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Registration No: E2162

About Us: dedicated mental healthcare
Vision: To enhance & enrich the lives of individuals suffering from mental & emotional disorders as well as of their families

Mission: To promote the cause of mental health, the understanding & acceptance of people with mental & emotional disorders & to provide a healthy growing environment to facilitate their return to society.

Services: Our services are detailed herewith:  

1. Treatment and Counseling Unit

This unit caters to any psychotherapeutic needs of an individual. The line of treatment is decided upon, which may include medication, counseling, rehabilitation, family therapy, supportive therapy or any other available function required by the client/s. Most of the cases, that come to this Unit, are of psychosis, neurosis, marital problems, sexual problems, relationship problems and other circumstantial situations.

2. The Daycare Rehabilitation Unit

Individuals who require help in order to be reintegrated into the mainstream of society attend our daycare rehabilitation unit.
Their day is structured and includes exercise and meditation, daily living skills, occupational therapy, and group therapy. The objective of every activity and interaction is to regain a certain level of independence in the individual & build their self-image. This form of treatment goes hand-in-hand with individual / family counseling, medication & other forms of treatment as required.

3. Helpline For The Suicidal And The Despairing : The Samaritans Helpline

The SamaritansHelpline is part of an international organization, which has branches in over seventy countries all over the world. This telephone Helpline is a befriending service for anyone who may need to talk on a confidential and / or anonymous basis. The Helpline is manned by volunteers who are from all walks of life, are selected and trained especially for their ability to listen and be non-judgmental. It functions from 3pm - 9pm from Mondays to Fridays and from 10am - 9pm on Saturdays and Sundays. We receive calls from individuals suffering from depression, grief, terminal illness, loneliness, loss, as well as those who have family, relationship, marital, sexual, financial, professional, educational & old-age problems and others who just need someone to listen with understanding and compassion.

4. Education & Training

Post-graduate students from The Tata Institute of Social Sciences are placed with us as part of their practical training and are evaluated by the Director.
Volunteers are trained to serve at the Helpline and also Refresher Courses are conducted at regular intervals.

Impact: there are 30 clients attending the day-care center (on an average)
120 outpatient appointments per month (aveg)
7-8 calls on helpline per day (avg)

History: year of incorporation- 1960

Projects/Achievements: Current project- residential home for the mentally ill.

What is it that you exactly do for a beneficiary?: support to individual suffering from any mental distress, in any manner required, be it counseling, rehabilitation, supportive therapy or medication. 

If they want to visit you?:

Weekend or evening activities
which families can attend and be sensitized?:
Can you give a talk of 15-20 minutes to a Rotary Club?: no
-Yearly Budget: Rs. 15 lacs
-Revenue Sources: grant from corporates
-Corporates can adopt us at a yearly sponsorship of Rs. yes. 20 lacs (approx)

-full time: 10
-part time: 3
-volunteers: 50 APPROX

Help Needed:
-Volunteers : yes 
-Donations-in-kind: yes
-Services needed: no
-Advisors / Mentors needed: no
-Jobs available: yes
-Donation possibilities: any amount is welcome

Contact Details:
Seva Niketan, Sir J.J. Road, Opp Hume High School. Byculla, Mumbai 400008
Phone: 23021071
Karmayogi: freny mahendra
work direct: (best time to call: 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.)