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Get involved in YOUR city and locality - Improve Your World
Get involved in YOUR city and locality 
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We request and recommend that you fill all fields with as much information as you can. It will save your time when our site visitors contact you as they will be able to have focused conversations. You can always modify the details later so do fill the form NOW and not wait till you collect the details. If you have questions, please call, but we would prefer if you fill the form (even partly) before you call.

Volunteer Opportunities Available at Nonprofits
NGO name
NGO City
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Type of Volunteer Opportunity
Can it be done at via email on phone only
Can it be done from home yes no
Can it be done on evenings weekends anytime
Geographical location of opportunity
(if not from home) (e.g. Ghatkopar E)
Description of Opportunity
i.e. what is needed to be done, what will be impact or 'end result' ?
Description of Responsibility
i.e. what will volunteer have to do?
Skills/ experience needed
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How will a volunteer benefit?

Do you provide volunteer training?
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Minimum time commitment needed per session
How long will this assignment be?
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Examples of Volunteer Opportunities Available

web development
spreading awareness
software skills
event management
investment advice
financial planning
internet research
filing and office wrok
meeting people
devp marketing materials
designing business plans
handling calls
responding to letters
computerizing data base
managing volunteers
legal advice