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contact: Ms. Balachandra, Dir. General; 25220224 // Anandan Nair, Co-ordinator 989292466 //
NASEOH focuses on making the disabled self-reliant. To that end, it is involved with education, vocational training, finding employment, providing aids/appliances, prevention activities, medical treatment, spreading awareness, organising sports, and giving recognition, for physically- and mentally-challenged children and adults.
One can help in several ways:
a) To reach the unreached: NASEOH focuses on urban and rural areas e.g. it has adopted 5 slums in Mumbai and 3 tehsils in Ahmednagar. So do refer the disabled to its various services.
b) Early Intervention Program for Children - It would like to establish a model for Community Level Teaching Program to train workers there who can help to prepare children to join balwadis.
c) Give job-work in various areas viz.
    - Sorting, Assembly, Packing - they can do this exceedingly well.
    - Fabrication -- welding, fitting, any metal work -- they have machines and skills - e.g. they make tri-wheelers, wheelchairs, braces, calipers, etc.
    - Tailoring -- bulk or small quantities -- they can make uniforms, pillow-covers, etc.
    - Ceramic -- pottery / painting on pottery --- stock and sell their products
    - BPO / Data-entry -- or any other computer / internet work -- they have 20 computers and are shortly getting 60 more. Currently 75 people are working in 3 shifts for Datamatics -- so they are good and able.
d) Buy / Hire Plants --- they have a large nursery of a variety of inexpensive plants incl. beautiful bonsai. They even rent out plants to companies all over Mumbai (even upto Nariman Point). Or just allow them to maintain your garden.
e) Give jobs -- in gardening, tailoring, embroidery and fabric painting, pottery and ceramics, jewellery making, computers, etc.
f) Market their products / services / skills as listed above. The products are always on display and for sale at their Gift Shop - Kamdhenu - in their premises.
g) Hire their Open Auditorium for your family / org functions.
h) Provide Services e.g. counselling, coping, spiritual, yoga, dancing, teaching English, concept marketing, project proposals, teaching vocational skills, etc. Services can be for the students, their families, or for the teachers.
i) Advertise via their souvenir, banners in their premises, website, etc.
j) Help in awareness --- Get sensitised to problems and solutions by visiting them with your family and friends. Call NASEOH to give a talk on Equal Opportunities. Or join their 'Second Saturday' meetings in which similar NGOs meet to discuss issues.
k) Donate in kind --- sewing machines, computers, typewriters, metal fabrication equipment and tools, etc. After NASEOH has trained its students, it tries to give them equipment so that they can be self-employed.
l) Provide Financial Support -- irrespective of everything, an NGO always has a cash-deficit! One can sponsor various activities ranging from Rs. 1500 for a hearing aid to Rs. 12500 for a PCO. NASEOH provides documentation and feedback.
We would urge you to visit NASEOH the next time you are in Chembur!
PS: The above are our notes. Do see NASEOH's website and speak to them for exact and complete info. 
Free meeting hall for 200 - 300 people is available at Mangal Karini Society, Goregaon W.
Smaller groups can also meet. Ideally, the program should be such that the Society members would have an interest in also attending.
Contact resident Geeta Mohunta 28724133. 

Community Shops, or cShops, is a FREE Internet storefront that allows NPOs to sell their goods online while giving consumers a chance to participate in social change.

We had started herbal treatment for Diabetes Arthirites, Knee pain & piles. We had guaranteed Treatment. Those who suffering from this disease, Please visit to our clinic to have a treatment.

Good news for all NGOs! If any Ngo wants to start a clinic or hold a camp. Please contact our office .We will arrange doctors for your clinic & camp.

Our address ASHA Behind Austin Gracious office Kharodi Marve Road Near Fire Brigade Malad (w) Mumbai 400095.TEL: 28896562,24588890

Thanking You
For "ASHA"
Diwan Shah
link it to their ngo profile 
. Medical help and guiadance.
. Medical and eye camps.
. Blood donation camps.
. Blood donors directory.
. Guidance and help to handicapped in getting equipments, public telephone booths etc.
. Vocational guidance, help in self employment and other welfare activities for disabled.
. Matchmaking for disabled.
. Welfare activities for widows and destitute women.
. Senior Citizens Seva
. Distribution of medicines at concessional rates through drug banks in general hospitals.
. Collection of used medicines, samples etc. and their recycling.
. Medical camps and welfare activities in adivasi areas.
. Guidance in body donation, eye donation.
. Educational guidance /help.
. Consumer guidance.
. Child adoption guidance.
. Ambulance - Hearse service.
. Last rites for unclaimed dead bodies.
. T.B. Patient adoption scheme.
. Student adoption scheme.
. Co-ordination of activities with other social organisations.
. Any other social service to the needy.

Manav Jyot, a Mulund-based NGO, has published a book that has detailed
information about diagnostic centres for all diseases at cheaper rates. The
book, Medical Services at Low Cost, is available at Manav Jyot, Khurana
Bhavan, NS Road, Mulund. Call 25673587. Timings: 9 am to 1 pm and 3 to 6 pm.;  .

We have bought a copy. It is an excellent must-have book. The cost is Rs. 30 only. is a consulting company specialising in drawing up strategic plans and implementation roadmaps for organisations. They are interested in helping NGOs free of cost. Size of your organisation is immaterial. You can be a one-person ngo or a 100-person one. Nahak is willing to provide its consultancy expertise for any genuine cause.
Examples of Nahak's approach are at:
- addressing blood shortage problems
- reg. cornea donations
- reg. road accident rescue as implemented by
- reg. sustaining cattle
Their offer (and the steps) would briefly be as follows:
- understanding your org objectives, goals, implementation problems, resources available, infrastructural and financial limitations
- then drawing up an implementation road map with milestones adapted to your organisation and local ground realities
- helping you to actually implement this
The end-result that you would get could be any of the following:
- concept paper which can become the background for the basis of all future decisions
- project proposal for discussing with all stakeholders i.e. trustees, beneficiaries, volunteers, sponsors, donors, etc.
- site map for a website
- an implementable plan which would include suggested organisational structure, implementation logistics, financials, actual step-wise implementation
They would be available as a sounding board even afterwards.  
Do note that their desire is only to help you in your objectives. They are not interested in imposing any 'should do's'. 
I would urge you to utilise this opportunity to get good strategic direction and advice as that helps in reducing wasted time, effort and money. We, at Karmayog, can also be involved if and when you like.  
Please respond to

Bharati Reval, a 22-year-old Andheri resident is one among five sisters being raised by a widowed mother. She could not afford to study beyond Class 10, despite being a good student.

On Oct 25 she enrolled in Milind Sawant’s free computer course in Malad, aimed at underprivileged students like her. “I can now hope to get a job which pays me around Rs 2,500 to Rs 3,000,” she says.

Sawant runs this weekly class, which started on Oct 24, from Gyan Jyoti School near Madh Church on Sundays. The school has offered the premises to Sawant free of cost.

Sawant, a 30-year-old resident of Ranewadi, has been running Manisha Commercial Institute in Malad (E) for the past 18 years. “Though Manisha Institute is a paid class, I have some students who are tutored at no cost at the institute as well,” says Sawant.

“Most of the young adults who live near Madh Church have parents who are fishermen or domestic workers, neither of whom can afford to pay for such classes,” he adds.

