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VOICE, a registered public trust, has worked with vulnerable and neglected street children of Mumbai since 1991 to ensure that they are not forgotten, but instead given the tools necessary to succeed in life. At that time, we were armed with nothing more than the belief that the quintessence of the human condition is a yearning for dignity and self-worth – and that this dignity can exist even in the most degraded circumstances of human life.
VOICE’s mission is “ to reach out to vulnerable and neglected street children and, through education, enable them become whole human beings and self-reliant, responsible, contributing citizens.”
In its first year, VOICE taught only a handful of children on a railway platform the basics of the three Rs:  reading, writing, and arithmetic. There are now 350 children who participate in VOICE’s programs, and of these  VOICE has been able to enroll 153 into the local schools.
Now into its 14th year, VOICE continues its outreach with the belief that the potential of every child is limited only by the education, love and opportunities that we can give him/her. Our experience shows that by delaying entry into the labour force and acquiring schooling, children are becoming more productive and will eventually be better able to control their lives.  VOICE focuses on the entire child and is involved with improving the child mentally, physically and spiritually.
The children learn the 3 Rs . . . reading, writing and arithmetic, and also the positive values of love, friendship and honesty through songs, games, stores and play-acting. In addition, they learn life skills such as responsibility, regularity, hard work, perseverance and a sense of duty and service. Vocational, income-generating skills taught include screen-printing, tailoring, and making stationary, computer literacy, yoga, music and decoration of diyas.
Development of Educational Materials
VOICE has continuously been developing educational material for the special needs of its students.  The material includes worksheets for language and math, educational games, and stories and poems based on the realities of the children’s life experiences.  We also have developed material for teacher training to enhance their skills and enable them to most effectively respond to the special educational needs of our children.
Proposed Project for the  Rehabilitation, Education and Training of Girl Street Children – Project Sanjivani
For many years now, VOICE has felt the need for a center that could house female street children while giving them the benefits of VOICE’s tried and proven programs in education and vocational training.  This center could also provide much needed space and auxiliary support for VOICE’s current programs.  To this end, VOICE is fundraising for a center that will be able to house up to 100 girls and provide the space and staff necessary for them to receive a total education that will allow them to truly become successful and self-reliant citizens.
Center’s Housing Goals
VOICE’s proposed center will be able to house up to 100 female children and provide them with total care.  They will be given all the emotional and academic support necessary to develop a healthy body, mind and spirit to become self-reliant and contributing citizens.
Center’s Educational Goals
In providing these girls with housing, VOICE is in no way moving away from its foundations of stressing the primacy of education, but instead strengthening its position to provide an even better education than it currently is able to.  This center will be able to provide a safe environment so that these girls may be able to have a supportive environment in which to study and learn free of the distractions of the street.  By the age of 18, these girls will have received all the tools necessary for them to become self-supportive and self-reliant young women. It will also be a space available to supplement the academic activities for VOICE’s other students who do not live at the center. 
We have acquired land at Virar and have developed the plans for the construction of Sanjivani, with the help of an Architect. The Construction is scheduled to begin early March. 
Our problems :
Our greatest difficulty is finding appropriate space for our work with the children.
We also need financial support for the various programs/interventions. 
What we can share with other ngos is our experience over the past 14 years, the educational processes that we have evolved, tested and used.

Rajashri Bansiwar