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Activities in the Year 2002-2003 ( August to March ) 

Thane SPCA Receives its Public Trust Registration No. on 9th August and starts its official working.
1. President and Hon. Secretary of the Thane SPCA nominated by the District Collector as non – official members of the  
    district PCA Committee
2. Training and recharging Programme for members and volunteers from 15th Oct – 28th Dec. in 4 sessions
3. Thane SPCA Project co-ordinators inspect a mass vaccination camp at Kalyan held by a reputed dog food company and 
    find serious discrepancies in maintaining cold chain of the vaccines. Warning letters are issued to the visiting veterinarian 
    and the Marketing Manager of the Company.
4. Awareness programme for public and memners at Nalasopara and Vasai area
5. 2 cruelty cases jointly attended by Bombay SPCA and Thane SPCA
6. Thane SPCA President raids Empire Circus at Churchgate
7. Thane SPCA raids Gemini Circus at bail Bazaar at kalyan and reinforces strict measures for the welfare of the animals in 
    the circus. But They are unable to seize the hippopotamus from the circus.

After a lot of persuasion, the DC Shri Chahal called for the PCA Committee meeting on the 4th Dec, 2002. He presided over the meeting along with representatives from many Municipal Corporations, the police dept and the RTO, were the non-official members Shri Ojha from the Bhiwandi Panjrapole, and Shakuntala Majumdar and Dr. Suhas 
Rane from Thane SPCA.
* There was a lot of dissension among all official members regarding stray dog “menace” and the DC suggested that all dogs should be taken away and kept in shelter till they are sterilized. All official members seemed to think it was the best way out. However when all rules and the Bombay High Court judgement was given to all members by the Thane SPCA, it was decided that Thane Mun Corpn. Would start sterilization with laparoscopy with a month and and a half, Kalyan Dombivili will follow suit and other Municipal Councils should present this in their agenda at their AGM.

* Shakuntala Majumdar suggested to the DC that it was useless to go ahead with any animal welfare programme till there was no orientation programme among the PCA and SPCA members. The DC agreed and asked for a workshop to be arrange d for within a month, and instructed all members to be present at the workshop.

* The SPCA presented the DC with paper cuttings and case papers of hospitalization of stray cattle problem. The Dist. Animal Husbandry dept declared that starting Jan 2003 all “Tabelas” ( dairies) would be registered, all animals checked by veterinarians on regular basis and stray cattle owners given warning to keep their cattle under control. Regular visits would be made to the tabelas and officials from the Thane SPCA would be included among the visiting team.Seizing of animals and sending them off to pinjrapole was also discussed but not found viable.

* The Police dept was instructed to assist in all ways possible and within law, any person who brings in any complaint of animal cruelty or cruelty in transportation.

* The SPCA pointed out that none of the Mun. Corpns or the police dept. were aware of any formalities prior to be giving permissions to Circus owners. Thane SPCA took National, Rayman and Gemini as examples and pointed this out. Thane SPCA was instructed by the DC to teach all Municipal Corporations about laws concerning such issues. He also instructed the Member Secretary to find and finalise a home for the hippo within 2 days and inform him so that he could seize it. 

* Thane SPCA showed the DC the number of court cases being done against illegal slaughter, especially in Wajamullah in Nalasopara. SPCA also pointed out that situation is very tense and communal strife may break out at any moment if this was not controlled.The DC said that he was fully aware and promised that within another 2-3 weeks he would personally legalise a single slaughterhouse and close down all others.
(Our latest news is that he has kept his promise).

* It was pointed out that during Bakri id animals are tied during the entire month anywhere on the roads and also slaughtered there. The DC allotted a land for the shelter of such animals every year during Id. 

9. During the 7 months between August and March :-
No. of stray animals sterilized at Ida, Deonar - 42
No. of stray dogs vaccinated at nalasopara   – 60
No. of stray dogs vaccinated at Mira Road     - 40
No. of stray dogs vaccinated at Kharegaon   – 20 
No. of stray dogs vaccinated at Dombivili       - 60
Total no. of stray dogs vaccinated                - 180

Activities in the Year 2003-2004 (April to March)

Treatment sheets attached as Annexure

Other Activities :-

1. In the month of May Thane SPCA had an awareness cum treatment camp for the bullocks owned by the Kalingadwallas
2. The president Mrs. Majumdar received complaints reg. Illegal Cow slaughter at Khairne village in Navi Mumbai. She immediately met the Police commissioner of Navi Mumbai Shri Vijay Kamble, who took cognizance of the offence and within a few days the slaughter was stopped.
Thane SPCA along with the district PCA Committee holds a workshop to increase awareness regarding animal welfare amongst the Police, Judiciary and administrative authorities of the District. Resolutions passed in the Joint Workshop presided by the District Collector and Resident District Collector were as follows:-
** All Municipal Councils and Corporations were made aware of the ABC Dogs Rules 2001 and were asked to start sterilizations in their respective areas within a year.
** All Municipal Councils and Corporations were asked to build one or two legal Slaughter houses according to the size of the Municipality, with the help of central Govt. grants and shut down unregistered slaughter houses phase by phase.
** All stray cattle have to be rounded up and kept in Municipal Kondwadas and owners appropriately fined according to local Municipal bye laws.
** The Police personnel were told not to issue any permission to visiting circuses with animals until they produce necessary paperwork, samples of which would be available with Thane SPCA.
** All Municipal Commissioners have been asked to form individual Animal Husbandry Departments where officials will be appointed by the District Animal Husbandry Department.
Thane SPCA feels that it was a great victory to get the PCA committee to pass these resolutions. Individual members are working in their areas following up on the implementation of the rules.

THANE SPCA Annual Activities Report