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Get involved in YOUR city and locality - Improve Your World
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 More than 77 Experts have volunteered to provide advice on a variety of issues. Do feel free to contact them.
 If you would like to also act as a Resource Expert, please email the relevant details as per the various columns below.
 Volunteer, Preeti Chande, has compiled this list on 19 July, 2006. 

Category Topics Expert's Name Email Contact number Organization Links State
Agriculture Drip irrigation,LED lighting Farheen Ali 
Animal Welfare Animal birth control program, Animal cruelty and animals laws. Fizzah    In Defence Of Animals India     
Animals  Issues related to animal welfare, medical facilities for injured stray (small) animals Krithika Srinivasan    Defence of Animals (IDA)    MUM 
Astronomy & Space Science Universe we live in. Our Solar System, Reason for Seasons, Life Cycles of the Stars and our Sun. Distance to the Planets, Phases of the Moon, How to make Telescopes?, etc Bharat Adur, Director  91-022-23857293/ 9869140109 (M)  Akash Ganga: Centre for Astronomy (AGCA)   MUM
Children Child Sexual Abuse Pushpa Venkataraman 9869332886  Arpan   MUM
Children with children and educating them Varun Rangarajan  9324060161  
Children teach English to the poor children or guide them to be self sufficient Smita Samant        
Children  Growth,developmental,behavioral, neurological problem in 0 to 18 years age group  Dr. Suchit Tamboli             
Children  Street Children  Zarin Gupta            
Children  Child Adoption  Bharati Das Gupta  Bharati_Dasgupta@kalecons

20- 66083723 / 9890999484

Catalysts for Social Action (CSA) MAH
Children  Childcare, HIV & AIDS, Homoeopathy. Special interest in the area of disabilities  Dr. Piyush Oza    Spandan holistic child care centre  www.holisticfoundation.
Consumer issues  Consumer issues.  Arun Saxena,
/ (022) 25972605 
International Consumer Rights Protection Council  www.consumergri 
Counselling parent child counselling; motivation skills & confidence building; conflict resolution & easing frayed relationships; marriage counselling;& simple tips on health & nutrition, hair care & complexion care, etiquette & grooming Ms. Ratna Khemani  91-20-5886836 Academy of Natural Health & Beauty
Counselling Research, Documentation, Action ,Counseling ,Training, Rights and Advocacy in the fields of HIV/AIDS, Reproductive health, sexuality and gender Shweta Bajaj  022-55801233 CARAT (Cell for AIDS Research, Action  and Training)   MUM
Counselling Health issues esp. adolescent sexuality, Family planning, safe abortions and on HIV/AIDS. Dr Janaki Desai    FPAIndia , Niramaya   MAH
Counselling lesbian, bisexual, transgender and non-identifying women Betu Singh (Ananditta Kushwaha)    Sangini Trust    
Counselling Gender issue, Medical Problems Dr. Alka Singh         
Counselling  Psychotherapist and Researcher  Gitika Talwar 25443384 or 9820725926  Bapu Trust Mumbai     MUM 
Development  Urban and Rural Community Development  Urvashi Prasad 95124-4110059, 9891714375 Centre for Environment Education, New Delhi       

Guidance & Assistance on different, Educational, Medical, Civic, Social, Religious, Legal issues, & help unemployed Educated Citizens & Fighting Corruption

N.B.H.Kulkarni           Maharashtra, Karnataka
Development  Development work, provide experience and resources to help people build a better life  Ashok Malhotra     United Nations Development Programme       
Development  Development, manual irrigation, citizen awareness in Pune, and RTI Roda Mehta  020-26135950       PUNE 
Disaster Management Disaster Management  with BMC  Indrani Malkani         
Education Education, health Care, Livelihoods, water and Sanitation Divyashri   Bharat Uday Mission/  Bhumi    
Education Employment Generation, Relevant Education, Vocational Education,  Training Krishan         
  Education Environmental education in schools Krishna Dave   Sukh Bhumi India Trust MAH
Education  Educational and Social issues  Kalpana Rangan             
Environment  Nature education and Environmental Awareness  Kedar Gore  9820231239       MUM 
Environment  Environmental pollution issues  P.S. Ramanathan (President ISEST , VP AMIC & Director--Corporate Analytical Operations Gharda Chemicals),,
Environment  env. education, implementation of upgradqation practices viz. rain water harvesting, waste-water recycling and reuse of once used water, bio-composting, appropriate greeing og complex, green campus initiatives renewable energy viz. bio-gas plants etc Ajit Seshadri, head environment wing 98104 60049, 25058853(o) Vigyan Vijay Foundation
Fund Raising  NGO related issues, guidance for funds from government and international development agencies Ashok Barthwal


