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Saathi is a registered development agency (since 1997) working primarily with youth living on the streets and homeless adolescent girls and the various issues that are a part of their struggles.  Issues of health, vocational training, education, and psycho-social support are addressed as a part of these projects.  With the learnings and expertise gained through the projects, the organization has expanded to include being a leading organization in the coalition efforts to establish minimum standards of institutional child care in Maharashtra through Quality Institutional Care and Alternatives for Children (QIC&AC). 
Saathi also works with interventions with a local pavement community in Mumbai especially in bringing education and vocational alternatives to the girl children, interventions with communal violence-affected children in Ahmedabad, and exploring economic alternatives and community development in a forest dependent community in Kerala.

Vision: A Just and Equitable world where every person enjoy his or her rights as a citizen and looks forward to a life filled with hope and enthusiasm.

Mission: Accompanying individuals on their journey of rehabilitation and independence using their full participation in the process.

Day centers offering general ammenities including nutrition
Education (nonformal and sponsorship for formal)
Medical support
Vocational training and sponsorship
Reunification with family

Impact across five projects in the FY 03-04:
Total reached: 1767
Reunified with family: 415
Education: 782
Medical Assistance: 447

History: In 1996, two individuals involved separately with NGOs working with streetchildren recognized a gap in aid available to the older street child, the adolescents over 16.  They were joined by a social worker involved with children of inmates; a member of the corporate sector who had been drastically affected by the 1993 Mumbai riots and wanted to effect change from within the development sector; and three others that believed the issues of youth living on the streets warranted a concerted effort. 
By mid 1996, the pilot project was underway with intensive time spent on the streets with the youths themselves to find out what programs they needed and what their priorities were.  By January, 1997, Saathi was registered and opened its first Day Centre catering specifically to the adolescent youth living on the street.  Three years later, a second Day Centre was begun to work with
the homeless adolescent girl; it was the first project to work intensively with this group and named The Invisible Girl, reflecting the severe lack of recognition or knowledge of homeless girls in the city.

Seven years after becoming a registered entity, the organization now houses seven projects which have extended from the various learnings from the initial two.

We are happy to host visitors at our two Day Centres to view the various activities and programs conducted there. Average site visits take ~1 hour/1 centre.

yearly budget: FY 02-03: Rs. 34.7 Lakh
Sources of Revenue: Donor Agencies, Individual Donors

full time people: 24
part time people: 6
volunteers: 6+

Help Needed:
Volunteer opportunities: yes
Donations-in-kind needed: yes
Services needed: yes

Donation possibilities:
Rs. 5,000 /mo to sponsor ~20 youths for night shelter
Rs. 2,000 /quarter to sponsor medical care for youth
Rs. 600 /mo: sponsor one Group Home youth

Contact Details:
Agripada Municipal School
Farooque Umarbhouy Lane
Mumbai Central (E)
Mumbai 400 011
Phone: 2352 0053 / 2300 9117 (10am - 6pm)
Fax: none
Contact Person: Roshni Nair
Trustees: Altaf Shaikh, Mansoor Qadri, Roshni Nair, Roabin Mazumdar, Mohua Nigudkar, Neeta Kolhatkar, Rashmi Varma, Gayathri Kamath, Subha Hari