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  Index of Municipal Corporation Greater Mumbai Public Health Profile 2001-2002

  1. Vital Statistics 
  2. Notifiable Diseases
  3. Cases and Deaths from Notifiable Diseases
  4. Registration of Birth and Deaths
  5. Permission for Removal of Dead Bodies
  6. Death Registration Centres in City
  7. List of Municipal Cemeteries
  8. List of Electric Crematorium
  9. List of Private Cemeteries
  10. Universal Immunization Programme
  11. School Health Programme
  12. Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme
  13. Leprosy Control Programme
  14. National Malaria Eradication Programme
  15. Insecticide Branch
  16. AIDS Control Programme
  17. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD Clinic)
  18. Epidemiology
  19. India Population Project
  20. India Population Project Training Cell
  21. India Population Project MIS Cell
  22. India Population Project IEC Cell
  23. Municipal Maternity Homes
  24. Maternity Wards Attached to Municipal General Hospitals
  25. Municipal Major Hospital, Specialised & Pheripheral Hospitals
  26. Revised Fees and Charges in Municipal Hospitals
  27. Issue and Authentication of International Health Certificates for Travel Abroad
  28. Municipal Laboratory
  29. Dog Licensing Establishment
  30. Anti Rabic Treatment
  31. Impounding of Stray Cattle
  32. Life Guard Services
  33. Name & Residential Addresses of the Senior Officers
  34. Name & Residential addresses of MOH's


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