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Volunteers Available > Mr Ujjwal Banerjee

I want to lend my service for a cause.

My profile

Name : Mr Ujjwal Banerjee
Age: 25 yrs
Qualifications: B Tech , MBA
Occupation: Marketing in a major Indian IT company
Nature of Work that I would like to do:

Administrative level:-Project Management, Planning new initiatives and their implementation, Organizing events
Grass root level:- Teaching, Sharing time with patients or needy people to understand their needs and give them emotional support, Spreading awareness etc

What makes me feel that I can do these kind of works:
My professional qualification and experience equips me to handle administrative issues.
Regarding grass root level work, I must say that I have the ability to gel with people of any age group and can empathise with their conditions. I don't find any problem with interacting with people of any social/demographic profile. I can understand their problem and have the capacity to bring smiles of their faces.

Kind of organizations that I am looking for: Organizations working for causes related to children, patients, physically challenged people, organizations fighting human rights  violation or any other genuine cause which can make use of my time and energy

Time I can devote-- 4-5 hours during the weekends. Preferably morning hrs
Location : Mumbai

Past experience of volunteering: I am currently involved with Prerana, a Mumbai based organization. Have participated in a number of initiatives of this organization. Apart from that, I have taught children in the past .

Why I want to volunteer?
Life has been kind to me and I want to share myself with people who are not so fortunate.

If you feel that can add some value to your cause, please contact me at

Cell no: 9870148361 or
Office no: 022-56689249


Ujjwal Banerjee