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Public Toilets have been split into two sections:

 I) Community Toilets e.g. in Slums (See Slum Sanitation Program

 II) Pay & Use Toilets e.g. in high footfall areas in the city e.g. tourist places, commuters (see below)   

 A.   Draft Policy for Pay-&-Use Toilets for Mumbai 10 June 06
"Proposed index of contents for a draft policy on public pay-and-use toilets - in high-traffic areas
C.  Public Toilets - Various Viewpoints
  List of 95 proposed sites by BMC  
E.  Manual on Pay and Use Public Sanitary Conveniences in Mumbai, Aug 2005  
F. Toilet upgradation - progress chart  Addl. Municipal Commissioner Review - SWM as on 19 May 06 
G. Project Proposal: A step forward for Sanitary and Environmental improvement through Sulabh Toilet Complexes for Better City of Mumbai - Prepared by Sulabh International along with SWM Dept. of MCGM dt. Feb. 1999
. Articles
- Maintenance of Public Toilets
   - Reaching the Poor through Sustainable Partnerships: The Slum Sanitation Program in Mumbai, India  (pdf)

I. Links  

Do forward more information pertaining to policies in various countries, economics of pay-and-use, private-public partnership models, design parameters, photographs, checklists, location selection criteria, details for usage by women or disabled or children, technical info such as water & sewer links, city-wide plans, etc.

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