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Get involved in YOUR city and locality - Improve Your World
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Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Mumbai Downtown –Dist. 3140

Chartered 18th November 1990

A group of dynamic youth expanded their frontiers from a conservative environment to a new area of development, which culminated into the forming of the ROTARACT CLUB OF MASJID BUNDER.


·     EDUCATION TO THE GIRLS OF REHMATBAI HABIB HIGH SCHOOL –The cost of fees for each student amounts to Rs.1300 per year inclusive of term fees, Tuition fees and other sundries. At present there are 44 students who need this aid

·     HEARING AIDS TO THE STUDENTS OF THE INTERACT CLUB OF DEAF AND MUTE-The cost of every such machine is Rs. 2500 each and there are several students who require these.These children come from poor backgrounds and do not have enough finance for their vocational education,therefore we intend to set up a Junior College for them , the approximate cost for which is Rs10,00,000- Rs. 15,00,000.

·     FINANCE TO THE BLIND GIRLS AT KAMLA MEHTA BLIND SCHOOL –Finance is required to the tune of Rs.800 per child to teach them Vedic Mathematics.

·     CHACHA KA MELA – A free fun fair organized for 4000 physically and mentally challenged children, photographs of which are attached below. The fair is aimed at providing games, rides, food, entertainment in the form of puppet show, magic show, balloon shooting et al at no cost to these little fun-lovers. The cost of such a Mela accounts to Rs.1, 25,000 and, more.

We, at the Rotaract Club are highly cherishing every moment our service to the Community, whether it be to the Senior Citizens or it be to the Destitute Children or even to the public at large, we undertake these endeavors with the slightest amount of trouble .We not only are enthused to groom ourselves but are also given innumerable opportunities to reach out to that section of the society which brings us closer to the reality of life and nearer to the existence of the Almighty.

Service to mankind is the essence of Rotaract i.e. Community Service Avenue. It is OUR young shoulders that have borne the weight of such noble causes and elevated the club to a sustainable height.


Prabhat Pheri- In the footsteps of our “Father of the Nation”. A march is organized, the participants being school children, who simply through their gesture imply that India still cherishes its 56 years of Independence. The Club also releases a Bulletin by the name of AZAADI, which contains national emblems and speeches

Girl Child Day – A very unique project, which enlightens the lives of the young orphan girls and girl children of Prostitutes, and brings laughter and joy on their faces. The project deals with celebration of birthdays, donation of food items, games, and performances for and by the girls.

Donations- Caring for the citizens by donating Medical kits, Basic necessities, Food grains, Snacks, Milk powder, Books and Stationery, Biscuits to Senior Citizens.

Chacha Ka Mela -4000 Handicapped, Mentally Challenged, Children from NGO’s, Deaf and Mute and Cancer Patients where they will enjoy Amusement Rides, Puppet show, Games and delicious snacks.

Filmfare – A project where children who cannot afford the luxuries of the glamour world are given an opportunity to view a movie at the IMAX Theatre at the dome and also to participate in the arts and crafts and earn their living.

Establishing the first ever Interact Club of Deaf and Mute Children- this club with the least amount of resources is functioning stupendously.

Others highlights

Osteoporosis Camp, which detects the lack of Calcium deficiency in the bones of citizens above the age of 60.

Blood donation camps jointly with the Lions Club where 1383 Blood bottles have been collected.

We not only cater to the Senior citizens and destitute children, children of widowed mothers, children of prostitutes by meeting their necessities but also offer them a world of difference and spend a few moments with them by understanding their grievances and laughter.

Our scope of exertion also includes services to those citizens who protect us at the cost of their families, these being air-fighters, police personnel and the like .
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