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Vijay Shikshan Sanstha

In every way he is a normal child…. naughty, mischievous and full of life… But if you call him to give him a sweet he will not hear you…  

In 1958, a young girl stepped timidly in side a door beckoned by a welcoming smile and the warm environs of a comfortable home. That child was hearing- impaired. The daughter of a housewife, she left abandoned at home for lack of any other option available to the poor family.

But Mrs. Mainatai Ramchandra Gokhale saw otherwise. In the child she saw a future. A future where the child would be a source of pride for her parents and not a source of burden as she was then.

Single- handedly and with out any educational equipment, Mainatai took upon herself to try and educate this hearing challenged child. That was the beginning. Word spread and soon Mainatai’s home was the temple of the hearing-impaired. A vision had grown and become a triumph….till at last it saw its culmination in an institution.

Vijay Shikshan Sanstha

The objective of Vijay Shikshan Sanstha is to educate the hearing-impaired, and help them become self-reliant and thus earn a dignified place in society.

Although the school did have its teething problems, with the help of philanthropists and a whole number of like-minded volunteers, the institute grew to include more and more children under its aegis. The first school established was Sadhana Vidhyalaya at Naigaon. Soon Pragati Vidhyalaya at Dadar followed. At present there are 194 students in the two schools with the medium of instruction: Marathi and Hindi.

A normal child easily masters a language through listening and relating words to various activities going on around him. A different approach is needed for the hearing impaired. For them, language is gradually introduced through story telling and through actually observing and doing things. The child is encouraged to talk. Training in the proper use of other facilities as well as in hearing itself is also very helpful. The main objective and communicate with others. Once a child gets this basic training he will commence hs primary education. Both the school are well equipped with hearing aids the children. Audiographs, auditory tests, and speech training are an intrinsic part of the child’s awarness of different sounds- voice pronunciation, voice modulation and voice rhythm. To contribute like dance, drama, rhythmic movements, listening to instrumental music and the reading aloud of poems. We have unique libraries in our schools, which provide story books. We also have another section, which stores a fair amount of toys.

Dedicated Staff

Only trained teachers graduated in the relevant fields are appointed. Normally the district social welfare division appoints teachers who are well versed in operating the special syllabus developed for the hearing impaired. The teachers regularly attend various seminars, workshops and refresher courses to help achieve better results for the children. We are also proud to mention here that as well as teaching staff, our administrative staff also participates actively in developing our institution in every possible way.

A Sound Future

education is offered upto the 7th standard and guidance is given for the Xth standard. All subjects from 1st to 7th standard are taught by using special techniques developed for the hearing impaired.

To become financially independent it is necessary for the child to acquire professional qualifications over and above the conventional Xth standard. It is therefore important to select the Xth standard subjects very carefully.

Recognising this, the government has allowed replacement of language (except one) with vocational subjects. Accordingly, typing, screen-printing, sewing, embroidery and drawing are taught in the schools run by our sanstha. In addition, information is provided about other professional-oriented topics like beauty care, home science and photography.

Parental Guidance

Most of the parents do not know much about the child’s handicap, and are generally quits confused. The headmistress, other teachers and the social worker talk with these parents, explain the situation to them clearly and calmly and prepare them to deal with the problem realistically. Dialogue with the parents is established through frequent parent-teacher meetings. Efforts are made to understand and resolve the problems faced by parents.

Diet supplement and medical check up

Most of the students in our schools are from economically, educationally and socially backward classes. To help these students the sanstha has, with its own funds, started a diet supplement scheme through which these children get milk, biscuits and pulses, bhaji (vegetables) every day. Medical examinations are also carried out periodically, and if a child required treatment, parents are advises accordingly. In addition, a detailed ENT examination is carried out by an ENT specialist. Treatment is providing when required.

Cultural Activities and Competitions

The sanstha is always in the forefront with its efforts to build up an awareness of our rich cultural heritage. It celebrates the religious and the national festivals through multifarious activities like dance, drama, drawings, rangoli, handicrafts, etc. the children are encouraged to participate in various competitions in and around Mumbai. The sanstha also holds competitions in educational speech, drawing, models making etc.

These competitions not only enable the children to develop their own talents but they also give them the confidence to mix in society and be part of a normal family.

Publications and Video films

The sanstha has published some books, which are useful to teachers and the parents. “Sulabh Vachan”(simplified reading) has been created by Smt. Mainatai Gokhale herself. It introduces the child to the common words and sentence used in every day life. A pictorial dictionary is also available in Marathi, Hindi and English. This is accompanied by two workbooks and a third booklet on speech training. Samvaad, an attractive multi-colored book is especially prepared for young, hearing-impaired children, and contains some interesting exercise. With the object of making parents aware of the importance of teaching their hearing impaired child, we have developed an educational video film entitled “Kelyane Hote Aahe Re” which has been show several times on doordarshan.  

We need your help

You can help by giving financial assistance for the following
·        Proper personal hearing aids and communal hearing aids
·        Uniforms, books, notebooks, instruments boxes, etc.
·        Speech trainers.
·        Educational tools and toys.
·        Computers, educational software and CD’s
·        Adopt- a-child {accepting responsibility for a child’ education}
·        Instruments and raw materials used for vocational training like screen-printing, tailoring and

We now turn to you for assistance for our worthwhile organisation. We are achieving good results, and we need your help to make things better.

Please give your donation on the name of “Vijay Shikshan Sanstha”. Vijay Shikshan Sanstha has an income Tax 80-G Certificate.

They manage 2 Schools:

Pragati Vidyalaya
713, Bhatewadi
College Gully
D. S. Balarekar Marg.
Mumbai 400028
Karmayogi: Ms. Saritha, Principal
                Mr. Gajanand Phadke, Trustee
Tel.  24376625, 24224348 

Sadhana Vidyalaya
Mumbai Marathi Grantha Sangrahalaya Bldg.
172 Naigaum Cross Road
Mumbai 400014
Karmayogi: Ms. Geeta Shelar, Principal
Tel: 24134488

Present Board of Trustees

Smt. Mainatai R Gokhale
Shri. Prabhakar S. Kavale
Shri. Arvind H Bharucha
Shri. Umakant P Shirke
Shri.Achyut G Phadke