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National Organization for Software and Technology Professionals
Coalition Organization for the Software & Technology Professional
Registration No:
About us: An Organization is incomplete without its passionate members and those  who support  the cause. This organization members are firm believers and the so called movers & shakers in their own special way. They make the organization rock, they truly understand the purpose of forming such an organization, to serve others in the same space of software and technology, and to be available when needed: is the common spirit of those at NOSTOP is involved with.

Some are based out of the United States, others are in our call centers in Mumbai, India. Some operate out of their homes, while others login from the workplace. Someone is always available no matter where they are, no matter when you need them.

However, here is our formal introduction!

We are a group of migrant workers in the space of technology consulting who have felt the need to facilitate the much needed queries others like us have from time-to-time and of those who travel frequently to the United States or to India.   

We came together to form this not-for-profit organization, that would one day hopefully form a critical mass of like minded individuals and be heavily networked to serve as a facilitator of services. By making this venture public allows us to stay focused in our missions and goals, thereby cultivating a growing awareness of the industry globally.

The dominance of the Intellectual capital  and the related Human Resources from India in the global IT industry, allows for a transfer of rich, efficient and highly skilled task force to other countries, besides the Americas or other European nations. This transfer of skilled workforce, is prevalent in huge numbers and a consistent on-going process, with newer resources being constantly added to the pool of existing Intellectual capital.

However though, the issues related to these individual technology workers have been addressed only on a profit-centric basis and limited to their association with the current employer. These employer specific boundaries  allows for further dependence.

Vision: Creating possibilities for the individual technology professional allowing for Migration of Technology workers of India globally.  

Mission:  NOSTOPS is a coalition of like minded individuals, which found the need to collectively be connected with the issues faced as an individual worker! The need to form a trade group, which cumulatively addresses these issues, by  identifying, promoting and lobbying for such change is therefore  mandatory. We at NOSTOPS propose to effect such a change.

Therefore the mission of NOSTOPS is to facilitate this growing need. And collectively address the issues of the individual to bring about a change

Services: A registered member of the organization, benefits by receiving the following:

(1) Direct Access to over 22,000 listings of H1 visa sponsoring companies.

(2) Direct Access to the database of IT firms and headhunters in India

(3) A Web based trouble ticket system.

(4) A global toll free telephone help line (In United States).

(5) Subscription to our online as well as print publications and newsletters with official guidelines to the H1 Visa program.

(6) Access to a career site that offers free unadvertised jobs in India & USA

(7) Assistance in validation and verification of the authencity of the Employment Contract between the technology worker from India and the US employer visa our network of labor attorney's and dept of labor in USA.

(8) Access to whistleblower section, allowing members to utilize our network of attorneys to arbitrate issues with the visa sponsoring employer.

Impact: Over 5 million guest workers in the USA. With over 200,000 foreign students in American Universities, which gets added to the pool of tech workers annually. Now, let's talk numbers for the third quarter of 2005!

History: We began on May 28th, 2004 and have over 83,000 registered members to date. Technology workers of Indian origin are huge in numbers over 5 million however, not be residents of America, and away from India, these tech workers are subject to heavy abuse. Hence the organization was formed with an objective to facilitate the issues of the tech workers and present the same to policy makers and effect reform to the H1 visa program.

Projects/Achievements: We were recently featured in the Computer World magazine at Washington DC. We have been approached by US based media houses to show cause with stastics about the core-mandate of the organization. We work with other Indian corporate organizations as well as with trade organizations in the same space of facilitating and impacting those on the foreign guest technology worker program in the United States.
The beneficiaries are our members (H1 visa) and their spouses on the (H4 visa). These are those who are software and technology professionals of Indian origin in  Americas.
How can you work with others? : We work with corporates and other for-profit / not-for-profit entities to effect change at the grassroot level. Using technology, we offer a "branded private label telephone based help desk" solution to business entities, that service the US based businesses. For instance: As our organization is focussed with the issues of the technology workers which are US centric, we offer our "telephone service offering" to IT consulting firms, that have sponsored technology professionals sent to the US.    
Yearly Budget Rs.:
Revenue Sources: Membership fees and corporate services
Corporates can adopt us at yearly sponsorship of Rs. 20 lacs

full time: 7
part time: 3
volunteers: 9

Help Needed:
Volunteers: yes 
Donations-in-kind: no
Services needed: yes
Advisors / Mentors needed: yes
Jobs Available: yes
Donation possibilities: We invite corporate donations. 

Contact Details:
National Organization for Software and Technology Professionals (NOSTOPS.ORG)
SS Type, Plot # 82, Sector # 2,
New Bombay 400 705
Phone: (011)-91-(9224)-108-535   (best time to call: 10 am -10 pm)      
Fax: x
Karmayogi: Rajiv Dabhadkar