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THANE SPCA Annual Activities Report

Thane SPCA started on the 9th of August 2002. The first seven months we were busy in streamlining paperwork, getting members and volunteers together, networking around this huge district and most importantly arranging for some funds. Help came in the guise of a donation from the Viniyog Parivar Trust at the end of the last financial year. With that backing, our current year has seen a lot of awareness and rescue work.
From the very first day, TSPCA has been working very closely with the PCA Committee, realizing that it would be easier to expedite regulations in the vast district via the District Administration rather than handling it themselves. Accordingly, TSPCA has been persuading the PCA Committee to have meetings at regular intervals and its President has represented the Society in each meeting. Singlehandedly, with the backing and consultation of its Managing Committee members, the Society’s President has induced the PCA Committee to pass several important resolutions, hitherto considered to be a very difficult task in any Municipality.

1. The subject of “stray dog menace” was the most sensitive issue at the PCA meetings. The District Collector himself was not kindly taken to the problem. While the majority of the PCA Committee was for mercy killing or re-location of all stray dogs, without having current knowledge on the subject, TSPCA made it a point to tackle the issue from both the “human” and “humane” point of view and put its suggestions across. By the end of the very first PCA meeting, the PCA passed a resolution under the directive of the DC that has ordered all Municipalities and Municipal Councils to start stray dog sterilization process as soon as possible. 

2. TSPCA strongly put up the issue of illegal transportation of cattle for slaughter. The DC was told that discontent was brewing amongst people in certain sectors of the district, and if cattle were to continue to be illegally transported, riots might break out. Also the issue of stray cattle on the roads as well as illegal slaughterhouses were discussed.

3. Accordingly, resolutions were passed that the RTO and the Police dept. were to be extra vigilant at entry points into the city, especially during festival times, that each Municipality were to build its own authorized slaughterhouse with due grants from the central govt. and that in the meantime, all illegal and unregistered slaughterhouses should be phased out.

4. To tackle the problem of stray cattle, each Municipality was told to impound all stray cattle, pigs and horses, fine their owners severely, and house the ownerless animals in their own “Kondwadas”

5. TSPCA had tough fight with circuses which were exhibiting banned animals in the city. In the year 2000, 14 lions and tigers had to be rescued and sent off to a sanctuary. In 2002, TSPCA was unable to rescue a blind hippo from a circus because of lack of communication with the district administration. To put an end to this farce, TSPCA suggested that the Municipal Corporations and the Police should not allot permission to circuses in the district which would be carrying banned animals, and which did not fulfill the terms and conditions of the Performing Animals Registration Rules if they had other animals in possession. The DC accepted the suggestion and it was unanimously passed.

6. All Municipalities were asked to start their own Animal Husbandry Dept. and start implementing the abovesaid Resolutions.
Within a short period of time, 3 major Municipal Corporations started working on the ABC programme. Thane Municipal Corporation, which had been dilly-dallying regarding the ABC programme since the last 7-8 years, had to start their programme due to the pressure created by the Thane SPCA. However, the Thane Mun. Corpn. tried to implement the Laproscopic method of birth control which is not allowed by the AWBI. Shakuntala Majumdar had to bring a stay order and had them to revert back to the original spay-neuter method since the Chief Veterinary Officer was reluctant to do so.
Other Municipal corporations are in the process of getting their budgets passed in their respective AGMs for the programme. The Dy. Municipal Commissioner of Mira Bhayander Corpn. Dr. Panpatte has done some astounding work in bringing strict regulations on stray cattle and their owners. In the process he has collected a large amount of revenue for his Corporation and cleared the streets of stray cattle. He also has singlehandedly spruced up the dilapidated veterinary clinic at Uttan and converted it into a spay neuter center. It is due to start by June. TSPCA wishes that the other corporations will follow suit.

During this year, 15 parrots were impounded from 2 bird sellers. Both lots were checked by veterinary officer at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park and released at the Parrot Point.
With the help of another organization, a total of 43 snakes and reptiles were seized from Kalyan Dombivili. These included 8 cobras, 4 turtles, 2 common kukris,2 lizards, 2 sand boas,2 common kraits, 1 wolf snake, 3 Russels Vipers, 2 tree snakes , 1 cat snake, 1 banded racer, 2 checkered keelbacks, 1 striped keelback, 1 baby striped keelback,9 rat snakes and 2 pythons. They were all checked by the Chief Veterinary Officer of and released at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park .
Every day, TSPCA receives innumerable complaints regarding animal cruelty. It is a policy with us to first sentitise the perpetrators with the laws since in most cases the crimes are perpetrated because of a lack of exposure to animal welfare in general. Mostly, kind words open peoples eyes to the issue and the matters do not have to be taken to the higher authorities. However, in many cases, complaints have to be lodged with the police. 9 such cases in the form of FIRs were lodged with the police in different areas. 4 cases are still pending. Because of the lack of personnel to follow up on the cases, the cases are getting delayed.

Thousands of homeless and abandoned animals roam the roads of Thane every day. They fend for themselves by eating out of garbage dumps, take shelter under trees or on roads and more often than not die miserable deaths after being run over by speeding vehicles, by being stoned or beaten or by eating plastics and glass pieces from the garbage. TSPCA lacks an ambulance service. Neither does it have its own hospital or medical center where the animals can be treated. Our Veterinary Doctor has to attend the calls all over Thane sometimes traveling on his scooter, sometimes by ST bus, sometimes by auto rickshaws. He is paid a paltry sum of Rs. 500/- per month, mainly as an appreciation of the work he is been doing. Most of the expenses are borne by him silently. Many a time, it takes him so long to travel from one corner of Thane to the other, that the animals breathe their last by the time he arrives on the spot. We have lost many animals in this way. Even so, in the current financial year, he has treated an amazing number of animals – 274 dogs, 52 donkeys, 115 cows, 22 cats and 77 birds. All these animals were treated in different areas of Thane. Apart from these animals, a large no of animals were also treated by local veterinarians where it was not possible for our Vet to reach. 59 animals were treated in Mira Road – Bhayander area and 22 more in Navi Mumbai, 9 in Vasai and Nalasopara. Special mention should be of the District Animal Husbandry Dept doctor of Mira Bhayander , Dr. Deshmukh who was always available to treat the hardest of large animal cases at the oddest of times . He has never accepted a single payment. We wonder what we would do without the selfless services of these unassuming doctors.

Vaginal Granuloma dogs: 8
Hit and Run case:23
Dogs / Puppies treated on road:127
Abandoned pet rescued and rehomed: 3
Maggot wounded dogs:57
Distemper cases: 78
Total dogs Helped:- 330

Rescued and treated: 5
Medical cases: 17
Total Cats helped :- 22

Hit and Run:- 11
Hospitalised :- 2
Treated and / or vaccinated on Road: 47
Total donkeys helped: 58

Hit and run : 18
Hospitalised: 12
Treated and/or vaccinated on road:- 106
Total Cattle Helped: 124

Parrots Rescued: 15
Pigeons/ Crows Treated: 77
Total birds helped: 104

Monkey rescued and treated: 01
Total Monkey helped: 01

Total Animals Hospitalised at IDA and BSPCA:- 58
Grand Total of Animals helped by Thane SPCA during F.Y 2003-2004: 639

Thane Society for Protection of Cruelty to Animals Activity Reports