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Shivaji Park Lions School for Deaf



The Shivaji Park Lions School for the Hearing Impaired was started with just five children in 1975 in a small room in Parel by Lions Club of Shivaji Park, Bombay. Gradually by 1977 we had increased our strength to 25 and it was very difficult to accommodate these children in the small room as we began looking out for a larger space where we could shift and which would not cost too much as Bombay has some of the most expensive real estate prices in the world.


Fortunately for us seeing the good work that was being done in our school the BMC gave us a fairly large area in one of their buildings at Shivaji Park at a very nominal rent of Re 1 per month. This was like a goldmine to us because now we could divide the children into classrooms age wise and impart education in a systematic manner. We then approached the Maharashtra Government for a grant for the school so that equipment and salaries could be paid to the trained staff.  By then our children’s strength had gone upto 40 and our parent body did not have the funds to equip any further. Fortunately the Directorate of Social Welfare, Maharashtra recognized our institution. Upto 1998-99 we had classes only upto std IV and we used to integrate the good students into normal schools or send them to other schools for the handicapped, but we found this as inadequate so we sought permission to conduct classes upto std X. But again space became a major problem for us. We sought permission from BMC to build the additional class room  on the terrace. By June 1995 we managed to finish the work and equip the classrooms with Group Hearing Aid Systems, Individual Hearing Aids for children and have taken the school strength upto 100.


We have children who stay in the slums of Dharavi in Bombay. We do not charge any fees. Uniforms, books, shoes socks and any other requirement is provided free of charge to children through donations. We also provide them with lunch (Vegetable & a banana) everyday so that along with educational facilities their nutrition is also looked after. Most of our children are form the economically and socially backward strata of Shivaji Park, Mahim and Dharavi Areas.


The school has been equipped with a new sound proof room where hearing impaired children impaired children can learn how to speak with a visible speech viewer. This is a software programme which IBM has specifically made for children with speech problems. It is needless to say the importance of early detection and early intervention for the handicapped children.


It is the enlightened support and encouragement that we receive from the Lions Club of Shivaji Park which encourages us to work with vigour. Their backing and patronage is highly appreciated by the staff and has been instrumental in the all round progress of our school. Many of our former students are now doing well. One has completer her diploma in J J School of Arts and is working in a private firm.


The medium of education at the school is Marathi & Hindi. This is in keeping with the needs of children who are mostly from Marathi & Hindi speaking areas. At present only classes upto Std VII are conducted owing to paucity of space for classrooms. There is plan for construction of additional classrooms on terrace; sizeable funds are needed the venture.


You too can help us:


Adopt a child for sponsorship for Rs 2000/- per year

Donate hearing Aids

Classroom –equipment such as group hearing aids about Rs 10,000

We give a vegetable to the kids everyday. It costs about Rs 400 per week

Uniforms, socks, shoes, textbooks for the year

Umbrellas or Raincoats

Picnic for a day within the city approx Rs 5000/-

Salary of a speech therapist approx Rs 600/-

Further construction of classroom on terrace

Annual outstation picnic for 3 days approx Rs 10,000


Notes:  The school is well equipped with various special educational aids such as speech trainers, audiometers, group hearing aids and individual hearing aids which enable the teachers to impart knowledge. The school building needs maintenance and there is scarcity of staff. Also the school is not able to provide the children with proper midday meal because of paucity of funds.


Shivaji Park Lions School for Deaf

New Muncipal Welfare Centre
82 Lt. Dilip Gupte Marg
Mumbai 400016
Karmayogi: Ms. Swathi Damle, Principal
Tel: 24454238
Notes: Medium of education Marathi, Hindi. Established in 1975. classes up to  7th standard, age group 2 years and above, no fees are charged from children, providing snacks and vitamin tablets every day, also providing vocational trainings in embroidery, knitting and printing.

Rating: B
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