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institute of performing arts, personality development & management services
Registration No: E-9247 Mumbai Dt.21-3-83

About us: Nrityanjali is an institute of music, dance, dramatics, personality development & management services. It is a centre of learning. It is also a centre of understanding , thought and action. Nrityanjali's approach is simple and its medium is music , dance and dramatics.

Music, dance and dramatics have a universal appeal and it is through these performing art forms that Nrityanjali is striving to reach its goal of social service.

Formed on July 19th 1963 by Dr. Tushar Guha (also the director), with the twin objective of imparting discipline and promoting our great cultural heritage among the youth, we have progressed over the years, culminating in the present day Nrityanjali, extending our activities to include personality development and management services as well.

The emblem of Nrityanjali is the peacock. The peacock symbolises the finer elements of life-beauty, grace , rhythm and vibrance - which add colour to life. The outstretched leg of the peacock denotes our progressive outlook even to the unconventional. The missing "ghungroo" leaves us open to thought in its various forms.

Nrityanjali imparts lessons in personality development, management training, Indian dance, music and drama . It also presents and performs the same (dance, music, drama) and tries to reach out to people both Indians and foreigners enabling them to grasp the nuances of the Indian performing arts in its various forms and thus providing people with an enriching experience.

Services: Enhancing personalities of individuals, dance, dramatics, specialisation in folk art, event management concepts, time management, palnning, corporate trainings, management programmes, training to teachers, camps for childreneducationists, doctors, people from all spheres of life.CONDUCT INTER SCHOOL COMPETITION EVERY YEAR IN DECEMBER all over Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane District, with participation of 450 Schools & more than 23,000 students.

Individuals trained - 24,000
Teachers trained - 31,000
Children trained - 40,000

History: A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.' We also did the same. Formed on 19th July 1963, we began in a very small way. Our prime objective is to impart discipline and promote our great cultural heritage amongst the youth. We have progressed over the years culminating into the present day - Nrityanjali - extending our activities in various dimensions. Nrityanjali is now a registered public charitable trust.

Our Uniqueness
A thorough "Professional" yet a "Non Commercial" organisation.

Multitude of members from different walks of life, four generations working together, drawn and bound together by pure love for social service, music, dance and dramatics.

Multidimensional activities such as:-
Educational activities
Various courses in performing arts.
Organising and managing seminars &conferences
Journalistic activities - publishing registered quarterly house magazine "Parichay Mein Parichay".
Social service - providing training in performing arts free of cost to children in the orphanages, presenting performances for the patients in hospitals free of cost, visiting inmates of Old-Homes and entertaining them with music & dance free of cost.
Performing at prestigious occasions.
Management Trainings.
The performing artistes of Nrityanjali, under the guidance of our director Dr. Tushar Guha, present various performances. The proceeds of the show are utilised in conducting the various activities listed above.

Our Objectives:
Nrityanjali is a well - conceptualised centre for learning. A centre for understanding, thought and action, formed as a confluence of performing arts, education and personality development. Our objective is to imbibe the aesthetics of performing arts and education, to spread beauty and smile and primarily to love, care and share whatever little we have. Our approach is simple and our medium is music, dance and dramatics, which have an universal appeal. It is through this medium that we are to reach our goal of social service.

Nrityanjali Membership is through Invitation and has no Fees. Individuals from different walks of life education, medicine, science, arts, accounts, administration, housewives and students of different age groups (from 10 years to 70 years) work together for social service & education through the medium of music & dance. No donations are accepted for administrative purposes.

Nrityanjali aims at:
Creating an awareness of human values.
Providing constant guidance, encouraging the development of the hidden talents of the youth, channelising their ubiquitous energies into creative, constructive and rewarding activities.
Inculcating the basic qualities of a good human being, creating among the youth a strong code of ethics, morality and commitment.
We at Nrityanjali:
Promote and conduct educational activities such as Inter-school competitions in the various disciplines of performing arts, education and personality development.
Conduct classes in performing arts and for subjects offered by the Gandharva Mahavidyalaya.
Cultivate the skills of music, dance & dramatics in the youth and conduct & organise cultural shows for various schools, colleges and other social organisations - as a token of social service.
Organise workshops on creativity development, seminars & symposia on contemporary relevant topics.
Conduct need-based orientation, refresher and general or special personality development courses.
Publish a house magazine "Parichay Mein Parichay" to promote literary creativity and to share diverse views on various pertinent topics.
Step forward to rejuvenate ancient traditions especially the "Guru -- Shishya" parampara so as to inculcate in youngsters a sense of reverence for our great cultural heritage.

Administrative Setup:
Nrityanjali "SUNDAY CLASSES" (1.30 P.M. to 6 P.M.) is the spirit of Nrityanjali and is the centre of activity. Here people of all ages learn together varieties of art forms, free of cost, under the founder director Guru Dr. Tushar Guha who has an in-depth study of Indian Folk Dances. Training in folk dances & dance dramas is an integral part of the Sunday Classes.
The Sunday Classes through their methodical interaction motivate & develop self-confidence, team spirit, leadership qualities and selfless attitude.

Oratory, compeering, stagecraft, dress designing, make-up, stage management, choreography, in-depth knowledge of the art (history, geography, music, costume etc.), event management and the art of communication are the other aspects of these classes.

