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Nilam Patel Bahushrut Foundation
Inclusion of the disabled for Equal Opportunity
Registration Number: E 15003

About us: Nilam Patel Bahushrut Foundation was founded on 02/11/1993 by Ms Nilam Patel, Managing Trustee, who has been involved in training of young hearing impaired children and mainstreaming them directly in to the regular schools since 1980. Ms Kalpana Samtani, Ms Madhu Jagasia and Ms. Smita Patel are the other trustees. All the activities of the foundation are being managed by all four of them.

Nilam Patel's Thesis: The Factors That Influence Inclusive Education For Hearing Impaired

Vision: All hearing impaired students to study in regular educational institutions and be included in mainstream of the society.

Mission: To spread awareness about the importance of Inclusive Education for the disabled and sensitizing the educators, parents and people about their special needs. To encourage higher education among hearing impaired students by awarding scholarships and prizes.

Services Offered:
1) Awarding scholarships and prizes to hearing impaired students for college education. This is done every year in month of October.
2) Matrimonial Bureau for the hearing impaired. This is information providing service.

Impact Data: 300 students have been awarded scholarships and prizes during years 1995 to 2006. Some of them have gone abroad for further studies. Many students are pursuing Engineering. Hearing impaired adults of Indian origin have registered from all over India with the matrimonial bureau.

Brief History: Nilam Patel Bahushrut Foundation was founded on 02/11/1943 by the Managing Trustee Ms Nilam Patel. The foundation has been awarding scholarships and prizes to hearing impaired students for college education every year at SSC, HSC, Graduate and Post graduate levels since 1995. The foundation is registered under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 and has received income tax exemption certificate under section 80-G. The foundation is also registered with Home Ministry under Foreign Contribution {Regulation) Act. 1976.

Brief Projects / Achievements:
1) Every year the scholarships are announced on 1st July by a press release. Applications for scholarships are accepted from eligible candidates between 1st July and 31st August. The applications are scrutinized and scholarships are awarded a SSC, HSC, Graduate and Post Graduate levels in the month of October. The scholarships are open to the hearing impaired students of Maharashtra and Gujarat. 300 students have benefited by this project till year 2006.
2) Matrimonial Bureau of the foundation provides information related services to suitable candidates of marriageable age. Hearing Impaired adults seeking life partners have registered from all over India.

What is it that you do exactly for a beneficiary? : The foundation holds functions and get-to-gathers to distribute scholarships. The beneficiaries are invited along with their family members and friends. During functions an eminent person is invited as a chief guest to distribute scholarships. Receiving an award at a gathering encourages and motivates the students to strive for higher education. Some of them who need guidance for further education meet individually for the same. The matrimonial bureau provides information about prospective brides and grooms of Indian origin seeking matrimonial alliance in India and abroad.

How can you work with corporate, sponsors, other NGOs, schools, hospitals, Rotarians, Govt.? :
Corporate and sponsors can fund the projects as well as help raise funds through their mediums of communications and their clients. They cam help publicize the projects through their business. NGOs, schools, hospitals, Rotarians can help spread awareness by publicizing the mission statement of a project along with their banners and by allowing the trustees to address their audience before their meetings. They can also help raise small amount of funds during their meetings for a particular cause.

If they want to visit you what can you show them & how much time will it take? :
Since ours is a scholarships giving trust, they can attend the functions or get-togethers we hold every year. The foundation does not have office premises of its own and operates from the residence of the managing trustee. Nor does the foundation conducts any activity on day to day basis. Anybody who wishes to meet the managing trustee personally, can do so by calling up and fixing a meeting.

If you can give a talk of 15-20 minutes to a Rotary Club or Ladies Association:
The topic would be "Importance of Inclusive Education for hearing Impaired" The talk is suitable for any audience as it can be catered for the specific audience. Basically this would be for the purpose of spreading awareness and sensitizing people towards disabled people.

Financial Data:
Yearly Budget: Rs:1 to 2 lacs
Sources of Revenue: Individual donors and private trusts.
Are you willing to be adopted by a corporate? : Yes at Rs. 3 lacs yearly.
Organization data:
full-time: None
part-time: None
volunteers: None
The trustees manage all the work themselves.

Help Needed: To computerize the data.

Advisors/mentors needed: Advisors and mentors needed to raise funds.
Volunteers: At present volunteers needed to prepare various kinds of database. Computer skills required.
Donations-in-kind needed: Hearing Aids for the needy. We can arrange to pick them up.
Services needed: At present none.
Donation possibilities: Rs 1000/- to Rs. 5000/- to sponsor a child for scholarship for a year.
Jobs available: At present none.

Contact Details:
Address: Nilam Patel Bahushrut Foundation
SF-205, Riverdale Apartment
Opp. Sun Moon Park
Vadodara 390 020
Telephone: 91-265-2357124
Karmayogi: Ms. Nilam Patel, Managing Trustee.
Phone: 91-265-2357124
Best time to call is between 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Trustees: As on July , 2007
1) Ms. Nilam Patel: Managing Trustee, 63 years
2) Ms. Kalpana Samtani: Trustee, 44 years
3) Ms. Madhu Jagasia: Trustee, 57 years
4) Ms. Smita Patel: Trustee, 41 years

URL of any interview or write up
: Several interviews and articles have appeared in news papers and magazines but they are not available online. Xerox copies can be made available from this office.

Examples: When a hearing impaired girl in a remote village of Maharashtra received scholarship from the foundation after completing HSC examination, she and her whole family were thrilled with joy as the girl had to walk several kilometers everyday to attend college. They felt that all the hardships she had go through to reach that level was worth it.

Another hearing impaired girl in Mumbai who was mainstreamed in to regular school from the beginning and had received scholarships from the foundation at SSC and HSC levels, stood first in her college at graduate level examination, and second in whole of Maharashtra. She received scholarship and special award from the foundation for this achievement.

Nilam Patel's Thesis: The Factors That Influence Inclusive Education For Hearing Impaired

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