Sawant even provides students coming from other suburbs with free railway passes to facilitate their journey from home to class. He says the money he earns at his paid class sustains the free class.

The institute also has a job placement cell, which will help students get suitable jobs. “Our students can work as computer operators, secretaries and even do market research,” he says, adding that students can earn Rs 4,500 a month as a starting salary.

More about the free classes

• Classes are held for people above 18 years
• Classes accomodate 30 students per month
• Educationists and other professionals hold talks on some Sundays
• Class is open to students from areas outside Malad as well
• Course runs from six months to a year
• Course includes teaching typing and basic computer skills, which includes Microsoft Word, Power Point and Excel. For more details call 28826625

Some web design companies in mumbai                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Parisar Vikas (meaning Eco-development), collects garbage from several localities, converts kitchen waste into compost for plants and sells the non-biodegradable waste to recycling centres. "We are helping to save the environment, cleaning up the city and earning our livelihood," says Mokal proudly. 
The Parisar Vikas scheme is the pioneering effort of Stree Mukti Sanghathana, a women's organisation that has been  organising around women's issues in Mumbai since 1975. 
Read the full article at 
MOKICHI OKADA WELFARE FOUNDATION TRUST (A Registered Charity Trust) is prepared to teach Su Jok Basic System therapy to members of Karmayog Group members Free.

To know more about Su Jok please visit out Web site:

It is very useful in cases of patients suffering from Allergy, Arthritis, Asthma, Constipation, Depression, Digestion, Female problems, Kidney problems, Lumbago, Paralysis, Sciatica, Back problems, B.P., Diabetes, Cough & Cold, Frozen shoulders, Leucorrhea, Obesity, Parkinson's, Slip disc, Bed wetting, Prevention of cataract, Sinus, Deafness, Vision problems, Jaundice, Migraine, Piles, Tonsillitis, Thyroid etc.

We have treated over 500,000 cases with very good success rate. It costs practically nothing to treat. For more details, please feel free to get in touch with us. 
Lion Luthria G B 
A one-year, part-time, evening post-graduate certificate course in social work from June 2004 to April 2005.
Tata Institute of Social Sciences - 25563290, Ext 372/373
I have recently shifted to Mumbai. I would be too happy to be associated with an organization as a consultant or a full-time person to contribute to the ongoing initiatives or the new initiatives in the field of social development. 

Anjana Anand

73, Ashutosh

38A, Nepean Sea Road

Mumbai 400036


Tel: 022 2369 5892 / 9819143567

Telephone:: 98923 87893
Message: I am veterinary practioner willing to help any animal welfare org.
We are a self help organisation targeting at eco-friendly products, creating waste from Wealth and helping Women achieve economic independence. We conduct Workshop in Papermaking And Paper Craft as in .
our own store in mumbai
The Paper Shoppe
No.3 Noaman Manzil,
opp.Everest Bldg.,
141 Tardeo Road,
Mumbai -400034 INDIA.
Fax: 91-22-24964152
Mobile : 91-22-32516864
Training, education and demonstration in the latest advances in Vermiculture eco-technology.

Name: Vag Shantharam Shenai
Organisation: Green Cross Society
Telephone:: 9324156273
Message: Kindly add our name to the list:
GREEN CROSS SOCIETY, c/o Municipal Sewage Pumping station, Jai Prakash Road, Andheri (West), Mumbai 400053.

SMILES - Dental Checkup Camp for school children to create awareness regarding Dental Hygiene.
- The club helps the National Association for Blind by selling rakhis mae by them.
- The club in association with the Rotaract Club of Bombay Chembur West and Rotaract Club of Chembur(Mumbai) organised Integration March.
- Eye checkup camp for the inmates of Chembur childrens Home. free spectacles distributed.
- Celebrating Diwali with inmates of St. Vincent De paul lepers Home.
CHILDRENS FILM FESTIVAL - film Festival screening two movies at New Vijay theatre at Chembur for children.
- Inter-school art competition participated by 2000 students.
LIFE - This is an on going project for the last one and half years wherein every month one Rotaractor from the club donates blood for Shaolina Roy, a 7 year old girl who is suffering from Thalessaemia Major. She requires blood transfusion every month. 

Rotary Club of New Bombay-Hillside keeps the Rotary wheel moving on all the 365 days of the year, through our ongoing projects. This distinction is unmatched in our district & perhaps in the world also. The ongoing projects are as follows :

1. Literacy Classes for Women : Our club, assisted by Rotaryanns, runs literacy classes for women on a continuous basis. Besides teaching them about reading and writing they are also taught about General Health, Child care, Manners, Family Planning, Cleanliness and guided to get proficiency in some vocation to earn and support the family for better living.
2. Medical Projects :
Following Medical Projects are run on regular basis at our Paul Harris Memorial Rotary Service Centre.
Dispensary for the poor : About 50 patients are treated every week.
Free Health check up for Police Personnel.
Pathology Laboratory
Dental Dispensary
Specialist Doctors' Services : Services are provided in the field of Ophthalmology, Cardiology,     General surgery, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, Plastic surgery and Nutrition & dieting.
3.Career Guidance & Employment Centre :
Club runs a free employment centre to guide unemployed youth to get jobs. Club has employed over 300 unemployed youth in a short span of about 16 months.
4. Self Employment :
Club has formed a "Revolving Loan Fund", registered under World Community Service with the Rotary International to assist poor unemployed people to start or get proficiency in some trade like driving, tailoring, general stores, plumbing etc.

We also undertake other projects in addition to these ongoing projects. Some of them are as follows :
1. "Rotary Youth Leadership Awards" (RYLA): This annual inter district programme was held last in Dec'97. About 60 participants attended & took keen interest in the various activities organised like Debate, Quiz etc. We also had speakers on "How to be a celebrity" & "7 Habits of effective people". Everybody enjoyed the campfire & the various cultural events. The next RYLA is scheduled in Dec.98.
2.Adoption of School Girls
55 poor students were adopted by the club . Uniforms, books, notebooks and other study materials were distributed.
3.Dental Check up Camp:
These camps are organised in schools & community centres. Apart from the dental check up , people & school children are provided information on oral hygiene.
4.Other Projects

  • Night Study Centre for the underprivileged.
  • Stress Management & yoga classes for Police Personnel.
  • Plantation of trees. 

