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Patient Bill of Rights  

- To be treated with dignity irrespective of their caste, class, sex, religion, and disease
- To have a list of exact services available and corresponding fees (for supplies, bandages, etc)
- To have a visible map of the hospital (in Marathi, Hindi, English, and other languages)
- To have a list of emergency services such as blood banks and ambulatory services listed in Marathi, Hindi, English and other languages
- To know and understand the procedures involved
- To be given a reasonable time frame for the treatment and receive a proportional discount in fees for all services after the upper limit of approximation is over and treatment needs to be continued
- To have a comprehensive (various tests, blood work, x-rays, room tariffs, operations, consulting fees, etc) costs associated with seeking medical care
- To receive prompt and courteous care
- To be informed about the documentation needed for treatment
- To have minimal documentation for emergency cases
- To receive Reproductive and Child Health Services free of cost at public health facilities
- To receive medications and vaccinations from the local public health post or dispensary
- To get medical services which are within the capability of the medical facility
- To obtain from the doctor complete information concerning the diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis in language the patient can understand.
- To receive necessary information from the doctor such as long-term effects, side effects etc., before giving any prior consent to a medical procedure and/or treatment
- To receive the records or a certified copy that gives the details of the disease, treatment, and follow-up necessary at the time of discharge
- To refuse the suggested treatment and be informed of the medical consequences thereof
- To receive medical care in well-equipped and sanitized conditions
- To receive quality care from competent medical professionals
- To select doctor’s of one’s choice when possible
- To obtain a second opinion
- To privacy during medical check-ups
- To be assured that all communication and records will be kept confidential
- To educational information about medical problems e.g. via a library, IEC materials, etc.
- To receive a bill cum receipt after the payment is made
- To be enabled to pay hospital fees on a payment plan
- To have access to a non-hospital staff member appointed to address complaints as soon as possible
- To have the contact information of the responsible person (both at the hospital and head office) to register a complaint or give feedback
- To have adequate waiting space
- To allow flexible visiting hours for relatives 


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