09968411278      Delhi
Health public health - and especially health financing - health insurance.  Dr. N. Devadasan  080 2659 6446 Institute of Public Health   BAN
Health Mental Health nirmala srinivasan    Action For Mental Illness  
Health Thalassaemia & Blood Donation Vinay Shetty  98201 46448  Citizen MUM
Health Epilepsy carol d'souza  022- 56057751 Indian Epilepsy Association   MUM
Health Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Dr.Vikas Y. Rajadhyaksha  968-99466117 Institute of Health Sciences    
Health surgeon mainly dealing with the Gastrointestinal tract Dr Sanjay Nagral    Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre    
Health Learning disability Divya    Maharashtra Dyslexia Association    
Health Physiotherapsists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Special Educators and Psychologists working together on children's developmental concerns and developmental disabilities. We would like to extend our knowledge to people who have queries about children's development and parenting. Deepti Kanade    New Horizons Child Development Centre    
Health HIV/AIDS Joe Thomas, MSc. Ph.D      AIDS-INDIA e FORUM & AIDS_ASIA e FORUM  
Health HIV/AIDS, Environment, and NGOs Elvis Thomas         
Health Gynecologist and a biomedical scientist Dr.Amit Sengupta         
Health Homeopathy in treating various conditions Dr.Santosh Joshi  9819155780/ 022-66450888 (11am-3pm) weekdays. www.homeopathy
Health Psychological testing for children, adolescents and adults; Special Education; Remedial Education, Occupational Therapy; Speech Therapy; Counselling/ Psychotherapy; Corporate workshops, seminars, profiling of managers Narendra Kinger
(Clinical Psychologist)         




Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities

-Information about Remedial and Diagnostic services

-Provisions in school and Board Examination.

-Counselling for parents and students

-Vocational Guidance

-Queries from parents, teachers, school counsellors and administrators -

Contact person- Ms Divya Balgi


Kate Currawalla / Ms Divya Balgi


022-25565754 /


Maharashtra Dyslexia Association MUM 
Health  Physiotherapy  Dr Grishma Shah     Breach Candy Hospital       
Health  Meditation, Motivation& Stress Management  Jayant Sinari.     Jayant Sinari Centre for Excellence       
Health  Holding workshop to free people of the present fear and worries, stress and anger  Sadath    Islamic voice   
Health  Ayurvedist and practicing only on arthritis  Dr.Virender Mahajan             
Health  Ayurvedic Physician  Dr. Nitish Ranjan Pathak            
History earth history, fossils, minerals, dinosaurs,tsunami,quakes Arun Deep Ahluwalia        
Legal legal knowledge , drafting and analysing  I.S.Rao         
Legal legal matters, teenage problems, education and bureaucratic rules and regulation. Also any issue regarding contracts, commercial laws and management R K Gupta         
Legal  Socio-legal issues particularly about health, education and work  Ashok Agarwal 011-65488453          
Legal  personal laws (Hindu/Muslim) of adoption, marriage, divorce and inheritance ,Intellectual Property Laws  Dr.B.B.Singh 2204 9723 MUM 
Legal  Practicing advocate  Rasheeda Bassum  rasheedathabassum@
Legal  Media queries to combat human rights and law  suresh nautiyal             
Media Media and ngos Eric Muragana 
Others Right to Food which includes Public Distribution System Leena Joshi ,,, rksmumbai@rationing
  Rationing Kruti Samitee    
Others 'Marketing of products by small enterprises and innovators' Anil Pansari   0291-3257785 Naveen Gram Agrotechnologies Pvt. Ltd. Raj
Others Human Values Prof. Freddy Pereira         
Others Management system Hariharan Iyer 
Others renewable energies and sustainability Henry Studer        Swiss
Others  Engineering education  Chandra kumar Jain  011 - 26197006          
Others - Industry, Mgt Organisation SportOrganiation
Clubs, Events, Education body
Management support services - non-technical aspects of Mfg, Marketing, HR/OD, Trg., I.R./ E.R, P.R, Security/ Detection &
Day-2-day Admin - Advise & Implementation so that Investors [local, NRIs. Overseas] can safely   concentrate on their own core-competence activities
Bhal Patankar, Chief Consultant  
In London till End September
October - Mumbai - 91 02228279440,
Institute of Strategic Management, India       
Others  Marketing / PR  Nicole McCreedy            
Others  Coastal ecologist, mangroves  Vivek Kulkarni          
Others  Arbitration, Corporate & strategic management ,Project mgmt & Supply chain mgmt  Arun  Sathe            
Rehabilitation Visually handicapped persons who would like to learn computers. Tanya Balsara   TANYA COMPUTER CENTRE   MUM
Senior Citizens Senior citizen Ranee Bagadiya        
Senior Citizens Senior Citizens Shilpa Shet 
Senior Citizens  Seniors Residential care facilities,Investment options,Income tax doubts,Legal points like writing will, succession laws,Health, Yoga, Alternate therapies,Entertainment, funny stories & Jokes,Second Career,Government Policies & Concessions,Help lines & Counseling,Elder Abuse and redressal,Safety & security,Old Age Homes, Nursing /geriatric Care/ Retirement Homes,Newsletters, magazines and guidebooks,Travel for leisure & religious tourism,Insurance of all sorts specially health insurance,Suppliers of Assistive Devices  Dr P Vyasamoorthy  27846631 SENIORS (Society for Enriched Information of Relevance to Seniors),     Secun-
Travel travel agency related Sherly jose  4843013014/ 9847031003 Athena travels   KER
Travel transportation. Bina C. Balakrishnan    Transportation Planning & Engineering   MUM

Travel/Voluntary Projects


Travel Tips, Voluntary placements etc

Shireesh Mishra



Gap Guru Gap Year in India Specialist

Across India

Waste Management Municipal Solid waste, sewage water and greya water harvesting related issues T R Rao         
Waste Management Solid Waste management / Vermiculture Expert (using deep burrowing earthworms) Aparna Inamdar         
  Water management rainwater harvesting and aquifer  recharge in rural villages Dr. Claire Elouard   Sukh Bhumi India Trust MAH
Vocational Training
Vocational Training as well as Entrepreneurship Development Manjula Jagatramka        


It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. --Charles Dudley Warner