If you would like to know more about any of our projects, please write to us. We meet every Wednesday at 7:30pm at Community Centre, Sector-4,CBD.  tel: 7575307 

free dental camps, medical diagnostic camps and sports competitions.  
Lokseva Educational and Medical Foundation
604, KK Towers, Parel Tank Road Parel Mumbai - 400 012 Mumbai 400 012
Contact Dr. Jagannathrao Hegde
 Phone .  2412 6110
Fax  2414 8741
A free dental check-up camp was organised on Oct 16 at the Gokhale School Hall on Shimpoli Road. This was part of the Oral Health Month campaign by Colgate Palmolive and Indian Dental Association (IDA). 
The BSES MG Hospital on SV Road organised an osteoporosis check-up camp on Oct 15 and 16. Call 5697 0707 extn. 1213 / 1216 to register themselves.
Says Ravi Vyas, Director of St Angelo’s Computer Training Institute, Malad (E), which sponsored the prizes, “We want to promote football in Malad. Also, we want to encourage talented players and organise more such tournaments here.”  
The Swami Vivekananda Sewa Manch, an NGO, organised the 19th Pratap Memorial Inter-Mumbai Instant Football Tournament in Govind Nagar, Malad (E). Around 16 teams from all over Mumbai participated in the tournament.
The Vyakti Vikas Kendra has organised an interactive two-hour seminar called WeCare at the Thakur Vidya Mandir, Thakur Complex, Borivali, on Oct 31 from 10 am to 12 noon.
The session is meant to help parents and teachers understand children’s stress and tension and teach the kids how to cope with it. For registration, call Nidhi Ranjan at 28542415. 
The Photographic Society of Navi Mumbai was inaugurated on Oct 22 at Nerul. KV Subramaniam, an amateur photographer, along with nine other Navi Mumbai residents has founded the society. “The main aims and objectives of the society are to promote the art of photography. Field trips, guest lectures by leading photographers and workshops are on our agenda,” says Subramaniam. Call KV Subramaniam on 27702590 between 9 and 11 pm.
Trans Asian Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Services offered: Employment to Handicapped & Needy Women, Social & Eco-Awareness through our publication "MAITRI" - Free Service
Services Offered: Travel arrangements abroad - at actual Costs
Services Offered: Fund Raising

***Contact Details***
Mr. Sanjay Bhide
work direct: 24467647 (best time to call: 9.00 am)
work board: 55714253
home: 24473829
cell: 98209 64687(best time to call: 11.00 am)
email personal:
The Lions Club of Golden Goregaon NW is holding a FREE DEMONSTRATION of Instant effectiveness of Pain relief, without any drugs, from Sunday the 24th October, from 10 am to 7 pm, till the end of the month for the registered members of KARAMYOG group at 

Su Jok HOLISTIC HEALING CENTRE, near Sangli Bank that is in-between ISKCON Temple and CHANDAN Cinema, JUHU, MUMBAI 400 049. Please register on Tel: 33278565, 26206243, Fax 26254476

Cases of Diabetes, Improvement in Vision and hearing problems, Kidney partial failures can also be treated.

This is Lion Luthria G B, New member of your group. Our Club The Lions Club of Golden Goregaon NW has adopted Su Jok Therapy as our Signature Project. You might have seen me on Aastha TV Channel, my program comes regularly on this Channel at 12-30 midnight. In this program, we teach, Su Jok Therapy. This is a very simple, cost effective therapy that can be learned even by an illiterate. It does not involve any medicines intake, but at the same time we do not ask anyone to give up what ever medical treatment one is following. This is a complementary treatment.
One can get rid of Diabetes, Asthma, Kidney failure, Knee, golf elbow, wrist, heel or any joint pain, Cough & Cold, backache, slip disc, spondolitis, Migraine, Stiff neck, Frozen shoulders, tonsillitis, Vision problems, hearing problems, arthritis, Polyp in nose, sinus, insomnia, ladies problems etc.etc.
Please see our web site address given below.
We wish all NGO's and those interested in helping mankind to come forward and help us in spreading this message of God.
Luthria G B
For information on Sujok Acupressure please visit -  
G B Luthria  
The Lions Club of (Bombay) Prarthana Samaj has conducts several Eye Camps. 1607 operations have been performed so far at these camps free of Cost.
Every year the Club conducts Medical Camps where a number of needy and poor people from the community are given Free Medical Service under the expert advice of well known Medical Practitioners. In collaboration with Y.G.G. Phadke Charitable Trust. A lot more activities by this Lions Club. To be read to believe. 
National Pharmacy Week was celebrated jointly by Indian Pharmaceutical Association with OPPI, IDMA, AIOCD and MSPC. Free eye check and cataract operation camp, oral health check up, street plays and poster exhibitions at various some railway stations and lectures by eminent experts formed part of the NPW celebrations.

T. B. Nair
Executive Secretary
Indian Pharmaceutical Association
kalina, Santacruz (East), Mumbai - 400 098.
OFF : 26671072, FAX : 26670744
E .MAIL :, MOBILE : 32590467
Pramukh Swami Eye Hospital at Sion treated over 60,930 patients and performed 4,400 operations during the year April 2001 to March 2002. This is a charitable hospital treating 225 patients O.P.D. per day and 25 operations per day.
Shri Swaminarayan Mandir (B.A.P.S.),
Swaminarayan Chowk, Opp. Rly. Station, Dadar (C.R.),
Mumbai - 400 014
Tel: 24141125, 24144000
Fax: 24141074
A Free Eye camp, and a free health camp for the economically weaker section was organised at Adambakkam, Chennai and Gurgaon, Mumbai respectively. Donations to various charitable organisations are made on an ongoing basis. These were the Bharath Overseas Bank Limited's  way of saying - we care. 
Manu Vora is very active in community and civic service. Since 1989, he is serving as the Founding Director and President of the Blind Foundation for India (BFI). Since 1991, BFI has raised over $2 Million to perform 60,000 free cataract operations, donated 67 mobile vans for conducting eye camps and distributed 6,000 Braille kits to blind children and helped over a million visually impacted people in India.
9th October, World Sight Day is celebrated and aimed at Vision 2020, by organizing Events to promote Eye care awareness, Vision Screening and if possible to provide aid to those needy.The entire event was jointly organized by Indian Optometric Association, VIEW and Bausch & Lomb.

1. Banners stating "Get your Eyes Checked today" were distributed by Bausch and Lomb to their Authorized Dealers, including Opticians and Optometrists. 
2. Human Banners using Promoters were placed in a few selected sites across the city to have maximum public awareness. 
3. Mrs. Suhma Swaraj's recorded message to create eye care awareness for the occasion was relayed and announced at both Western / Central railway stations. 
4. Mrs. Swaraj's message was also made through Channels like Win 94.6, Radio City from 6th Oct onwards. 
5. IOA officials did Vision Screening along with Students of HHK (Lotus) college of Optometry. The aim was to diagnose and treat Refractive errors and Cataracts, common causes of Blindness. 
a. 9th October: Vision Screening was done at Dilkhush, Special school for mentally challenged children. 
b. 10th October: Vision screening and refraction was done at Missionaries of charity Home for aged. Free Glasses/ frames are being contributed by Lawrence and Mayo, Mumbai.
20 cases were identified with Matured Cataract. Free surgery and IOL implant will be done for these patients at Lotus Eye Hospital and Ramakrishna Mission Hospital.     
Murli Deora has been organising free eye camps for the last 15 years, through Karm, an NGO. See his profile and other activities at

Mahatme Eye Care Center, Mulund-Mumbai Branch is located at a 3 minute walk from Mulund East Railway station at 102-B Varadlaxmi, Gokhale Road, Near Jai Ganesh Cinema, Mulund East. Its a day care center managed by SMM Eye Welfare Charitable Trust.
About 20% patients treated totally free of cost including check up, medicines, operation. ; ;

Five years ago Gospel For Asia started a slum ministry in four Indian cities. Today we have 519 native missionaries serving in over 1,278 slum neighborhoods and a Bible college training young men and women for this specific ministry. The wonderful news is that these missionaries have established 527 churches.
We believe the Lord wants us to double—or even triple—the number of students we presently train for slum ministry. This means that with each graduating class, a significant number of new outreaches can be started all over India and the neighboring countries, and millions of slum dwellers will have the opportunity to find hope and salvation in Jesus.
 Consultancy Service Available.


