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My name is Aiola Komenda, I am 19 years old and I live in Camphill Village Copake, NY.- A village where we live and work together with the mentally and physically handicapped.
I am urgently looking for a place where I can volunteer in exchange for room and board (I am unable to pay any large program fees) at a place that is completely different from my own country ( e.g. Africa, South Africa, Brazil, Nepal, India, Thailand, Dominican Republic, South America, Vietnam, basically anything besides Europe or the USA ). I would like to work with children or people if possible. I am willing to work in any settings such as orphanages, teaching English or German, homeless shelters, slums, other education/awareness programs, and the like. I am hoping to begin in January, and stay until approximately May 2005.
I am trilingual (English, German, French) since I grew up in Europe, am experienced with children, the handicapped, life in community, cooking (European/American), spinning, weaving. I am practical, patient, caring, open to anything new and very enthusiastic to help where help is most needed.
I want to make a difference in my year off before going to college for the studies of sociology and foreign languages.
So please if you have anything to offer, or any other suggestions or links, please let me know as soon as possible, and I will be more than happy to possibly join your organization and help.
Thank you so very much for your effort and time,
 hope to hear from you very soon,
Aiola Komenda