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Maintenance of Public Toilets

Everyone needs to visit the restroom several times in the course of the day. By providing public toilets for all, it will encourage more people to travel by transport, to walk, and to cycle, without having the fear of being caught short. For restrooms to serve their purpose in facilities, maintenance and cleanliness must be upheld always so that people would not dread visiting them. Given below are some guidelines to follow so as to maintain a clean and dry restroom. 

- Do not flick water on the floor after washing your hands. Instead, dry them with the hand dryer or hand towel available. 
- Flush the toilet thoroughly after use. 
- Dispose all unwanted stuffs into the bins instead of conveniently throwing them on the floor. 
- As restrooms can serve as a breeding ground for odors caused by body fluids, bacterias and mold spores, hence they must be well ventilated with regular exchange of air. 
- Hand basin is only meant for hand washing. Thus, it should not be used to wash other materials. 
- When using the toilet paper, just pull the exact pieces so that they would not litter the floor. 
- Public toilets should be supervised permanently or checked at very regular intervals to maintain the highest level of hygiene and cleanliness. 
- Vandalism is a common problem in public toilets and it often makes the toilets appear unsightly. Thus, one shouldn’t vandalize the toilets and should uphold the clean image. 
- For guys using the toilets, do aim properly at the urinal so as not to dirty the floor. 
- Ladies should not set their foot on any part of the toilet bowl so that the toilet bowl will remain clean for the next user. 
- Adjust the tap level properly so as to ensure water do not splash onto the ground and thus causing it to be slippery and inconvenient for the next user. 
- Do not choke the toilet bowl or the hand-washing basin. They are only used for their purposes and not the other reasons. 
- Do not smoke inside the toilet as the fallen ash will dirty the floors. 

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