 PADC (PA Development Consultants) is a consultancy organization providing services to Multilateral, Bilateral, National and International Development organizations in the areas of preventive and promotive health (including HIV-AIDS), primary, non-formal and vocational education, participatory development, micro finance and livelihood development activities, watershed, agriculture, project appraisal- preparation-planning- monitoring- evaluation, capacity building, disaster relief, livestock, gender, child rights and child protection, human resource development and management, and resource mobilization.


The Consulting team consists of senior development practitioners, retired Government officials, and senior academicians from reputed institutions, all with national and international experience.


For more details please mail to :

Philip Abraham
Chief Consultant,
PA Development Consultants,
Plot No. 3, 18th Cross Street,
3rd Main Road,Maharajanagar,
Tirunelveli- 627011,
Tamilnadu, India.
Ph: 91 462 2575232

Click here to see my profile
Sir Hurkisondas Nurrotumdas Hospital and Research Centre (HNHRC) executes free camps such as paediatrics, eye, cardiac, women's health, lifestyle and obesity, etc.
A free eye camp was organised by Tarun Mitra Parishad. President of the parishad, Ashok Jain, this 32nd eye camp organised in February 2004 at Vatsalya Play School, Laxmi Nagar. A team of doctors from St. Stephen's Hospital conducted the camp. This hospital was also be the venue for conducting cataract operations detected at the camp. Patients were also provided free medical treatment, boarding-lodging, medicines, meals, including lens, etc.
The Shri Kalpeshwar Mahadev Mandal and Shri Kutchi Visa Oswal Jain Sewa Samaj at Kurla organised a free eye operation camp at Shri Kutchi Visa Oswal Jain Seva Samaj Hall, opposite Kurla Court, LBS Marg, Kurla (W). Operations  at Ram Agrawal Eye Hospital, and Guru Darshan Hospital.
FREE AYURVEDIC EYE CAMP was organized at Powai English High School & Jr. College by Manav Dharma Mission Trust, Powai, Nair Welfare Association, Powai, Shri Vidhyadhiraja Education & Charitable Trust, Mumbai and INDIAN LEPROSY FOUNDATION.
World Optometry Day was observed on 23 March. Free eye camps are conducted in several places on this occasion. Students and faculty members of H.H.K College of Optometry organized one. Ramwadi Free Eye Hospital.
Schools of Optometry in India are: The Elite School Of Optometry at Chennai, the Bausch & Lomb School of Optometry at Hyderabad, H.H.K College of Optometry in Mumbai and the Bharati Vidyapeeth School of Optometry in Pune.
Sankara Eye Hospital of Coimbatore,under their A Mission For Vision conducts free eye surgical camps across the country.
The Sri Ramakrishna Vivekananda Janakalyan Trust organised a free eye camp at Nalasopara. A unique aspect of the camp was pre-camp registration of patients, done to avoid crowding. Nearly 600 people were attended to by the camp. More than 78 patients were selected for operation, and 500 provided spectacles and medicines.
1.The RA Poddar Medical College and Hospital organises free Vasantik Vaman camps during which respiratory diseases, skin disorders and digestive system disorders are treated by vaman. For details contact: Dr KR Kohle, professor and head of department of Kayachkitsa, Poddar Hospital, Worli, Mumbai-18. Tel: 4933533/4931846 (Ext 319).
2. We occasionally arrange Free Medical Camps at the Temple premises. Shree Ayyappa Temple Complex, Plot No.185, Shree Ayyappa Temple Road,
Bangur Nagar, Goregaon (W), Mumbai - 400 090.
Prabodhini has empanelled about 70 resource persons coming from diverse backgrounds who are either academicians or management or social work.  
Prabodhini aims at empowering the activists /social workers by way of providing a multi faceted set up for training, capacity building and research.  
Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini
Wadala, Mumbai
Tel.: 2413 6966; 2415 1598.
Telefax: 2415 6725
Every Sunday, the Mata Amritanandamayi Math in Nerul, Navi Mumbai, conducts a medical camp for the underprivileged.  
On any given day of the year, there are at least 10-15 patients in major hospitals throughout Mumbai who are being taken care of by the trustees and volunteers of Bidada Sarvodaya Trust.  
The trust also runs Maru Hospital, a charitable hospital in Mumbai.  Maru Hospital provides affordable health services in 20 medical specialties to those in need.  300 patients are seen here every day.  Maru Hospital is the only charitable center in Mumbai that provides retina surgeries.  
Coca-Cola India helps the Konkan Ambulance Society in Mumbai by contributing an Ambulance. etc etc. at

Free medical check ups by Youth Forum from Bhayander. The camps have an ENT specialist as well as bone, eye, teeth and childcare specialists. No registration is required and those interested can call Rani Agarwal on 28939490 or Rakesh Agarwal on 9821239082. 

I am practicing spiritual healing in Mumbai [Bombay] India from last 20 years. I might have treated 100 thousand patients during last 20 years. About 40 reputed newspapers and magazines have penned down my healing work. I was awarded a title Doctor of Science by famous university in Colombo. I have participated in healing camps at several cities in India such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai,, Hyderabad, Surat, Navasari, Bhopal, Indore, Madurai, Coimbatore, Polachi e.t.c. Healing sick is my mission and i shall like to travel anywhere on the globe for this noble cause of healing sick. 

My Contact: Mohan Joshi
Tel; +91-22-31042931
Mohan joshi 
Vaishnav Seva Samaj Public Charitable Trust              

          Kamal Kunj, Sindhi Society,

          Gali No. 1, Block No. 7,

          Sion, Mumbai 400022.

