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National Society for Equal opportunities for the handicapped (NASEOH)

Postal colony road, Chembur

Mumbai-400071, Maharashtra

Tel: 022-5220224

Focus: To create comprehensive rehabilitation opportunities for the differently-abled persons so as to facilitate integration into the mainstream of the society, and to enrich the life of differently-abled persons as well as the interfacing individuals and community  


Health and Prevention

Mumbai is a metropolitan and commercial capital of India . There is always an influx of people in search of employment. Mumbai has been divided into many civic wards. NASEOH is located in M (EAST) Ward, Chembur. There are many major slums in Chembur. Data collected from these slums inhabitants reveal that there are several problems, which need to be addressed like illiteracy, poor hygiene and improper sanitation, High prevalence of and other communicable diseases. Many disabled trainees at the Centre hail from these slums only. Realizing that these things need to be corrected at the grassroots levels only and there is a need beyond the work for the disability, NASEOH decided to focus its attention on prevention of disability through its Mrs. Gulestan and Dr. R. B. Billimoria Department of Prevention of Disabilities.  

Objectives of the department  

To identify the children 'at risk' treat them medically to prevent the onset of disabilities  

To arrest the disability by corrective surgery.  

To educate the community on the importance of preserving health and hygiene.

Core Values  

Health is a human condition which cannot be achieved by a health care system in isolation. It requires major changes, in individual attitude in Socio-Economic and environmental relationships as well as change in values and lifestyle.  

Prevention is better than rehabilitation.  

Primary health care saves human beings from disabilities and suffering.  

Disability is costly and places severe stress and strain on the family.  

Community participation along with the government is essenti, to strengthen the health status of the human being and finally  

Community based services - is the most cost effective and the best delivery system for a large and densely populated environment like that of ours.

NASEOH achieves the goal of "prevention is better than cure", through the following programs  

Screening of children , adults for various preventable diseases.  

Providing health building tonics to prevent anemia.  

Immunizing community , school going children under 5 years against Polio, Hepatitis'B' , M.M.R .  

Providing vitamins 'A'&'D' and nutritional supplements.  

To under take polio corrective surgery.  

Providing mobility aids like caliper braces, surgical shoes, wheel chair , Tri- Wheelers, Jaipur foot, hearing aids and other educational aids.  

Providing para-medical services- physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.  

Counseling to family on family spacing and use of birth control methods.  

Health education.  

Follow-up services.  

Organizing camps in city and in rural areas.

NASEOH has various plans to spread this campaign on a mass basis, to sensitize the community towards the prevention of avoidable disabilities  


NASEOH is committed to assisting the disabled in acquiring an education that will allow them to fully integrate into society. These activities range from supporting integrated education for the deaf to providing school-going disabled children with scholarships, uniforms etc.   

Falguni NASEOH's Learning Centre for children with special needs.  

The Falguni Centre is a unique institution for the development and rehabilitation of young children with multiple disabilities. The student's disabilities include cerebral palsy, low vision, speech and communication problems, and mental and learning disabilities. The primary objective of the centre is to introduce these children into mainstream society after completion of the education course.  

To ensure continuity of the skills taught at the Falguni Centre, the child's mother (or any close relative looking after the child) is an integral part of the learning process. The education addresses both the needs of the student, and the needs of the parent to be able to continue the educational development of the child.  

Objective of the centre

1) To enhance physical , mental and emotional growth

2) To develop the child's cognitive , motor , perceptual and sensory abilities.

3) To make the child independent to fullest extent.

4) To make the child ready for inclusion into formal school/ special school.

5) To train the parent in supporting the continuous development of their child.  

Vocational Training  

Smt. Kamla Mehta NASEOH's vocational Training Centre for the Disabled

Disabled are provided free "on the job" training in various departments of Vocational Training Center , to keep them in tune with the changing economic and employment scenario.

The focus of the training has been create and provide

  • A simulated work environment
  • Training "on the job" in various occupational skills
  • Opportunities for employability in open and self

Training is imparted in the following areas:

  1. Fabrication, Sheet Metal Work, Welding & Fitting and Assembly of Appliances
  2. Assembly, Sorting, Cleaning, Lining and Packing

Typing, Stenography and other administration related Functions  

Computer Applications and BPO related activities  

Employment & Placement Services  

According to Galen, "employment is nature's physician and is essential for human happiness." Occupation is a great source of joy and satisfaction. Employment and Placement Services at NASEOH provide opportunities to persons with disabilities in corporate employment and self-employment. The disabled have been employed as typist, clerks, packers, telephone operators, paging service operators, call centre operators, compositors, computer operators, cashiers, machinists, binders, Administrators, painters, tailors gardeners, vendors and PR officers.

Jobs of the new millenium - Data Entry Unit - Opportunity for self employment

The Consulate General of Japan provided NASEOH with a Grant, to establish a Data Entry Unit at NASEOH. On an average 50 disabled people utilize this facility each day, earning a living as self-employed contractors.

