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Get involved in YOUR city and locality - Improve Your World
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About us: SOCIALWORKINDIA.NET is a directory of websites related to social work with emphasis on India

Vision: We believe that the internet has a tremendous potential to contribute to the social sector especially in terms of information, and have hosted this site in an attempt to help people to make better use of these resources.

Mission: Our mission is to list every link avaliable on any literature related to the social sector in India.

1. Online literature on social work, social problems and social issues.
2. Free online hosting of literature related to the Indian social sector.
3. Information mining on the web for individuals or organisations.
4. Providing  content in terms of social work literature to organisations or individuals for publishing on the web.

History: Started in 2003 as a response to organisations, social researchers and students who were not satisified with the information delivered by general search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. Started in August 2003 as a link bank for a select group of people and organisations. And went public a year later in the shape of SOCIALWORKINDIA.NET.

What is it that you do exactly for a beneficiary?: Simply put, we help people search the internet for literature (data) related to social work, social problems and social issues.

How can you work with corporates / NGOs? :
1. We can provide customised information mining services for any interested individual or organisation.
2.  We can host information and data for any intrerested individual or organisation.
(In both cases It should be related to the social sector)
We are also willing to partner with organisations /corporates.

yearly budget: Rs. 1-2 lakhs
Revenue Sources: Individual Donations
Corporates can adopt us at Rs. 2 - 5 Lacs yearly

full time: 1
part time: 3
volunteers: 7

Help Needed:
Volunteer opportunities : yes 
Donations-in-kind needed : yes
Services needed: yes
Advisors / Mentors needed: yes
Jobs Available: yes
Donation possibilities: 1. Sponsor writers/researchers in areas where there is no or very literature avaliable eg. Health Hazards faced by women construction workers. 2. Sponsor a particular topic like eg. Child labour etc. DUE RECOGNITION WILL BE GIVEN TO THE SPONSOR.

Contact Details:
226, HIL-RUF, FLAT 15,
St. Andrews Rd. Ext. Bandra,
Mumbai - 400050
Phone: 9820440497
Fax: no