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The CHILD GUIDANCE CENTRE was established in 1968. The objective of the Centre was firstly to provide the troubled child with a therapeutic atmosphere to deal with his problems and secondly to help the parent who is an integral part of successful therapy to understand the child’s problem and thus provide the child with the opportunity to make the adjustment required to enjoy the experience of childhood. 

To achieve these objectives, the Centre has professional services which are not only problem-oriented but also growth oriented.

PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING & ASSESSMENT of Intelligence (I.Q.), Aptitude, Personality lnterest, Achievement & Psychomotor skills is carried out at the Centre.

INDIVIDUAL COUNSELLING is done for children & parents to deal with emotional, personality, behavioural and scholastic problems.

GROUP COUNS ELLING is carried out to facilitate better interpersonal & family relationships between children & parents in a therapeutic atmosphere.

The Centre designs REMEDIAL EDUCATION programme. This consists of identifying & assessing the child’s problem, planning & implementing an appropriate programme.

VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE which consists of aptitude testing, career counselling, dissemination of academic & career information is Conducted at the Centre as well as to groups of students in schools.

The Centre also organizes CAREER EXHIBITIONS in schools as well as holds an annual Career Exhibition at the Centre.

The work of the Centre also extends to schools & institutions where individual & group guidance programmes are conducted for children as well as teachers.

These programmes are designed with the aim of integrating them into the school Curriculum 
INTELLECTUAL ENRICHMENT, CREATIVITY, SELF-EXPRESSION, LANGUAGE DEVELOP¬MENT SKILLS, STUDY SKILLS, PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT are some of the areas in which the Centre works with children in the school set¬up. The programmes are growth-oriented but also provide an opportunity to identify children in the need of professional help & create awareness for the child of the support system that exists.

Workshops for teachers on issues that are problem specific as well as growth enhancing are organized.

PRE-SCHOOL TESTING is conducted in schools for children seeking admission at kindergarten levels to assess their readiness to learn.

The Centre also carries out RESEARCH in areas of Education and Personality based on the needs that emerge as a result of the Centre’s work with children. Graduate & Post-Graduate students of Social Work and Psychology are supervised & trained during their field work assignments.

The Centre has also been actively involved with institutions for children to help the care-takers understand the institutional child & to initiate related programmes to deal with their personality, behavioural, emotional & academic problems.


Rev. Fr. P. Fonseca, sj Head of Department

Ms. Arti Sharma
Clinical & Counselling Psychologist

Ms. Bubly Devarajan
Clinical Psychologist  

Ms. Vivienne Dias
Counselling Psychologist

Ms. Simran Sachdev
Remedial Teacher

Mrs. Inshiya Anwarali
Remedial Teacher

Preparatory NIOS:

For Slow Learners
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Timings : 3-00. pm to 5-00 pm  

Monday to Friday
10-30 am to 6-30 pm

10-30 am to 2-30 pm

Sir J.J. Road, Byculla, Mumbai - 400 008.
Tel.:    2309 2934 / 2309 3025