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What is MS and MSSI ?

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease of the Central Nervous System, affecting its functioning unexpectedly and repeatedly, resulting in devastating disabilities in young adults in the prime of their lives. MS has various symptoms ranging from minor visual disturbances to total paralysis, due to which simplest everyday tasks can no longer be efficiently performed. It is a mysterious crippler disease of the young adults. But it is not a contagious or hereditary. A few years ago Multiple Sclerosis was thought to be rare in India but with modern techniques like MRI scan etc now more cases are diagnosed than earlier. 

Since the inception of Multiple Sclerosis Society of India on July 26, 1985, the Society has played an active role in the field of welfare for persons suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. The Society is servicing nearly 1000 patients all over India through the Head Office in Mumbai and branches at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Calicut, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune. The MS Society of India is affiliated to the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation , U.K. 


Identification of MS patients and initial help: 

The Services includes identifying Multiple Sclerosis cases by visiting hospitals and Neurologists. Due to this effort the hospitals and doctors contact the MS Society for financial help for MRI Scans and hospitalization expenses for the needy patients. After giving the initial help the Society regularly follows up and helps the patients by offering them various services available. The Society sends their Social Workers who counsels and helps the newly diagnosed patients and their family members to come out of their initial trauma and accept the disease. 

Free Supplementary medicines  

These medicines are supplied to needy patients at monthly Diet Workshops. Several Pharmaceutical companies donate some of these medicines i.e Becosule,

Evion, Neurobin Forte, Celin, Sirdalud etc. 

Physio/Occupational Therapy  

The aim of MSSI is that each MS patient should lead as full a life as possible. Physio/Occupational Therapy is adjunct to medical treatment. Exercises and activities reduce symptoms and after effects of the bouts of attacks. Therefore the Society provides Physio/Occupational therapy thrice a week by sending their therapists to all the homebound patients. The role of the therapist is to give therapy to the patient for one hour and counsel them if needed. 

The Society also provides Wheelchairs, Walkers, Canes, Waterbeds and various other Physiotherapy equipments and incontinence products.  

Disability Certificates

Disabled persons are entitled to various benefits like income tax rebates, concessions for train and air travel etc. To get these benefits they are provided with Disability Certificate which is issued only by selected Govt. Hospitals all over India. In Mumbai the procurement of this certificate used to be quite tedious and time consuming. The Society requested the Medical Director of authorized Hospital to issue these most essential certificates at the Society’s Free Medical Camp which is held in Mumbai every year. For those who are unable to attend the Camp, the MSSI staff arranges to get these certificates from the government hospital with minimum stress and fatigue to the patients.  

Rehabilitation : 

The employed Multiple Sclerosis patients in India find it difficult to convince their employers about the complexities of Multiple Sclerosis as a disease, and their unusual fatigue problem. Therefore they tend to lose their jobs with the advent of the disease. In this matter the MSSI tries hard to convince the employers. The Society also helps patients who have lost their jobs by trying to establish a new way to gain income, by providing computers, sewing machines etc. and also by acquiring telephone booths in public places which patients or their family members can run, to make them economically independent. 

Workshops and Seminars and Free Camps

The Society organizes various workshops for the benefit of the patients. Physiotherapy workshops are organized to guide the therapists about special exercises useful to manage MS. Occasionally yoga workshops are held. Renowned doctors also conduct medical Seminars from time to time to guide patients and their families to cope up with the disease by answering their queries.  

Free Annual Medical Camp 

The Annual Free Medical camps organized by the Society deal with full medical checkups and examinations of MS persons under one roof by distinguished doctors from various faculties. This Camp is very popular amongst MS families. 

Home Visits

Volunteers, Office bearers, and social workers maintain regular contact with the patients by telephone or by home visits. All patients and their family members look forward for these visits. 

Fundraising : 

All these services require constant flow of funds. From time to time we organize different fundraising projects. The Society raises funds through various fundraising programmes. It also approaches the Corporate Sectors and individuals. All Donations are exempted under 80G of the Income Tax Act of 1961 and Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA). 

Our Sincere Appeal To : 

a) MS Patients : To become a member of the Society, free of charge if needed and to avail all the above facilities. 

b) Doctors & Hospitals : To inform MS patients under your treatment about the MS Society and its Services. Also to refer MS cases to the Society for National Data Collection. 

c) General Public : To volunteer your free time and resources to help these patients which will bring a little sunshine in their lives. 

To get more information contact : 

Mrs. Sheela M. Chitnis
Multiple Sclerosis Society of India
Samata Sadan, 2nd Floor,
S.H. Paralkar Road, Shivaji Park
Dadar, Mumbai 400 028
Phone: 444 2067
E-Mail :