Nrityanjali Faculty Division offers Visharad Courses in Bharat Natyam Dance, Kathak Dance, Sangeet, Harmonium, Tabla etc. under the Gandharva Mahavidyalaya. Classes are held throughout the week on these art forms. Regular interaction among the management, teachers, students and parents are maintained. University examinations are held in April-May and November-December every year. Outside students and other institutions are also affiliated to Nrityanjali for purposes of University examinations. Nrityanjali is the POST GRADUATE centre of the Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya. Internal diploma examinations are also conducted at Nrityanjali.

Diploma examinations are held for students not eligible for University examinations.

The Personality Development Course as researched and devised by Dr. Tushar Guha over the last 30 years, which includes meditation, communication skills, study of emotions, human relations, science of mirror, time management, projects & planning, case study are taught as a Diploma Course and various workshops and lectures are held for educational institutions.

Nrityanjali Management Services Division takes up training programmes for the corporate sectors in Personality Development, which include self-analysis, communication skills, study of emotions & time management.

Our faculty, who are highly learned and experienced also conduct other Management Services like Marketing Skills, Logistics, ISO 2000, ISO 9000, Environment, Waste Management, Finance & Accountancy.

Nrityanjali Extra Curricular Division organises Interschool Competitions every December for students from KG to Std Xth. The competitions are - Drawing, Essay, Hand Writing, Recitation, Story Telling, Elocution (in English, Hindi, Marathi), General Knowledge, Debate, Vocal (Hindusthani, Carnatic, Light), Dance ( Indian - Folk & Classical, Western),Mono Acting and Fancy Dress which totals to 77 categories. Over 15000 Students from 150 Schools in and around Mumbai and Thane District participate. There are no restrictions on the number of participants.

The Competitions are organised in Four zones - Central, Western, Navi Mumbai & South Mumbai. Nominal fees are charged and the entire expenses are met from Nrityanjali Fund collected through performances and mangement trainings. Apart from the prize winners, every participant is issued a Certificate of APPRECIATION. Special care is taken of the participating children during the competition. The purpose of these competitions is to help develop self-confidence and the spirit of competitiveness. "One must try to win but if not , one must learn to lose gracefully."

Festivals of regional music, dance & dramatics are organised which highlight the tradition and originality of the region. These are aimed at both entertainment and awareness.

Conferences and Seminars on Performing Arts, Education and Personality Development are organised. Nrityanjali also specialises in Event Management.

The Nrityanjali Programme Division arranges Cultural Shows of Folk Dances of India (Specially Researched ), Classical Dances, Music & Drama. These shows are presented by the students of the "SUNDAY CLASSES". Special programmes are presented for foreign dignitaries and visitors, which are followed by question answer sessions on the art form, costumes, history & significance of the dances.

This is the major source of income of Nrityanjali.

Nrityanjali Information Service (NIS) publishes Quarterly House Magazine "PARICHAY MEIN PARICHAY" which is a literary forum for the members. Poems & Articles on various subjects like Medicine, Travels, Management, Art, Science, Cookery, Home, Humour etc are covered. Write-ups or contributions by members / subscribers and others are given priority. The Editorial Board has an Open House policy and any new suggestions and ideas are welcome. The magazine contains articles in English, Hindi & Marathi Languages. The life membership is Rs.500/- for 10 Years and the Annual membership is Rs.90/- . Any one is welcome to be a member of PMP. We welcome articles, poems, write-ups for publication in our 'Parichay Mein Parichay' magazine.

The Nrityanjali Library provides reading material for Performing Arts, Personality Development, Management, Psychology, Philosophy, Computer Science, Science & Technology, Sports, General Knowledge etc.The Library is operative only on SUNDAYS between 3 P.M. to 5 P.M. and has an Annual Fee of Rs.50/- with a Security Deposit of Rs.200/-. Any one can join the library and need to follow the rules.

How can you work with others? : We are a centre of Performing arts and impart the art of Folk, Classical & Creative dance free on Sundays with an atmosphere which sutis today's youngsters and makes them feel proud of our rich and ancient culture.We perform free for old homes, orphanges, hospitals for 30 minutes, be with them to share their joys. We trainers for corporates in the filed of Behavioural sciences. We organise INTER SCHOOL COMPETITION in December every year and Camp in Summer for children. Hence various Corporates, NGO's could provide us support for such activites.   

Yearly Budget: variable
Revenue Sources: NO DONORS. We do not believe in Donations. The funds are raised through Cultural Programmes and Lectures conducted by Dr.Guha and his faculty team
We would be happy if Corporates could fund some of our programmes

full time: 100
part time: 24000
volunteers: 200

Help Needed:
Volunteers: no 
Donations-in-kind: no
Services needed: yes
Jobs Available: yes

Contact Details:
35-B, Miniland, Nrityanjali AMrg, Bhandup (West), Mumbai - 400 078
Phone: 91-22-25967388
Fax: 91-22-25953606
Karmayogi: Mr.Girish Dalvi
work direct: 25967388 (best time to call: 11.30 A.M. to 5.00P.M.)
work board: 25953606 (best time to call: From 10.30 A.M.)