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Akanksha is looking for candidates for The Akanksha Teacher Fellowship. Candidates need to have a minimum SSC qualification and basic English skills to apply, combined with a passion to teach.  Selecting the right batch of fellows is a key step in changing each fellow’s life as well as helping create a team of educators who will Teach for Tomorrow. Application forms are available with us and need to be filled in by March 20th 2006. For more details, write to (Mumbai) or (Pune) or see



The Akanksha Teacher Fellowship: Teach for Tomorrow

In June 2006, Mumbai-based NGO Akanksha will launch The Akanksha Teacher Fellowship. The Akanksha Foundation is a non-profit organization working in Mumbai and Pune with a mission to impact the lives of less privileged children. Akanksha works primarily in the field of education, addressing non-formal education through its Akanksha centers as well as formal education by initiating school reform.


In continuing its mission to provide life-changing opportunities to young people in under-privileged communities, Akanksha is now developing a state-of-the-art teacher-training institute that transforms young adults from some of the lowest-income slums of Mumbai and Pune into exceptional educators and leaders. Through a comprehensive training program that blends language training, leadership development and teacher development, Akanksha wishes to develop these Fellows into teachers who can enact true educational reform in their communities.


The Akanksha Teacher Fellowship will be a three-year structured program that provides ongoing personal and professional support to teacher candidates. Year One starts with an intensive residential retreat that begins to build the Fellows’ personal values and attitudes, generates a community of learners and offers them skills in organization, management and language fluency. The Fellowship continues with a nine-month program that integrates curriculum and teaching components with hands-on classroom experience. Fellows will be guided to meet the Akanksha Teacher Performance Standards and will engage in a variety of innovative and creative learning experiences in order to develop into exceptional and dedicated educators.


Upon completion of the first year, Fellows move to the next stage of professional development, which is a teaching placement in an Akanksha center. Fellows will be placed with Akanksha centers and will continue to attend professional development workshops that continue to build on their skills. During their third year, they will have the capacity to become full-time Akanksha teachers and will be able to solidify the learning of the first-two years. Throughout this process, they will be working to develop into dynamic and creative leaders in their communities, working relentlessly to become teachers for a better tomorrow. 


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