scholarship Scheme & Sponsor-a-Child plan Literacy programs
Princeton Univ, USA, offers Summer and Graduate Opportunities to their students to work with Mumbai hospitals, medical NGOs as per
Lyons-based Social and Economic programmes for NGOs course, requires students to work with an NGO. e.g. the French Association in Lyon supports Sneh Sadan in Andheri.
Dignity: 23898078/ 9 - “Dignity is now launching a new project across Mumbai where over 850 volunteers will visit senior citizens, interact with them and the housing societies they live in, register them and make a note of the people who visit them, from the guy who does repair jobs, to vendors and domestic servants,” says MK Lal, the officiating head of Dignity’s K-west unit. Dignity Foundation, a city-based NGO which works with senior
Volunteers are available from Tata Group:
Princeton Univ, USA, offers Summer and Graduate Opportunities to their students to work with Mumbai hospitals, medical NGOs as per is an example of organizations designing programs to bring international volunteers to India. email .
Various Volunteer Opportunities for foreigners for 7 - 12 weeks are available through The Indian Association of The Experiment in International Living - See or email:
Youth International, Canada, organises teams of up to 14 people between the ages of 18 and 25 to do community service in Mumbai. See or email
875 volunteers-mentors are there who wish to know about volunteering / mentoring opportunities. They do not wish to reveal their details publicly on the site. Your emails will be sent to them for them to contact you directly if they are interested in being involved.

"This is the true joy in life being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one being a force of Nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances, complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy. . . ."