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Vatsalya Trust, Mumbai
Working with and for children in crisis
Registration No: E-9180

About us: We got going when going was tough ---- It was in February 1983, that we registered ourselves as a Public Charitable Trust in Mumbai.Our main activity has been care and rehab of destitute and deprived children by the way of adoption and education and providing apportunities for development.







Early intervention centre-starts in june

Rehab and care: 953
Adoption: 805
Khushi (CGC): 160
DoTReC: 20
Women Empornment prog.: 104
Balikashram: 60
Vanprashtashram: 20

History: Started in 1983 by some dedicated voluntary individuals to ensure that orphan and destitute children's interests are taken care of and they are rehabilitated in their own country.and to put curbs on the trafficing of children in the name of adoption which was a comman practice it's work has expandee to have many dimentions.

Child Care and Rehabilitation Centre: Our flagship activity 'Child Care & Rehab. Centre' became functional in 1985. Through this activity Vatsalya Trust has reached out to 953 children. Children -mostly infants & have placed 805 children in adoption over the years.

Balikashram: It was in June 1999 that Vatsalya's three storeyed building came-up in Navi Mumbai at Sanpada. Balikashram project was initiated here. Our Balikashram is a home to 56 girls in the age group of 4 to 18 years. Some of them are destitutes & others come from socially backward & economically weaker sections of the society.

Vanaprasthashram (Elder's home): The rapidly changing society has brought forward a new situation, which is disheartening i.e. the problem of lonely elders. Keeping true to the meaning of it's name, Vatsalya answered this call of hour by starting a home to offer care & love, born out of gratitude to these senior citizens at Sanpada.

Khushi: Here, a team of experts in this field comprising of special educator, psychiatrist, pediatrician, clinical psychologist & counsellor help the children & parents to deal with various problems & disorders.
Services offered by this center.....
1. Psychological testing
2. Counselling
3. Psychiatric intervention.

DoTReC: After acquiring substantial experience in providing direct services to vulnerable sections of the society; we have now taken a leap into understanding & researching children's issues in a wider perspective by setting up DotRec - Documentation, Training & Research Centre on child development & children in crisis.

Urban Women empowerment programme: We believe that working with women to help them to be self sufficient helps to better her children's future. This is the basic understanding with which we started this programme under which we conduct regular short term income generation & entrepreneurship development programmes for young girls & women from economically & sociologically backward sections of society.

Educational Assistance:  "Vatsalya" Trust has today undertaken the financial responsibility of 20 students in and around Mulund. It is to be mentioned that all these students come from economically weaker section of the Society.
If these students show good progress in their studies, this scheme can be extended to some more numbers in future.

Study Room: Those female students who are today appearing for S.S.C. & higher studies are allowed to use the study room. This is mostly because of the fact that there is no proper accommodation in their residential rooms, and they are thus deprived of silent atmosphere necessary for studies.

Early Intervention centre to be started in June

What is it that you exactly do for a beneficiary?:
- Care and rehab: orphanage well equiped with space and all the other requirnments.
- Adoption Agency: Licenced agency
- Khushi: Pschological testing, counselling,pschyatric and pediatric intervention when needed
- DoTReC: Resource centre on child development and children in crisis - reference facility is available for scolars

How can you work with others? : Can make expertise and space available for workshops, seminars, conferences on children's issues.   
Yearly Budget Rs.:
Revenue Sources: Nominal govt. grants, personal donations, corporate donations

full time: 85
part time: nil
volunteers: More than 100

Help Needed:
Volunteers: yes 
Donations-in-kind: yes
Services needed: yes
Advisors needed: yes
Jobs Available: yes

Donation possibilities:
Child Care and rehabilitation Centre
You can support us in several ways e.g.-
Corpus Fund : It is our experience that this one is a very popular scheme with the donors.
One can send the donation of Rs.5000 or more to the corpus fund on the occasion of birthday of any of the family members or in memory of departed member. Only the interest on this amount is used for the milk or food for the children on that particular day.
Financial Adoption Scheme : Donate Rs. 3600/- lump sum for one year or in installments of say Rs. 300/-per month  for 12 months. The proceeds are used for the milk to the orphans in the Trust.
Diwali Bhet coupons : Every year during Diwali Festival coupons of Rs. 10/-, Rs. 20/-,Rs.50/- and Rs.100/- denominations are printed. Our well wishers and volunteerswho collect the amounts through their personal contacts in various fields. Many of the schools are collecting fund under this scheme, through their students during Diwali Festival.

You can support us in this endeavour by participating in any of the following schemes :
Meals for children : Any donor can pay Rs.3500/- in memory of some of their family members or for birthday on a particular day. Meals as per donor's desire can be served to children and persons in the old age home etc. However, advance intimation and sanction from Sanpada authorities are necessary to avoid inconvenience.
Milk Scheme : Donors can pay Rs.200/- per day, so that the milk can be served to the children in Balikashram.
Education Adoption : Donors can pay Rs. 4 to 5 Thousand per year, or in instalments, with a view to bear the educational expenditure of one girl student in Balikashram.
Financial Adoption : on payment of Rs. 18000/- per year one can bear the expenditure of one of the girls in Balikashram, for her entire education health and meals etc.
Balika Dattak Yojana : Yuvak Pratishthan, Mulund, has formulated this scheme. An amount of Rs.15000/- is paid by the donor and is invested in fixed deposit, in the name of girls. This amount is made available to that girl, if she completes her studies, and starts some service or in case if she desires, the amount can be utilized for her higher studies, and if this is also not possible, the said amount may be used for her marriage

Vanaprasthashram (Elder's home)
You can support us in this endeavor by:
Raising funds to meet medical expenses of those really in need.
Organise cultural events in collaboration with other senior citizens.

You can support us in this endeavor by:
Sponsoring Workshop for teachers
Sponsoring purchase of test materials

Sponsor monthly subscriptions of newspapers, magazines, weeklies, journals, e-forums and e- bulletins. 
Sponsor study / research expenses
Sponsor NGO directory we are publishing
Share your expertise

Urban Women empowerment programme
You can support us in this endeavour by:
Sponsor one trainee
Sponsor material, equipments for the Trainings
Share your expertise with us

Educational Assistance
You can support us in this endeavour by:
Sponsoring  one child's educational Expenses. 

Contact Details:
Vatsalya Trust, Mumbai;
Near Kanjurmarg Police station,Kanjurmarg (e) mumbai 400042
Phone: 25782958/ 25794798/25784810/sanpada premise:27617390
Fax: 25784820
email: /
Karmayogi: Ms.Medhavinee Namjoshi
Phone: 25782958/ 25794798 / 25784810 (best time to call: 11 am to 5.30 pm)

Smt. Sanjeevani Raykar, (MLC) - President
Shri. G. A Damle, Secretary,
Shri. N.S Bhagwat, Treasurer
Dr. Mrs. Sujala Ainapure, Member
Dr. Vilas Ainapure, Member
Shri. S.B Joshi, Member
Shri. Bimal Kedia, Member
Shri. K.C.Paluskar, Member
Shri. M.K. Phadke, Member
Shri.  G.N Phatak, Member
Smt. Kusum Upadhye, Member

Comments for Great work .Useful for NGOs who believe in networking and collaborating for the cause