          Ph No: 91-22-24073420


notes: organises medical camps - see

Free legal advice available:
 (nice clearly written page) For the poor, free legal aid is available during prosecution stage. Contact Greater Mumbai Legal Aid Committee -- 2640 2175.   Dy Secretary -- 2202 9898.  
Ask any legal query clearly stating in your message with the subject as "Q&A". Your query should be in English, short, very clear and pertaining to Indian laws. On receipt, the query will be forwarded to the concerned person to answer the same. This service is completely free. You can also subscribe to a free newsletter. is an excellent mumbai-based site full of info. It has a team of over 70 lawyers. They are very nice people. Tel: 22044591, 56349742. Email :
You can obtain an opinion and an answer to your legal queries at  through over 275 advocates / lawyers all over the country. They provide basic and preliminary opinions and advice FREE. If your question is very specific and requires research or a senior lawyer or is specific to local laws, then they charge Rs. 500 - 2000/-
Free legal advice is also possible from
The Lawyers’ Collective
7/10 Botawalla Building, 2nd Floor,
Horniman Circle,
Fort, Mumbai – 400 023
S. Ganesan renders free legal advice and service to deserving persons 
Sahiyar Mahila Mandal, Borivali, has a free legal advice centre
The Rotary Club of Mumbai, Kandivali (West) has opened a FREE Counselling centre at Mahavir Nagar, Kandivali (W) for providing free advice by experts on various topics like child develoment legal and property matters, income tax and allied laws, investment / saving avenues & general insurance claims. Experts will be available every SUNDAY at the Counselling Centre, Ground Floor, Panchsheel Heights, Mahavir Nagar, Kandivali (W), Mumbai- 400067, from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. For further information, contact Mr. Pradeep Jaini on 98211 52260 or Mr. Manhar Mandaliya on 3805 0669.
Rotary Club of Bayside Navi Mumbai in association with Maisarah Mulla Charitable and Educational & Welfare Trusts has established a free legal advice center at C-321 , Ist Floor, Vashi Plaza, Sector-17 catering to the economically backward having an annual income below Rs .25,000.
Pragatik Sangh, free Legal-Aid centre, of Maratha Mandir's BGIMS, offers free legal advice and assistance to the destitute and poor. Tel: 23090196, 23090234 lists the following free legal advice providers
Ghanashyam Bharucha
59, Maganbaug, Sun Mill Road, Lower Parel
Mumbai - 400 013
Shri Rajanikant R. Chayashastri
418, Near Imperial Cinema, Raval Bldg No.2
2nd flr, Lamington Road, Mumbai - 400 004
Tel : 23821916 / 26362180
A.K.Munshi Yojna
214, Raja Rammohan Roy Road, Girgaum
Mumbai - 400 004
Tel : 23862992
Girgaon Janata Kendra
249, Ram Nivas
J.S.S Road, Girgaum
Mumbai - 400 004
Tel : 23881374
Providing legal aid to the poor and the weaker sections of the society is one of the Directive Principles of State Policy. The Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 provides for Constitution of Legal Services Authorities. These bodies have the responsibilities of providing free and competent legal services to the weaker sections of the society and to organise Lok Adalats. This Act has put Lok Adalats on a statutory footing. All the provisions of the Act have been extended to all the States and Union Territories. The Legal Aid Programme is monitored by the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) which is headed by the Chief Justice of India. As on 30..06..2001, about 38 lakh persons have benefitted through court-oriented legal aid progammes. 
If a person belongs to the poor section of the society having annual income of less than Rs. 18,000/- or belongs to Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe, a victim of natural calamity, is a woman or a child or a mentally ill or otherwise disabled person or an industrial workman, or is in custody including custody in protective home, he/she is entitled to get free legal aid from the Supreme Court Legal Aid Committee. The aid so granted by the Committee includes cost of preparation of the matter and all applications connected therewith, in addition to providing an Advocate for preparing and arguing the case. Any person desirous of availing legal service through the Committee has to make an application to the Secretary and hand over all necessary documents concerning his case to it. The Committee after ascertaining the eligibility of the person provides necessary legal aid to him/her.
Persons belonging to middle income group i.e. with income above Rs. 18,000/- but under Rs. 1,20,000/- per annum are eligible to get legal aid from the Supreme Court Middle Income Group Society, on nominal payments. 
SAIPREM (next to Balaji Mandir) in Sector 10, Vashi is offering free consultation and help for employees having problems at their workplace. The facility is available on every SUNDAY between 10:30 am and 12 noon, subject to prior appointment on 27801867, 275772418, 27571062.
FREE Eye Examination for school students. Any needed spectacle dispensed at extra reasonable price at "Eye Care Centre", Fort. If any poor and deserving students given only "lenses" free on recommendation from school authorities. School Authorities willing to have this offer are requested to contact : L N Bhaskar K Shetty (Optometrist), Tel: 22661739 ( 2pm to 7 pm).
Free Medical Check-up for complete body with the help of Natural Health Science and will diagnose the disease without any cost or Lab test. Contact for Appointment: Dr. Jain, Natural Health Care, 14/B, Shop No. 5, Vrindavan Society, Thane- 400 601. Phone: 25368713 (only 6 to 8 pm).
If you are suffering from chest pain, breathlessness or wheezing...please do not ignore these symptoms. The right guidance will help you lead a more fulfilling life. To find out more, call Times Helpline at 26005555. For a complimentary asthma education booklet, write to: Seretide Cell, GlaxoSmithKline, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai- 400030.
Free Treatment for Piles cure within one month. Mr Deva Dutta on 36700765 / 98921 23338. Resi: 2628 1797.
A centre to care for the terminally ill opened at:
1) Karuna Hospital
Borivali (West)
2) Shanti Avedna
3) Vincent De Paul Hospice
4) Jyoti Terminal Centre
5) St Catherine's Home
Andheri (West) {Only for Children}
This is for patients in the last stage of their life after doctors have given up hope. Patients are given mental, physical, spiritual and emotional support in their last days of their life. Patients have a Live In and Live Out choice; where patients can go home and return here if their health fails. 
Its sole aim is to bring smiles back to the faces of children with cleft lips.... 
In India, over 35,000 children are born with cleft lips or palates every year. Although the problem can be corrected easily, hardly 8,000 of them receive treatment. ... 
The Smile Train focusses on three areas - providing free surgical treatment for the poor anywhere in the world, giving free training for doctors and para-medics on the treatment and management of cleft lip/palates, and conducting research. The programme' s guiding principle is empowering local health care providers to treat cleft lips/palates. Thus, the NGO provides free education and training for the local medical community in the countries it works in. This is both cheap and effective. ....
According to the Smile Train's managing director in India, Satish Kalra, the NGO plans to set up at least 10 centres in the country. The goal is to condu ct 3,000 operations in the first year and eradicate the problems of cleft lip/palate in children under five in the next five years. .....
According to Satish Kalra, the Smile train has earmarked between Rs. 2.5 crores and Rs.3 crores for India for the next six months and intends to perform at least 3,000 surgical procedures in the first year. The SRMCH is planning 500 surgical procedures i n the next year. Satish Kalra said: "This is only the beginning in India. We do not set targets, but work towards making ourselves jobless as soon as possible."
Two-hour workshop on home chocolate making.  It is a woman enterpreneurship development program.
Rtn. Arun Bhargava,, IPP - RC of Mumbai Andheri, 98201 46136, Res: 5691 0502 (Call preferable 9.30 to 11.00 p.m.)
Group term insurance for poor.
Birla Sun Life Insurance have a ¡§Social Group Term Insurance¡¨ plan for the workers in the unorganized sector, informal sector and below poverty line people at very reasonable premium rates. 

The Details of the Plan are given below: 

The Group: The 27,000 crore Aditya Birla Group is one of the largest business houses in India and Sun Life Financial is a 130 years old financial services company managing assets worth USD 229 billion. 

Eligibility Criteria: Any group that falls within the definition of Social group as given by IRDA can be covered under this scheme. They are as under: 

1. Unorganized Sectors: Self employed workers like agricultural labourers, bidi workers, brick kiln workers, carpenters, cobblers, construction workers, fishermen, hamals, carpet weavers, handicraft artisans, handloom & Khadi workers, lady tailors, leather and tannery workers, papad makers, power loom workers, physically handicapped, self employed persons, primary milk producers, rickshaw pullers, safai karmacharis, salt growers, seri culture workers, sugarcane cutters, tendu leaf collectors, toddy tappers, vegetable vendors, washer women, working women in hills or such other categories of persons.

