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 Sanskar India Foundation

About us:
Sanskar India Foundation is an Organisation, which aims at instilling civic, environment and social values in children at an age when these can be imbibed into their personalities so that they grow up as complete human beings and responsible citizens.  

Vision: To rear a generation of responsible citizens with the strength, courage and commitment towards the environment and the society.

Mission: The vision is persued through "Sanskar" an inspiring programe designed specialy for school.

Services: The Programme can be conducted in three languages in school.

Impact: 2000 -2500 children in schools all over Mumbai.

History: Year- 2003-2004 Study of existing school curricula to identify areas that are not adequately being dealt with by formal education. Program "Sanskar " formulated with modules on: Civic values, Environment values, Health and Social values. Year 2004- 2005 Launched in 8 classes in three schools for over 500 children. Year 2005- 2006 Expanded to 30 schools in two languages.

Achievements: The Programme "Sanskar" currently running in above 30 schools, two thirds being municipal schools. It has been highly appreciated by the principals, teachers and students. 
Newspaper coverage: Times Of India, DNA

What we do: We run the programe called "Sanskar " as mentioned above.

Info sources: Brochure, Annual Activity Report, Financial Report,

Programmes organised during the year: Special Campaigns on "Say no to Plastics" , "Say no to Fire Crackers", and "Use Eco-friendly Idols" have been conducted as a part of "Sanskar".  
 Projects Undertaken:
Waste Management and Vermiculture
Understanding Noise Pollution
Understanding Rainwater Harvesting
Campaign on 'Say No To Plastic'
Campaign on 'Say No To Crackers'


- Yearly Budget: About 6 lacs

- Revenue Sources: Donations-MMREIS Personal resources

- Key Sponsor:

- A corporate can adopt us at yearly funding of Rs. yes, 10 Lacs


- full time: no

- part-time:

- volunteers: 


Sanskar India Foundation
503 Jolly Bhavan1
New Marine Lines
Mumbai 400 020

Trustee: Ms. Kiran Madan Ph. 9867019761   e mail
Trustee: Ms. Shabnam Javed

Sanskar India Foundation   -   An Introduction            

Sanskar India Foundation has been in existence for over two years, although it got formally registered as a non-profit company under Section 25 of the Companies Act, only in March 2005.  

The vision of the Foundation is to empower children to serve as instruments of social and environmental reform by instilling civic, environment, health and social values at an impressionable age. This objective is pursued through “SANSKAR”, a programme designed especially for schools.

Year 2003-2004  

A detailed study of the existing school curricula made clear the need for a holistic, non-formal program teaching civic, environment, social, moral and health values in a way that would be exciting and promote internalizing of these concepts. The focus had to be on provoking the interest and inducing a sense of participation and responsibility in children. This would enable them to grow up as responsible citizens who would contribute to improving and maintaining their environment and act against influences detrimental to environment and health. Also, for this to be effective it could not be textbook education with exams conducted for marks, which would defeat the very purpose as the focus then would be merely on rote learning for better performance in exams.  

All these factors were taken into consideration while designing the progamme, “Sanskar,” to fill that gap left un-served by formal school education.

Year 2004-2005  

‘Sanskar’ was launched in July 2004, in 8 divisions of 3 schools with over 500 children benefiting. The schools selected were St. Mary’s High School, Kendriya Vidyalaya 2 and Baretto High School .  

The proramme was funded entirely through personal resources.

The response from schools was overwhelming and the impact on students very encouraging.  The students enjoyed the child-friendly, interactive mode of teaching and participated whole-heartedly. Almost 50% voluntarily gave up burning crackers last Diwali. The Principals of the schools also praised the programme and appreciated the impact it had on the children. Campaigns like ‘Say NO to Crackers,’ ‘Say NO to plastics’ and “Use Eco-Friendly idols” stimulated a special interest. Two of the three schools have acted by introducing vermi-composting as an environment friendly way of handling their wet waste.  

Overall the programme had been successful in sensitizing children to civic and environment problems and injecting in them a sense of responsibility to contribute towards improving the physical and social environment.  

Year 2005-2006  

Encouraged by the success of the pilot project in 2004-2005, Sanskar India Foundation expanded its activities in 2005-2006 to cover over 30 schools (60 classes), more than two thirds of which are Municipal Schools. The programme is currently being conducted in 2 languages (Marathi and English).  

The current year’s programme is partly funded by MMRDA as a project under the MMR Environment Improvement Society enabling us to engage teachers to carry out the programme. An extensive training has been given to these teachers.  

The programme has been introduced in standard VI or VII of the following schools in English and Marathi  

Municipal Schools - Mumbai Suburbs

1.       Cama School No. 1 (Marathi), Andheri
Cama School No. 2 (Marathi), Andheri
Dawood Bagh School No. 1 (Marathi), Andheri
Dawood Bagh School (English), Andheri
DN Nagar Marathi School No. 1, Andheri
DN Nagar Marathi School No. 2, Andheri
Ramakrishna Paramahansa Marathi School , Bandra E, ( Morning School )
Ramakrishna Paramahansa Marathi School Bandra E, ( Afternoon School )
Petit Municipal Marathi School , Bandra West
Bazar Road Municipal Marathi School , Bandra West  

Municipal Schools - Mumbai City  
1. Colaba Primary English School (Morning School)
2. Colaba Primary English School (Afternoon School)
3. Colaba Secondary Marathi School Div I (Afternoon School)
4. Colaba Secondary Marathi School Div II (Afternoon School)
5. Lord Harris Marathi School (Morning School)
6. Lord Harris Marathi School (Afternoon School)
7. Janabai Municipal Marathi School (Morning School)
8. Mahatama Phule Market Marathi School 
9. Manohardas Municipal Marathi School (Morning School)
10. Manohardas Municipal Marathi School (Afternoon School) 

Government aided / Private schools  

      1.       Bai Kabibai School , Bora Bazar  
Holy Name High School , Colaba  
St. Mary’s High School (SSC), Byculla  
Kendrya Vidyalaya No. 2, Navy Nagar  
Kendriya Vidyalaya No.3, R.C. Church  
Guru Nanak English High School , Navy Nagar  
Baretto High School , Chira Bazar  
Walsingham School , Napean Sea Road  
Campion School , Colaba


The programme has already been introduced in 44 classes of the above mentioned 29 schools. By the end of the academic year, it would be carried out in at least 20 more classes in these and other schools thereby benefiting at least 2500 children.    

The overall response has been more than encouraging with children grasping the concepts very well and putting them into practice in their daily lives.  

Looking Ahead  

With the expansion of activities, the Foundation is now in urgent need of a permanent set up including office space, infrastructure and staff. Funding sources for these and expanding activities need to be identified, so as to maintain continuity of work.  

Donations to Sanskar India Foundation are tax-exempt under Section 80 G of IT Act