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NGO: Social Development Centre [SDC]

Registration No: Public Trust Act,1950; Regn. No. F/19164.

Slogan: Service to Mankind is service to God.

About us: Social Development Centre (SDC) is a registered non-governmental, non-profitable organization selflessly working for the upliftment of slum/street dwelling children, child beggars and under privileged women/widows through a series of various educational, awareness and training programmes conducted in slums and organization's allotted centers of Bandra, Khar of Mumbai and Chandansar village (tribal dominated area) of Virar,Thana since past eight years. 

Vision: The vision is "The good of all mankind irrespective of caste, creed or religion for a just human society".

Mission: Literacy and Social Awareness, self-realization and self-support, community health, wealth liberation and leadership are the 'Missions' of the Organisation. 

Services: For the upliftment of slum dwelling under privileged children, the Organisation is presently conducting the.
i. The Vikas Balwadi Classes.
ii. The Eklavya Tution Classes.
iii. Educationally Adoption of Under Privileged Children. i.e. Distribution of Uniform, school bags, educational materials at the start of the new academic year in school.
iv. Play House & Hobby Class.
v. The Health Care Centre with free medical check-up and treatment.
vi. The Saathi S.M.Joshi Library consisting of a collection of around 2500 educational books for children and youth to help them strengthen their reading skills.
vii.THE DREAMZ" Open Home for the Homeless
(A Rehabilitation cum Recreational Centre for underprivileged street dwelling children and child beggars)

History: The Organisation was established on 10 th December, 1996 on the occasion of "Human Rights Day" with an aim of promoting and encouraging social and educational development of the urban poor. SDC was formed by a group of professionally qualified Social Workers from reputed institutions; Educated locals having real interest and commitment to serve the people of different religions, languages and especially the locals who are in need.
full time: 3
part time: 2
volunteers: 5

Help Needed:
Volunteer opportunities : yes 
Donations-in-kind: yes
Services needed: yes
Advisors / Mentors needed: no
Jobs Available: no

Contact Details
Social Development Centre
C/o Mr. Prakash Chavan,
3 rd floor, B-Block,
Shreepati Arcade Annexe -2,
Nana Chowk
Gowalia Tank Road, Mumbai - 400 036.

Phone: 9892954019
Fax: -------------
Name: MR. VIJAY M. KARANDE     -----    Secretary                                 
work direct: 9892954019 
Email personal:
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