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The Welfare Of Stray Dogs (WSD)
Registration No :   E 10463  

Vision :    To better the relationship between stray dogs and humans.


Mission:  To ensure the best possible care for stray dogs by taking a pragmatic, effective and solution-oriented approach.  


Services Offered: sterilization , immunization , on-site first-aid , adoption 


Impact Data : impacted the lives of more than 70,000 strays through sterilizations, immunizations, first-aid and adoptions

Brief History: WSD was started in 1985 by a group of Jain philanthropists and Mr. N W Alimchandani with an objective of stopping the brutal practice of electrocution of stray dogs. In 1989, the BMC handed over a part of the dog pound and WSD started the sterilization programme. The BMC promised not to kill the sterilized dogs. In 1994 the BMC discontinued the practice of killing strays as they realized that killing of strays had no effect on reducing human rabies deaths or reducing stray dog populations. WSD has come a long way with the quantum of all the activities increasing year on year.

Projects / Achievements

  • Till date WSD has impacted the lives of  more than 70,000 stray dogs through sterilisation, vaccination, healthcare and adoption
  • Sterilisation and immunisation of more than 27,500 stray dogs
  • On-site treatment for more than 20,000 stray dogs through our largely volunteer-based first-aid programme
  • On-site immunization of more than 12,000 strays all over Mumbai. 
  • Rabies awareness drives in public places like railway stations and parks
  • Presentations to hundreds of children and adults on the stray dog issue, rabies and its prevention and the avoidance of dog bites
  • Adoption of more than 200 abandoned pets and stray dogs
  • Started the WSD Indian Pariah dog club to promote the adoption of pariahs.

What is it that you do exactly for a beneficiary? 

The beneficiaries of the organisation are stray dogs and also humans (slum and street dwellers) whose dogs (stray dogs are generally their pets) are sterilized and immunized against rabies. Stray dogs are also provided with on – site first aid and medical aid. Underprivileged children living in slums are taught about dog-bite and rabies prevention. Children and adults are made aware about rabies through our education programme


Collaboration Possibilities:

-          How can you work with corporates, sponsors, other NGOs, schools, hospitals, Rotaries, govt?
We can collaborate with all the above mentioned categories in different ways.

-          If they want to visit you?

             They can visit our sterilization center at Mahalakshmi, Saat Rasta. It would take 15 minutes to show them the activities carried out at the
             centre.  An educational slide(15-30 min) presentation can also be made    

       -         Do you have any weekend or evening activities which families can attend and be sensitized?

             Visits to the kennels (as above) 

-          Can you give a talk of 15-20 minutes? 

            We conduct a slide presentation through our education and awareness programme titled ‘The Day of The Dog’ which can be modified to cater to different audiences including children and adults (Rotaries/Ladies Association). It covers the stray dog issue/dog bite prevention and information about rabies.


Financial data:   
  - yearly budget
  -  Rs. 18  lacs  
  - Sources of Revenue : donations through individuals, trusts,corporates
Corporates can sponsor specific projects. Funding would depend on the project costs. 
Organisation data: 
 - full-time -  16
( including vets, ward-boys)
 - part-time - 2
(visiting surgeons)
 - volunteers
   - 150+ (active)


Help Needed:
 - Advisors / Mentors needed: Financial planning & accounting/ Operations Research (Quantitative & Qualitative)/ Costing / Software tools for database management & calls and complaint handling/Website management
- Volunteers:  Volunteers can help out in various activities : dog walking, on-site first aid, sterilization programme, adoption, education and awareness, fundraising

- Donations-in-kind needed: Food items – monthly requirements : Milk powder – 120 kgs, Dal : 200 kgs , Rice : 200 kgs , dalia/lhapsi – 150 kgs ( Any quantity can be donated ), newspapers, bed sheets, medicines, 
- Services needed:
- Donation possibilities? Sponsor - sterilization of a dog – Rs 550 , immunization of 100 strays against rabies : Rs 2500, medicine costs : Rs 36,000 per month , X-rays and pathology : Rs 8000 per month
- Jobs Available:  None currently
Contact Details:  
The Welfare Of Stray Dogs (WSD)

C/o Akanksha , Voltas House C

T B Kadam Marg


Mumbai 400 033   
Phone:  23733433 / 23891070 (Best times to call:  10-5 )
Fax: x


Karmayogi: Abodh Aras

URL of any write-up:,prtpage-1.cms 

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