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Volunteers Available  Ms. Sophia  Ay

Ms. Sophia  Ay

***My interests / background***

Type of volunteer activities I am interested in: Children care, providing help for minorities or poor neighborhoods in big cities...

Type of non-profits that would interest: All

I want to volunteer because I have a semester off, so i m trying to find a six month duty in India, to discover the culture and help the people by the same time, especially children...

Hobbies / Interests: understanding and discovering the different cultures of the world, traveling as well as all kind of arts, i do like India traditional music, and have a real passion for India's culture and people.

My profile: I am student in business communication, i didn't finish my studies yet, i still have to study two more years to get my diploma but I've stopped to get a six month trip to help in India, and I'm expecting from this country to make me discover and learn much more that i want to give.
Languages spoken: English, French, Arabic

Volunteer activities I have done: I have worked with street children in Morocco with an association called BAYTI and I'm still working with street children but on my own, here in Rwanda as unofficial help.

***Contact Details***
Ms. Sophia  Ay