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Niramaya Health Foundation
Good Health For All

Registration No: U85199 MH2001NPL132205
About us: 'Niramaya' is a Sanskrit word and means 'Good Health'.
The Niramaya Health Foundation, founded in June 2001, is a non-profit, non-government, community based health services organization, which along with a board of advisors, a small management team, and a dedicated group of health workers serves underprivileged communities in the urban slums of Mumbai city in attempt to provide them an opportunity to live a good, healthy, disease free life.

- Provide Quality Health care to underprivileged through camps and clinics.
- Raise awareness about good health through Awareness programs, Slide shows, Demonstrations, Rallies, etc.
- Add meaning to the lives of children in labor force through Recreational events.

Niramaya Health Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental Health Organization, committed to provide Comprehensive Health Care to improve immediate and long-term health of underprivileged sector of our society focusing upon pre-schoolers, children in labor force, school going and school dropout adolescents, youth and women.

- Micronutrient Intervention camps for Balwadi Children (2-6yrs).
- Health check up camps for women, children and adolescents in the community.
- Eye and Dental Check up camps in the community and outreach for working children.
- Adolescent Sexuality Education Training Programme for the adolescent boys and girls in the schools.
- There are 5 outreach clinics, which provide health check-ups free of cost for the children working in labor force.
- Recreational Events for children
- Health Awareness Sessions for Employers
- Repoductive Health Education Program- For women in reproductive age group
- Nutrition Demonstration Program

During 2003-04, the following projects were carried out-

1) Micronutrient Intervention camps - out of 5864 children, 4166 (60.5%)  children were malnourished in the 1st balwadi
intervention camp which reduced significantly to 39% at the 4th intervention camp.

2) Children Health check-up camps - 3624 children were examined and treated.

3) Adolescent Health check-up camps -  52 health check-up camps have been conducted in which 241 adolescents were examined and treated.

4) Women Health check-up camps - 590 women were examined and treated during the 41 health checkup camps conducted for women. 24% women were clinically examined along with Hemoglobin estimation. 65% of the women were found to be anemic. Iron and folic acid supplementation for anemia. Hemoglobin levels of the women ranged from 8.2 gm% to 11gm%. 15 women underwent Pap smear examination.

5) Adolescent Sexuality Training Programme - 3089 adolescents have undergone adolescent sexuality training sessions out which 2202 were girls and 887 were boys.

6) Outreach Project- 6099 clients were examined and treated at the clinics.

7) Mobile van Camps - For Outreach camps for children working in dumping ground and street children, also used for community camps.

History: Niramaya Health Foundation founded in June 2001. Niramaya is committed to improving the health of these communities, and has been phasing in its activities over time to focus on different target groups. Niramaya has changed its thrust from one that focuses primarily on pre-school child health to one that covers different aspects of community health.

Projects of Niramaya:



What is it that you exactly do for a beneficiary?
Provide health check-ups of women children and adolescents in the community. Provide micronutrients to the balwadi children and Adolescent sexuality training to the adolescents and give free health check-ups for the children in the labor force through clinics.

How can you work with others?
.Sponsors     - Sponsoring events for children in the labor force
.Other NGOs - Act as resource person for the other ngo and also invite them as resource person in our programs.
.Schools       - Conduct Adolescent Sexuality training sessions in the schools
.Hospitals     - Referral of the patients
Yearly Budget: Rs. 65 lacs
Revenue Sources: Pratham USA, Johnson and Johnson Ltd., Concern India Foundation, British Gas.
Corporates can adopt us at yearly sponsorship of Rs. 65 lacs

full time: 4 Doctors, 48 Health Workers
part time: 1 Doctors, 1 Health Worker
volunteers: 2-3 / month

Help Needed:
Volunteers: yes
Donations-in-kind: yes
Services needed: yes
Advisors needed: yes
Jobs Available: yes

Contact Details
Niramaya Health Foundation
Above Adarsh Mithai Mandir, 2nd floor,
309 Tardeo Road
Nana Chowk
Mumbai - 400 007

Phone:  23851542 / 3, 23851405 (10.30 am - 5.30 pm)
Fax: 22851405
Contact: Dr. Janaki Deasi
cell: 9820507614 (best time to call: 10.30am-5.30pm)

ĚDr. K.S.Varadhachary, Hinduja Hospital
ĚDr. Madhav Chavan, Pratham, India
ĚDr. Janaki Desai, Niramaya Health Foundation
ĚDr. Atul Varadhachary, Pratham USA
ĚDr. Charu Puri Sharma, PUSA
ĚDr. Vimla Nadkarni, TISS

Ten years old Danish  a zari worker kid was accidently found on a routine karkhana visit by Arjun and Amol. Danish was hardly able to breathe and was in severe pain. The employer was in a hurry to send him back to his village to avoid the further headache of doctor's visits. Arjun Managed to convince the employer that he needs immediate hospitalization. He was taken to hospital next day in a taxi from Kurla to Sewri.  He was admitted immediately and was dignosed as a case of Abdominal Tuberculosis.  Arjun visited at the hospital him to see how he was doing and also gave him some money to buy bread for his breakfast which hospital does not provide free of cost. Danish is back from hospital now. His eyes shine when Arjun goes to see him. He is going back to his mother in Bihar with a kit of medicines for next six months."