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65 Parsi Community Charitable Trusts

The Tata trusts

Sir Dorabji Tata Trust
This multipurpose trust was established in 1932 when Sir Dorabji Tata committed all his wealth to it. The trust is best known for promoting six pioneering institutions of national importance. Four of these were established in Mumbai: the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (in 1936); the Tata Memorial Centre for Cancer Research and Treatment (1941); the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (1945); and the National Centre for the Performing Arts (1966). The National Institute of Advanced Studies (1988) and the Sir Dorabji Tata Centre for Research in Tropical Diseases (1999) are in Bangalore.

Jamsetji Tata Trust
Set up in 1974, this trust is named after the founder of the Tata Group, Jamsetji Tata. Established to mark the centenary year of the first Tata enterprise, it bestows grants in areas where innovative efforts are being made.

J. N. Tata Endowment
Established in 1892, the trust funds higher education for deserving Indian scholars. The trust has supported 3,500 scholars and awarded more than Rs 68 million to promising students from various strata of society.

J. R. D. and Thelma J. Tata Trust
Set up in 1991 by J. R. D. Tata with his and his wife's personal wealth, the trust works to uplift women and children.

J. R. D. Tata Trust
Established in 1944, this trust supports, by way of institutional donations, the advancement of learning. It also gives research grants and scholarships, provides relief in the wake of natural calamities, and backs social-welfare projects and philanthropic activities.

Lady Meherbai D. Tata Education Trust
This trust was set up in 1932 by Sir Dorabji Tata in memory of his wife, Lady Meherbai Tata. It helps women graduates go abroad to study social work, and has thus far supported 228 women graduates (with total disbursements of Rs 30,70,000).

Lady Tata Memorial Trust
Established in 1932 by Sir Dorabji Tata in memory of his wife Lady Meherbai Tata, this trust promotes research in diseases of the blood. It disburses funds mainly by way of international awards, which are decided by a scientific advisory committee in London. A fifth of the trust's income is expended on Indian awards for research on the alleviation of human suffering.

M. K. Tata Trust
This trust was set up in 1958 by Minocher K. Tata with his personal resources. The objectives of the trust are the advancement of learning in all fields by way of research grants and scholarships; and providing medical and other relief in the aftermath of natural calamities.

Sir Ratan Tata Trust
The trust was established in 1918 in accordance with directives in Sir Ratan Tata’s will. It utilises its funds in five areas: basic and advanced (postgraduate) education; primary and preventive health; rural livelihoods and communities; arts and culture; and public initiatives. Preference is given to projects based in rural India, and those that involve the advancement of women and children.

R. D. Tata Trust
Set up in 1990, the trust promoted the advancement of learning by way of institutional grants. It also backs social-welfare projects and philanthropic activities.

Tata Social Welfare Trust and Tata Education Trust
Established in 1990, the trust encourages the advancement of learning in all fields by way of research grants and scholarships. It also provides medical and other relief to people who have suffered in natural calamities.

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