Aids and Appliances Fabrication and Fitting Centre

Technical aids, which are called as tools of living, are the important devices to assist the persons with disability in their mobility. NASEOH meets this much needed necessity, through its "Aids and Appliances Fabrication and Fitting Centre", where Triweelers, Wheelchairs, Jaipur prosthesis, Calipers and Braces, Surgical Shoes, Crutches etc. are fabricated and fitted as per the needs of the individual disabled beneficiaries. NASEOH holds regular orthopedic camps to screen people of all ages requiring physical restorative services in the rural areas.

Advocacy & Awareness

NASEOH acts as a catalyst in making disabled aware of his rights and privileges, enshrined in our constitution, in particular reference to Persons With Disability Act- 1995 and National Trust Act for welfare of persons with autism, celrebral palsy, mental retardation and multiple disabilities-1999.

Advocacy and Awareness are two terms of the same coin. Taking the initiative, NASEOH advocates disabled to lift their self-esteem, by grasping various courses of actions devised for them. Advocacy then moves into its next phase of Awareness. Aware of his or her basic rights and privileges, a disabled person takes charge of his life to move with confidence in the society.

The center of NASEOH's Advocacy and Awareness, revolves around restoring pride and dignity in the disabled. Sometimes benefits of this program turns out to be more than, that envisaged when a disabled himself advocates to his fellow colleagues.


Regular individual and group counseling sessions are held by the social workers and counseling experts to the students and their family members.


NASEOH holds seminars on Empowering the disabiled. The following issues are addressed:

Legal rights both as women and as a women with disability

Training and employment oppurtinities


Worldwide prospective

Business Process Opportunities (BPO)



 Information technology has revolutionized the world and has touched the lives of human beings, in a manner similar to the deliverables of the Green and Industrial revolution. IT has made the world smaller and boaderless, resulting in Globalization and a New World work order.

NASEOH is fully aware of the impact of Information technology on human beings and, the resultant challenges Thrown at the Human race. Leveraging IT with a view to provide better opportunities for the disabled and handicapped individual, is in line with the core objective of our institution.

We have developed the infrastructure and the capabilities, required to offer training and equal opportunities to the physically handicapped; in the field of IT and IT enabled services. Backed by committed volunteer experts in Technology, related domain and service industry, we offer

Training center Basic and advance use of Computer applications designed to impart skills required for data entry and other IT related/enabled back office operations.

Data entry related services. We undertake Data entry related job work. The activity is carried out at NASEOH premises to provide employment to the skilled and successful candidates developed at the above training institute.

English language and communications related training designed to impart skills required for the IT enabled services industry with specific reference to Call centers.

Our personnel trained in Data entry operations, are employed on contract basis by M/s. Datamatics a Pioneer and leader of the IT industry in India .

Organizations of repute viz. Reliance, Transworks, offer employment to handicaps trained in Bank office operations and customer interactive services (Call center).



Community Based Rehabilitation

The majority of Indians live in villages, working hard with little or no support from the government. Lacking basic amenities and disconnected from development, many rural people are unable to benefit from the advances of modern technology.

The situation for disabled people living in villages is even more challenging, as they lack access to programs and institutions that can help them integrate into society. This effectively limits the rural disabled from improving their standard of living.

NASEOH has been implementing rural based programmes, which provide rehabilitation services, thereby providing job opportunities to the differently abled people.

CBR-Urban Slums

Immunization of community and school going children against MMR, Hepatitis -B

In addition to regular programmes the department immunized children from the slum colonies and pre- primary school children around NASEOH. Total 3007 children for MMR , 6928 children for Hepatitis-B (3 doses) between 2000-2002 received the benefit.

Reproductive and child health programme

NASEOH completed two year project titled "Reproductive Health of Women, Men, Boys and Girls in Reproductive Age Group in the project areas." The project was implemented amongst the 2000 families residing in Thakker Bappa Colony -chembur. The project aimed at disseminating information to the above groups on health related problems especially on HIV/AIDS.

Eye care project

NASEOH implemented Eye care project at Thakker Bappa, Jagurati, Lal Dongar, Siddharth Colony, Gautam Nagar - Chembur and Kappori -Thane. With the help of team of doctors from Haji Bachuali eye hospital,Mumbai,patients were screened for various eye problems,Cataract operations were conducted, with IOL implantation and also Spectacles were distributed to correct refractive errors.

Workshop was organised to mark world vision day for the benefit of community.Exhibition and Vitamin-A camps were also held

Promotion of preventive health care and education in five slum colonies.

Under this project medical check-up camps, were conducted in the colonies. Children were immunized against polio. Training course for 25 women volunteers were conducted for 13 days and given extensive inputs on maternal health, childhood diseases , alcoholism,nutrition , HIV/AIDS, childhood disability, tuberculosis , leprosy and alternative medicines. The women were also oriented to their rights and formation of Mahila Mandals, seven days intensive course were also conducted separately for health volunteers.