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Stree Mukti Sanghatana
(Estd. : 1975 Regd. F 10096 Mumbai ) 
31,Shramik, Royal Crest, 
L.T.V.Road No.3, Dadar-E, 
Mumbai 4000014 
Tel. No. :91 22 24174381 \ 25297198 \ 55745848 
e mail: 

Stree Mukti Sanghatana , Women’s Liberation Organisation (SMS) established in 1975 has directed its efforts towards the upliftment of women irrespective of caste class , creed, religion, language & nationality; primarily by creating awareness in the society about women’s issues and the issues related to equality, peace and development. For last 28 years SMS is working among the men & women to achieve equal status in all spheres of life, i.e. political, economic, social cultural & psychological fields. It is an apolitical, autonomous, voluntary organisation.

 Since its inception, SMS has made the significant contributions to the women's movement in Maharashtra thorough various activities. These efforts have now been recognized and appreciated at both the national and international levels. In June 1999 SMS received the special consultative status from UNITED NATIONS (ECOSOC ).

Its founder Secretary Ms. Sharada Sathe was appointed as a member of first Women’s commission, Mahila Aayog constituted by Govt. of Maharashtra in 1993. Its founder President Ms. Jyoti Mhapsekar represents India on the managing committee of the founded organisation Women Playwrights International based in U.S.

SMS has initiated and contributed on women’s issues via several campaigns, conferences, workshops and Yatras. The most significant achievement of such campaigns is the ability of SMS to mobilize a large number of volunteers,  support from opinion makers and state machinery.

Keeping in mind the low rate of literacy among women, the SMS made conscious efforts to reach the rural and urban masses through the cultural media. SMS activists composed several songs based on folk tunes communicating modern ideas. They also started also performing various plays on gender issues.

The activists hail from various strata of the society and different age groups (from 16 to 70 years) ranging from students, working women and men, housewives and trained social workers, advocates, teachers, doctors and large number of illiterate women from different religions, castes and class.

The main object of the SMS is to create conditions conducive to equality. Towards that SMS has started following programmes and activities which would enable women to become literate, self-dependent and confident. Through these activities over the years SMS has built up a network of activists in Maharashtra .  


1.      Cultural troupe: Since 1979 has produced 7 plays and numerous songs on women's issues.  

  1. Ha Prashnach Chukicha Aahe 1979 .(the question itself is wrong)-On problems of working women- written by Rajeev Kalelkar
  2. Mulagi Zali Ho 1983 (Beti Aayi hai-Girl is born)- a plight of girl child, written by Jyoti Mhapsekar
  3. Pandita Ramabai 1985 ( A social reformer of 19th Century) written by Sanjeevani Kher
  4. Hunda nako ga bai  1986 ( No dowry please), written by Jyoti Mhapsekar
  5. Beti Aayi Hai  1986      ( Hindi –Girl is born) Tr. By Prof. Vasant Deo
  6. Bap Re Bap (Oh My God)- 1994 -Why men don’t do family planning, written by Jyoti Mhapsekar
  7. Kashasathi Potasathi  1996 (Just to fill the stomach)-on child labour, written by Jyoti Mhapsekar

2. Counseling centers: First counseling center for distresses women was established in 1985. At present SMS has Ten counseling centers for distressed women in various districts of Maharashtra .


3. Publication – Since 1975 SMS has published 25 books, Poster exhibitions, Audio Visual materials . SMS publishes its own magazine  Prerak Lalkari (Clarion call) since 1986 with the circulation of 5000 copies every month.


4. Audiovisual material: SMS has Prepared 7 Poster exhibitions 7 audiocassettes, 3 Video cassettes, 2-slide shows and CDs since 1975.  

5. Awareness Campaigns-Yatra: SMS has developed a new concept of Large scale awareness campaigns in which 30 to 60 women and men in a  bus travel for minimum one week for spreading the message of equality in various parts of Maharashtra and India through plays and also using various audiovisual material developed by SMS over the years .. Western Maharashtra(1985), Madhya Pradesh (1985), Vidarbha (1986), Kokan (1987), Marathwada(1988) Uttar Pradesh ( 1991) - North Maharashtra ( 2000)  Chandrapur and Yeotmal districts in Dec. 2001.  

6. Day care centers : crèche –Since 1989 SMS runs  Day Care Centers for the children of working women. At present  five such day care centers are run in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai .  

7. Jidnyasa (Quest): Adolescent Sensitization Program of 18 hours for  ninth  Standard students of the  MCGM and other schools in Mumbai and also in 8 districts in Maharashtra every year since 1996 with modules on Adolescence, stress management., vocational guidance, sex education, value education and drug de-addiction. The programme is run in coordination with Institute for psychological Health and with help from Mumbai Police. Already spread in various other districts of Maharashtra . So far two lakh students have been covered.


8. Parisar Vikas: A programme for the upliftment of 2000 waste picker women in Mumbai with the special emphasis on environmental concerns. Women have been organised and are being trained in environmental entrepreneurship programme which includes skills in composting, gardening, leadership development and formation of cooperative etc.  They are also being helped in education of their children, formation of their saving groups, access to micro credit, health care and hygiene, Literacy skills etc.  

Future plans  

Short stay home for needy women with children

Documentation & research center for Adolescent students -Jidnyasa

Expansion  of activities of Parisar Vikas in Mumbai & Maharashtra

Awareness campaigns

Water and Waste management programme for rural women  

Contact Persons : Jyoti Mhapsekar, Sharada Sathe

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