2. Informal Sectors: Small scale, self employed workers typically at a low level of organization and technology, with the primary objective of generating employment and income, with heterogeneous activities like retail trade, transport, repair and maintenance, construction, personal and domestic services and manufacturing, with the work mostly labour intensive, having often unwritten and informal employer-employee relationship: 
3. Other Sectors: Persons with disability and who may not be gainfully employed or guardians who need insurance to protect Spastic persons or persons with disability. 

The Plan: It is a one-year, renewable group Term Plan, which covers the members for death. In addition, the plan offers you the following benefits:

Choosing the Sum Assured (Minimum Rs 5,000 and Maximum Rs 50,000 per member).
Discount on premium based on Group Size (larger the group size smaller the premium payment).
Discount on premium for women members. Lower premium for lower Age Groups.

Benefits: It is a double benefit plan that provides the following benefits to the members of the group. 

1. It pays the sum assured to the nominee of the member on the untimely death of the member during the tenancy of the plan. 
2. It pays the nominee of the member twice the sum assured on the untimely death of the member due to an accident during the tenancy of the plan.
Premium Indicative: Average premium is approximately Rs. 3/- to Rs. 8/- per thousand Sum Assured; depending on the size of the group, average age of the group and gender composition of the group. Bigger the size of the group, lower is the premium and lower is the age lower is the premium. 

Premium Payment Frequency: One Time payment, Individual pays to the Group/Society/NGO remits to Birla Sun Life Insurance Mumbai. 
Nomination: It is compulsory to make your nomination. Individual can nominate as per their choice or can nominate the Organisation to become their nominee. It varies from case to case. 

Joining of New Members: 
New members joining the group can be admitted to the ongoing plan as per the following rules 
Admitted to the plan on the date of renewal or 
Admitted for part of the year, on payment of premium due.

Members leave the Group: Members leaving the group during plan period automatically lose the insurance benefits. 

Claims: Simple declaration along with the required documents and certified copy of the death certificate to be filed with BSLI by the Group/NGO/Organisation/ Society. Payment will be made to the Nominee through the Group/ Society/Organisation. 

Renewal: The plan can be renewed before the date on which the existing plan comes to an end. 

Features: Easy Documentation, No Medical Tests and Simple Forms.

Future Strategy:

We have successfully achieved our short-term objective during the last four financial years with the help of active support and co-operation from like-minded developmental organizations and Aditya Birla Group trusts present in the rural areas. Now, we are looking forward to tie up with more such organizations to create awareness and increase accessibility of suitable insurance plan for the rural mass. 
We need your co-operation and support to meet the challenge. Please forward this plan to as many NGOs, to help us to provide insurance cover to the needy. All those who want to enroll for the plan or want any further information about the plan please contact us. 

Warm Regards
Sarita Chaudhary
Birla Sun Life Insurance
Phone: 02256753461, 56783461

SAIPREM (next to Balaji Mandir) in Sector 10, Vashi is offering free consultation and help for employees having problems at their workplace. The facility is available on every SUNDAY between 10:30 am and 12 noon, subject to prior appointment on 27801867, 275772418, 27571062.
FREE Eye Examination for school students. Any needed spectacle dispensed at extra reasonable price at "Eye Care Centre", Fort. If any poor and deserving students given only "lenses" free on recommendation from school authorities. School Authorities willing to have this offer are requested to contact : L N Bhaskar K Shetty (Optometrist), Tel: 22661739 ( 2pm to 7 pm).
Free Medical Check-up for complete body with the help of Natural Health Science and will diagnose the disease without any cost or Lab test. Contact for Appointment: Dr. Jain, Natural Health Care, 14/B, Shop No. 5, Vrindavan Society, Thane- 400 601. Phone: 25368713 (only 6 to 8 pm).
If you are suffering from chest pain, breathlessness or wheezing...please do not ignore these symptoms. The right guidance will help you lead a more fulfilling life. To find out more, call Times Helpline at 26005555. For a complimentary asthma education booklet, write to: Seretide Cell, GlaxoSmithKline, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai- 400030.
Free Treatment for Piles cure within one month. Mr Deva Dutta on 36700765 / 98921 23338. Resi: 2628 1797.

A centre to care for the terminally ill opened at:
1) Karuna Hospital
Borivali (West)
2) Shanti Avedna
3) Vincent De Paul Hospice
4) Jyoti Terminal Centre
5) St Catherine's Home
Andheri (West) {Only for Children}
This is for patients in the last stage of their life after doctors have given up hope. Patients are given mental, physical, spiritual and emotional support in their last days of their life. Patients have a Live In and Live Out choice; where patients can go home and return here if their health fails.

What free service do you offer?
A construction company is willing to selectively help out in construction projects of nonprofits. If you have any planned ideas, please send details.
Nrityanjali "SUNDAY CLASSES" (1.30 P.M. to 6 P.M.) is the spirit of Nrityanjali and is the centre of activity. Here people of all ages learn together varieties of art forms, free of cost, under the founder director Guru Dr. Tushar Guha who has an in-depth study of Indian Folk Dances. Training in folk dances & dance dramas is an integral part of the Sunday Classes.

The Sunday Classes through their methodical interaction motivate & develop self-confidence, team spirit, leadership qualities and selfless attitude. Oratory, compeering, stagecraft, dress designing, make-up, stage management, choreography, in-depth knowledge of the art (history, geography, music, costume etc.), event management and the art of communication are the other aspects of these classes. many other great activities are listed at

35 B Miniland, Nrityanjali Marg, Bhandup,
Mumbai - 400078
Tel.25617388, 25953606
E-mail :

Outlet for NGO Products

Chetana Craft Centre
34 K. Dubash Marg, Kala Ghoda,
Mumbai - 400 023.
Telephone: 2288 1159
Mrs. Chhaya Arya, Managing Director

see the website before calling. also see to understand the philosophy

I have a well equipped training class room. It is 20 seater, fully airconditioned, has Overhead LCD projection facility, sound equipment, etc. It is at Multi Dimension Training and Serivice Center, Shop 12, Vasant Sagar Yamuna, Thakur Village, Kandivli East, Mumbai 400101. Sunil Haribal 34066552.
The Spiritual Care Department at Bhaktivedanta is a dedicated group of doctors, nurses and other support staff who reach out to the patients and help them through spiritual & emotional counseling. Counseling without barriers of culture, religion or language.

The phenomenal results of the program have urged us to devote more resources to this program. The department has also successfully treated many people afflicted by substance-abuse.
please call Mr. Gopkumar at: +91 22 2812 8888 Extn.: 2025 or email at
I am working as a Radio Presenter in London for DESI RADIO. DESI RADIO is a 24 hour broadcasting station promoting Punjabi music, language and culture.
I present Bhangra Music with a touch of Punjabi cultural Mirch Masala. If you want to promote your music in London, send me your music, photographs or any other promotional material. If you happen to be in London, I can interview you live on the Radio. You can listen to me live on Radio BHANGHRA ROAD SHOW Every Wednesday 16:00 pm to 18:00 pm (London Time) London Local 1602 am, UK & Europe Satellite Channel 919, Worldwide



PHONE 44 7832 269431
44 7940 772511
44 20 87970825

I am heading a leading consultancy firm Future Makers Management Consultants engaged in the activities of Man Power Recruitment and Training. I am conducting various training programmes in soft skills for Industrial Sector as well as students. I have adoted a sweet daughter two and half years back. That has pramoted me to work towards Adoption.
Presently I am working on a one day programme on Paradigm Shift for Adoptive Parents.

