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Our Organisation is Rajmudra Foundation.
This Organisation is founded on 26th March 2003.
Some of the details of this organisation are as follows:
Trustees of the organisation are:
Mr. Sanjay Dadlika
  • From a well known Business community
  • President - Economic Affairs - Industries, trade and Commerce Department of Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committe.
  • Advisor of Shipping Ministry, Govt. of India.
  • Advisor N.S.S. (Govt. of Maharashtra)
  • Connected with many social organisations (Rotary, Jaycces, and Chambers of commerce in India)
Mr. Girish K. Naik
  • From well known business community
  • General Secretary - Economic Affairs - Industries, Trade and commerce department of Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee.
  • Connected with many social organisations in India.
Registration No. E-21131 (Mumbai)
12A and 80g facilities are available
Operating at National & International Level.
Income of the trust is exempted under 12 A of Income Tax act. 1961.
Donor is eligible for deduction under section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961.
There will be 11 advisors from all over the world who can contribute 100 thousand USD each or more. Founder Trustees will contribute 500 Thousand USD each.
Objects of the Organisation are:
  • Spreading Education by establishing, maintaining, running, developing, extending, granting donation and assisting of schools, colleges, nurseries, workshops and other educational institutions.
  • Establishment, maintainence and support of libraries, museums and reading rooms for advancement of education and knowledge in general.
  • Payment of Scholarships, reimbursement of fees, provision of books and educational instruments etc. to students whether directly or through any school, college, nursery or educational institution.
  • Endowments to and help or support to schools, colleges, nurseries or other educational institutions.
  • Distribution of free food and clothing to the poor deprived and needy people.
  • Setting up or helping by endowments or otherwise orphange or poor houses for the benefits of orphans, old people, crippled or handicapped and/or other deserving persons.
  • Helping poor widows.
  • setting up hospitals, other medical institutions and medical research centres and run them for granting of subscriptions and donations to hospitals, dispensaries, convalscent homes, asylums, nursing homes and other public institutions for administering medical releif to the needy.
  • Establishment or rendering help to any institution for the alleviation of Human suffereing.
  • Making grant in cash or kind to institutions and organisation engaged in providing relief to people affected by natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods and droughts.
  • Carrying on scientific research in the feilds of industry, medicine and / or agriculture.
  • Subscription, contribution aid and /or donation to nay public charitable trusts or fund or institutions for promotion of any of the afforesaid objects.
  • Uplift of rural communities by assistance in development of village industries and agricultural activities and setting up of older peoples home, goshalas for animals, etc.
  • For the advancement of any other object of a public utility not involving of any activity of profit.
Kindly help me out with some info on how i can bring my organisation up and how to follow on the upliftment of this.
Awaiting your reply at the earliest.
Shalaka Patankar
Rajmudra Foundation
87, Atur House,
Dr. Annie Besant Road,
Worli, Mumbai - 400 018.
 +91-22-24978075 / 76