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Volunteers Available  Mr. Brandon

Mr. Brandon
***interests / background***

Type of volunteer activities I am interested in: Fieldwork, spreading awareness, filing and office work, meeting people

I want to volunteer because I enjoy helping other people and making a difference in the world.

Hobbies: playing guitar, reading, and learning about other cultures

My profile: I am currently living within the US and will graduate from college in May.  After I graduate, I plan on traveling Asia and Australia for around 2 years teaching English and doing volunteer work.  A friend and I will be in India between September and October of 2005 and are interested in helping out any volunteer organisations that need help.  I have been researching many volunteer placement organisations and have found that fees are very expensive.  I will not have much money but am willing to volunteer all of my time for the two months that I will be in India.  The most I would be able to spend on program fees would be around US$300 a month.  We have not decided on exactly where in India we are going to travel to yet, so our destination for volunteer work is flexible.  Any offers for volunteer placement would be much appreciated.

Volunteer activities I have done: community development, tutoring

***Contact Details***