I am engaged in training field from last 6 years. I am willing to offer my services in the field of training, counsilling, experience sharing for 2 days a week. Counsilling and experience sharing can be done throu net or phone. It will be free of cost while training programmes will be at a reduced cost.

For further information, feel free to talk me on 0253-2360177 (R) any time before 10.00 am and after 18.30 pm.

With regards,
Hemant Risbud,
Management Consultant and Trainer.
Future Makers Management Consultants, Nasik.
VIDEO VOLUNTEERS is a new program dedicated to spreading the use of video as a tool to alleviate poverty in the developing world. Volunteer filmmakers join non-governmental organizations (NGOs), initially in India, for two months to write, shoot and edit one short film for the NGO. They also train the NGO staff to make their own small videos and to use video to give a voice to the poor. Through the Video Volunteers Program, NGOs have a powerful tool for promoting their work and spreading their messages.

In autumn 2003, Video Volunteers successfully piloted the program at the NGOs of two Indian Ashoka Fellows (see .) VV made one promotional film for Akanksha, the Bombay slum children's supplementary education program. They also made an advocacy film for I-CARD, an Assamese NGO working to strengthen the cultural identity of the Mising tribe who live along the banks of the Brahmaputra. I-CARD was given video training and is now working on its own productions.


Students of Govt Law College, Churchgate, give free Legal Aid supported by the 40+ members of the Legal Aid Committee .
NGO Melas

"WIT was invited twice to the Elizabethans’ meetings and a few times to Hopping Bunnies' events.

We would like to thank HSBC for inviting us to participate in their Charity Bazaars and for permitting us to hold three-day Sales in their different Branches. These Sales are very important not only for the income they generate, but also for the publicity which helps our cause. WIT Sales have also been held at IDBI Branches for the second year in succession.

DBS Galleria at Fort invited WIT several times to participate in their Women Entrepreneurs Exhibitions which are so well-organised and well-publicised and which attract a record number of well - heeled shoppers - the kind we love!

NGOs also help us to help ourselves.
The Annual INDUS Festival of Charities is an excellent event that promotes many causes and attracts a record crowd.

So also the CONCERN India Mela held for the benefit of over a hundred organisations from all over the country. The three-day Exhibition & Sale is organised on a mega scale always.
A successful sale was also organised by the American Women's Club at the J.W. Marriott Hotel.
A two-day sale at the American School pre-Xmas was good too.

The Bazme Niswan sales are always useful as our products enjoy a good demand and many orders are received.

A sale at Ashoka Hall in the suburbs in August was a good idea as usual and we thank the owners for allowing us the use of the premises free of charge. "

courtesy: WIT

Mobile Creches is a voluntary organisation providing integrated day care to the children of migrant construction workers at the actual construction sites themselves. We provide education, health care, nutrition and recreational facilities to the children between 0-14 years of age.

Besides specialising in providing quality day care, we also offer a year long course in pre-primary education titled 'Creche/Balwadi teachers training course'. The course is ideal for those people who want to take up a career in early childhood teaching, set up their own day care centres and be effective parents in the long run. The medium of instruction is Hindi and the student has a chance to be exposed to both theoretical inputs as well as practical training, for which they are placed at our centres spread out all over Bombay, New Bombay and Thane.

Interested candidates please contact Pallavi at 22020869
NEEDS, RESOURCES AND OPPORTUNITIES OF SENIOR CITIZENS Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry organizes meet on “Needs, Resources and Opportunities of Senior Citizens” every year at the Nana Nani Parks. The meet intends to address the important issues of the aged, viz. financial, emotional, health, safety and security, leisure, recreation, etc. Helpage India, Dignity Foundation, are few voluntary organizations doing great work for senior citizens. In order to reach out to senior citizens more frequently and regularly, Bombay Chamber is in process of preparing a database. Individuals, youth, organizations, senior citizens and different groups who are interested in working with elderly to “RECREATE” them by helping them to learn to play a guitar, gardening, etc. Different creative ideas to recreate elderly
are required along with resource persons details.

Kindly send your contact details along with creative ideas and resource persons details to Ms. Vandana Bhadra, Executive at or fax 22611213

Blood Card Bank Scheme

This is an idea of Rotarian Rajendra Agarwal 98200 85149 that we discussed on Saturday and would like to implement. When one donates blood, one gets a Blood card. This card is often unutilised (and this leaves scope for malpractice). On the other hand, when one needs blood in an emergency, it is often difficult to get it.

Karmayog could be a platform whereby blood donors can list their details viz. donor name / location - work and home / phone number / email / blood group / quantity of bottles available. These details except email id will be displayed on the site. Those needing blood can directly contact them.

How does this sound? What are the pitfalls and difficulties?

Please send the following:
- your details if you have access to blood donor cards
- details of other sources of cards
- details of organisers of blood donation drives
- details of blood banks
- details of pertinent websites
- details of regular needy groups


Ashlyn Jane, the eco-friendly lifestyle store at Pali Hill, sells products made by NGOs. Shivani Desai 26001620 can conduct interactive workshops in areas of good governance, education, employment, manufacturing. Contact Krishan
I can help NGOs on "How to Identify Needs" having had a lot of experience on this as a District Governor of Rotary. I have found this to be an area where most organisations have lack of sufficient clarity.

I can also talk on: Marketing, Food Processing - not technical, Personality Development, Communication, Time mangement, Public Speaking, Leadership development, Motivation, Career Guidance. A/V on Visit to Brazil. Youth (15 to 30 years) would enjoy these most.
Nitin Mangaldas, 9820638804 / 56344219. gives free legal advice.
Their VISITORS' SERVICE CENTER works 24 Hours a day, Seven days a Week, around the year.
A-304 Marigold Building No. 1, Beverly Park, Mira Road (East), District Thane, Mumbai 401 107
24 Hr Telephonew: 2811 8169, 3097 4403, 98210 98991, 98212 56621. Fax 28191995
Social Group Term Insurance Plan for the workers in the unorganized sector, informal sector and below poverty line
people at very reasonable premium rates.

Birla Sun Life Insurance
Sarita Chaudhary
Phone: 02256753461, 56783461
As the UK's leading fair trade organisation, Traidcraft works with more than 100 producer groups in over 30 countries around the world. What unites every area of our work is our mission to fight poverty through trade.see email

Sasha is a non-profit organisation working with more than 100 groups of craftspeople and producers from all over India. Sasha started business by exporting crafts to other non-profit organisations. Its aims are to emphasize development not profit, to revive handicrafts and artisans and always to put the producer before the product.

