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Started by Partha Polke is an activists of Satara has been working for nomads. In fact he himself is one of those deprived communities' POTRAJ'. Some 25 years back when he started his work at small or rather with no capital when an incident of killing of one of deaf and dumb twin's father took place these children though saw the incidence could not speak about it except expression thru their eyes. Partha decided to devote his life for such kids and started a small boarding school in Satara. Today he houses hundreds of them and teaches them how to actually speak instead of sign language and these children can speak better and also work for their living.

People of Satara support his activity by donating small sums in cash or kind.. but now the response is over whelming as numbers of nomad poor have increased with no shelter and work for them. They leave their children with Partha for education and he looks after them. If you find time please visit this man. He is full of energy and urge to do miracles for these poor community. He doesn't know how to browse the net. 

Strength of school:138 boys and girls
+60 accomodation for girls and boys .. total 198.
Age Group 2 years to 14 years

They require to run the school:
1. 8 / 9 COMPUTERS for basic education
2. MILK REQUIREMENTS: 10 LITERS PER DAY (Rs 100 / DAY) MONTHLY Rs. 3000 if some one share for a year expenses
3. daily food grains requirement: 25000 per month
4. construction of toilets for boarding school Rs. 70,000 to 80,000

School Registration No. MAH / 724 / Satara under Trust Act Establishment 1984. Maharashtra Govt. gives monthly Rs. 500 per student ( only for 25 students).
No funding for school, grant of salary of only 11 teachers given by govt 19 teachers ...he collects fund for remaining 8 teachers @ Rs 1500/ to Rs 2000 / per month.

Total Employees:
nomads school - 16
for deaf and dumb - 19
for boarding school - 4 with warden

Some young volunteers give their time some local reporters and activists like Vijay Mandke who works for ETV also gives his spare time for teaching monthly expenses for deaf and dumb school Rs 10,000 and hostel 25,000 food only and clothes are donated by local people on individual basis . no aid from any organization.

Partha has no skills to make the project report and ask for funding to big organizations as he is very raw and most of his time is devoted to search all around Maharashtra in draught prone area and collect children with malnutrition and no support and bring them to school give them shelter and food and education..

Contact Details-
Parth Polke
Samata Mook Badhir Vidyalaya
21, Malhar Peth,