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Sadhana Village is born out of a desire to give mentally challenged adults a life of dignity,love, work and a sense of creative worth. It has been inspired by Camphill Village communities, especially the Village at Copake in the States.  We have followed the discourse regarding communitybased rehabilitation of the disabled and the institutional healing touch. We have tried to take the best of both and other ideas.
The Village has set up its intentional community of these adults (we call them Special Friends - SF  for short) living and working with dedicated houseparents and coworkers. It is in the heart of Kolwan valley, about 30 kms off Pune. The scenic locality, the rains and hills around us do much of the healing work for us !
 With an idea to foster operational independence, Sadhana Village has so far tried not to apply for government funding. Looking at and reading about the experience of many individuals and agencies with government partnership we believe that we have not made a wrong decision
There are 25 SFs,both female and male,  living with houseparents and coworkers.  An innovative aspect of our work is that we are assiduously trying to integrate this community with the rural families around us. We have regular develop-
mental interventions in the villages. We have trained hundreds of women, organised women self-help groups and go beyond the self-help practice in instilling community cooperation, financial discipline and awareness of gender issues. We have set up water conservation dams and irrigation schemes. Processing and marketing of the major local produce : milk and paddy.
We have three houses (around 2500sq.ft of built up space each) with 10-12 SFs living in each;  two of them sharing a 10x12 room. Each house has all the basic amenities. We feel that Sadhana should grow only up to 8-10 houses and not beyond; beacause it may lose the character of  the COMMUNITY. We very much hope to assist other agencies to set up such communities in other parts of India. One has to realise that 2% of the population suffers from mental challenges and 40% of this are adults.Many of such adults are the victims of most  inhuman treatment .
We make exquisite candles and HDFC has helped us by buying them  from us.We also make woollen garments and need a steady market for the same.
So far We have beeen assisted by local orgnaisations for capital expenses; foreign donors for developmental work and we still have an operational deficit  every year. We are trying to develop a fundraising  programme in Pune and Mumbai. We invite volunteers and others to help us in developing a fundraising  cell at Sadhana.
We`ll be glad to welcome interested people to our Centre in the kolwan valley. Phone: (020)2538 0792