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Connecting Neighbours for a Better Quality of Life Since 1994
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About us: What is the use of good work done by various NGOs or Citizen's groups if the neighbourhood does not know of it?

The national dailies cover a wide area and hence cannot afford to give much space for local area information.

Further it is found that even if a news item does appear in a daily, it may not be read by the local citizens because a daily is normally glanced through in the morning before going to work and may be some areas of interest may be read by individual.

A Neighbourhood Newsletter
- Has strong potential to emerge as a powerful conduit for mobilizing Citizen Action Groups for better quality of life
- Acts as an effective platform to bring together divergent groups / organizations
- Facilitates information dissemination
- Carries out civic education
- Reaches out in number locally
- Focuses networking of citizen groups/NGOs etc in addressing common concerns

Thus, a Neighbourhood Newsletter is the only media where information to the neighbour could be disseminated effectively and IS A MUST FOR BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE. Voice of Wadala was started with this as the aim.  

Vision: VOW's ultimate aim is to have 24 Neighbourhood newsletters in 24 municipal administrative wards. And replicate the VOW Foundation model in all these 24 wards.


- To Set up a citizens' co-operative movement, VOW Foundation that would setup VOW ALM (A Citizens' Partnership with MCGM for a Clean, Green and Healthy Neighbourhood)
- To Encourage Citizens' Associations and Handhold Residential Associations/ALMs to Continuous self Nurture for Life-time and enable their Successful Sustenance and Growth !
- To Mentor the process of Better Quality of Life in neighborhood as a structure
- To take VOW readership from 1 lac - 4.5 lac


Impact: 1,00,000 Readers in Wadala, Dadar, Matunga & Sion

History: Few citizens of Wadala got together and brought out VOICE OF WADALA [VOW] a neighbourhood newsletter in 1988. This was a two-page foolscap Xerox offset newsletter distributed in the neighbourhood.

In 1994 the Humanist Centre, Wadala converted the VOW into a 4-sheet tabloid size. The distribution was done through volunteers standing outside the railway station in the evening and given to commuters returning from office. It was also distributed on Sundays at 5 gardens. Within a year, a network of volunteers was created in every building/area and distribution done house to house through volunteers. VOW then covered the whole of Wadala.

In August 1996 at the suggestion of the residents of Matunga a supplement INTERLINK covering Matunga was added to VOW, and subsequently VOW distributed in Matunga.

In November 1997 again at the request of Dadar citizens VOW was extended to Dadar and connected citizens of Wadala, Matunga & Dadar. In September 1998 the newsletter was formally renamed VOICE OF WADALA, DADAR & MATUNGA. With more citizens' group joining in bringing out VOW, a Group of citizens from Wadala, Dadar & Matunga took over the responsibility of publishing from Humanist Centre Wadala. Humanist Centre Wadala, which was also a part of this group.

VOW became popular among the citizens of Wadala, Dadar and Matunga and also was a paper to reckon with the F/North Ward Office of BMC. The Ward Officer then suggested that we add Sion also so that the newsletter would cover the full F/North Ward and become a newsletter of the Ward. This was accepted and from April 1999 the newsletter was renamed VOICE OF WADALA, DADAR, MATUNGA & SION. Since then VOW is a newsletter that the neighbourhood longed for and looked forward to every month. Today VOW reaches out to 1,00,000 residents of the F/North Ward of BMC for better quality of Life.

Projects/Achievements: SUCCESSFUL CAMPAIGNS

Some of the successful campaigns undertaken by VOW are:-
- Heavy lorry traffic hazards in Wadala [August/November1996]
- I Love Wadala - Cleanliness Campaign [December 1996]
- Municipal Election Watch Campaign 1997
- Khubsurat Mumbai Khubsurat Wadala 1997
- VOTE YOU MUST campaign for loksabha elections 1998 - Voter pattern increased by 12%
- CGSI, SOCLEAN & WORSPA's People's Movement - everyone must be involved - the only way for better quality of life Campaign for volunteers. This resulted in 317 volunteers response from F/North out of 555 from the whole city [May 1998]
- Mumbai Police's ALERT CITIZENS campaign to help Crime Prevention July 1998
- CLEAN MUMBAI Campaign Special [September 1998]
- India can be different if we are not indifferent - a one year campaign April 1999
- Civic Page introduced from May 1999 to publicise good work done by BMC's ward office and also to put forth grievances of the citizens
- Clean & Green Mumbai week January 2001
- Swacha Mumbai Abhiyan September 2002
- Maharashtra's Right to Information December 2002
- Don Bosco / AGNI / VOW ALM Campaign 2003
- Cross demolition campaign & Lok Sabha Election Campaign 2004

Apart from the above campaigns, regular reports were made towards Vermi-composting, Zero garbage Advanced Locality Management scheme, civic service information etc. During elections the citizens were given details of candidates to help them vote for their good candidate on informed choice and also where one has to vote.

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