CC Shroff Self Help Centre (SHC)
is a non-profit (charitable) trust, selling for producers in western India, including Kutch and also the slums of Mumbai (Bombay). The key objective is to provide economic independence for people who are low-skilled and socially or physically disadvantaged. The Centre provides direct employment for 150 people and indirect employment for another 75, mostly women. SHC gives design advice and training to the producers.
Orgs in other parts of India are in


Type of services Offered: INTER SCHOOL CONTESTS

Type of services Offered: ONE INDIA ONE PEOPLE MAGAZINE

Contact Details
One India One People Foundation
4th Floor, Mahalaxmi Chambers
22, Bhulabhai Desai Road
Mumbai - 400 026
Phone : 2353 4400 / 2351 4406
Fax : 2351 7544
Email :
Contact person: TABASSUM KHAN email personal: cell: 98693 73974 = connecting resources with nonprofits
KOSHISH – Centre for the Care of Deaf first of its kind in India situated at D.B.Lane, Off. Daftary Road Malad East, Mumbai 400 097 provides free education, hearing aids and vocational courses to 116 deaf children from low income group from its 20,000 sq. ft building. Centre has modern art gallery available free of charge to any handicap artist anywhere from India, besides uptodate hearing aid section, audiology, speech therapy, child behavioural and mental trauma counselling departments. We require sponsorers to provide education of one deaf child for one year by contributing Rs. 4,000 and donate one hearing for Rs. 11,000 only. For details contact: Ajay Kothari, Mg. Trustee, T: 28446448 / 28834629
Any Hearing Impaired child studying in regular school can avail counseling through e-mail by writing to . Visit for more information on activities of the foundation. A special educator involved in promoting and facilitating inclusive education for Hearing Impaired children since last 26 years.
I am writing on behalf of an environmental NGO called HOPE working in Thane area of last 7 years. We have often in the past conducted nature related workshops / presentatios where handicapped children were invited. I am aware how much they enjoy such occassions. We can organise a nature outing for your children in the Yeoor forest area on Thane side of Sanjay Gandhi National Park on a Sunday. We can provide expert guides who can show them birds, insects, butterflies etc. We also arrange release of rescued snakes in this forest & it may be possible to coordinate this with the children's visit. Children find this very thrilling. Yeoor forest can be accessed from Thane Railway Station by bus or by road from Mumbai. Regards - Shyam Ghate, Here On Project Environment, Thane
Open a Toy Library
We could arrange an outing at a farm in Padghavli, which is near Khopoli. If you would like that, please send us more details about your group. Sanjay Marathe President Rotary Club of Mumbai Bandra East Sanjay Marathe Photography B-7/51, MIG Colony, Bandra-East Mumbai 400051, India. (M):(91)(22)36592289, T/Fax:(91)(22)26592289

MAGIC bank has exciting media initiatives by, with and for children. Entries in the bank feature a summary of the initiative, a section on challenges and lessons learned, plus contact details. The projects highlight good practice and will also provide inspiration and practical information for all those wishing to develop initiatives involving children and the media. .
Ensure you are listed in
IDBI's commitment to social organisations, Iswar Agasti, regional head IDBI, retail banking-west, says, "IDBI encourages promotional activities in association with NGOs. We hold such exhibitions at our branches to create public awareness and also to participate in the noble cause undertaken by NGOs."
Ashlyn Jane, the eco-friendly lifestyle store at Pali Hill, sells products made by NGOs. Shivani Desai 26001620
NGO, Aseema, the centre for street and underprivileged children. a short animated film on 'Right to Education' "We want the well-to-do kids to know what the underprivileged children lack and how they can help," Schools that want to screen the animated film on ‘Right to Education’ can get in touch with Dilbur Parakh, the founder of Aseema 26407248
Adhuna Akhtar, owner of the Juice salon on St John Baptist Road to train young destitute women in haircutting.
Puppet making has been an exciting hobby for Praveena Shetty and Rekha Gala for the last two years. So far they have conducted three workshops for children and specialise in making puppets of waste materials such as boxes, bottles, papers and socks. They also specialise in teaching children the art of narrating a story in front of an audience through the puppets. Praveena 32604025 .
Ravi who trained at FTII, Pune also made several documentaries for NGOs. Manav (a film on the life of eunuchs) made by Ravi is archived at the Pompidou Centre, Paris. He has also worked on several children’s docus as well as the film Malli apart from working on children’s issues with an NGO in Nashik called Abhivyakti. “Abhivyakti creates media tools like docus for NGOs and other concerned authorities. Working with children is a stress buster and it’s a lot of fun,” observes Ravi. Ravi insisted on using fresh faces for the ads, which meant a massive manhunt across the state. “We auditioned about 300 people from Pune, Nashik and Mumbai as we wanted to reach out to the small town guy who wants to be someone and has done a round of Amitabh Bachchan imitations before his mirror,” he adds.
Architecture and allied design services at cost at actuals (travel, stationary, communications, consultant fees, if any) offered by DESIGN COOPERATIVE, Kalachowki, Contact: Shilpa Ranade, phone: 24706945 (10.00- 13.00 hrs)
Get a free website at . A web site helps existing donors and friends stay informed about your activities, as well as increases visibility for potential donors. This is organised by , an all-volunteer 3000-strong organization, dedicated to providing volunteers with opportunties to serve others, primarily through the provision of free web-based services. Contact: Vandana J., Project Coordinator, , Pune: 020-26681426.
Free Software Foundation of India: see
To start a library, do see and
Libraries for All: How to Start and Run a Small Library.
Education: The Institute of International Education, An independent, nonprofit organization, is a resource for educators and institutions worldwide. Our goals are:
- to promote closer educational relations between the people of the United States and other countries
- to increase the number of students, scholars and professionals who have the opportunity to study, teach and conduct research outside of their own country
- to strengthen and internationalize institutions of higher learning throughout the world
- to foster sustainable development through training programs in energy, environment, business management, and leadership development
- to partner with corporations, foundations, and governments in finding and developing people able to think and work on a global basis

Contact: Anita Kochhar, In-Country-Training Coordinator, Phone: 011-469-4515, Fax: 011-461-7497

Free Folk Dance Training by Nrityanjali 92233-87197
Free Saral Sanskrit and Geeta Adhyan classes at:
Baba Ramdas Sanskrit Vidyalaya, Khatwadi Darbar, Linking Road, Khar : Every Wed and Sat - 4 to 6 pm for women only. Sunday, 8.30 am to 10.30 am for all.
Sri Ramkrishan Math, 12th Road, Khar, Saral Sanskrit Pathshalla: Every Wed and Sat, 4 to 6 pm.
Pupils School and Sharda Vidya Mandir, Khar Education Society, S V road , Khar (W): Every Sunday, 10.30 to 11.30 am.
Training Program for Social Work for Volunteers July 29 - Oct 4. Tata ISS. 25563290 x 373
Day care centre for children `Aangan` with all modern facilities. Children over six months of age can be admitted from 8.30 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. Call Rajasthani Mahila Mandal 23801353 or 23861332.
If you are an NGO needing help in accounting matters, contact AccountAid . AccountAid India provides advice on accounting and related problems (compliance with FCRA, Income Tax, Societies Act, budgeting, donor reporting, etc.) without any charge to NGOs, on a confidential basis. Publications also available.
Sports Culture Coaching Facilities for Athletics, Football, Tennis, Cricket, Karate, Aerobics, Gymnasium & Wet Spa, Yoga, Kids Centre, Cyling, Laughter Club at the Priyadharshini Park by the Malabar Hill Citizens Forum
Matrimonial Bureau for Hearing Impaired: Contact: Nilam Patel, Bahushrut Foundation, Prabhadevi, 24220477 email: see:
list yourself
list your NGO in along with the others in

Support Groups

"Life is no brief candle to me. It's a sort of splendid torch which I've got to hold up for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations."
--George Bernard Shaw