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Mobile Creches is a 30 year old organisation providing integrated day care facilities to the children of migrant construction workers at the construction sites themselves.. We cater to children between 0-14 years of age providing them with education, health care, nutrition and recreational facilities. At present we have 19 day care centres spread all over Mumbai, New Mumbai and Thane. We cater to about 1000 children per month. The centres run 6 days a week from 8;45am to 4:30 pm.
The Programme
Education and Cognitive Development of the Child
-Infant Care and stimulation:0-2years
-Preschool education:3to 5years
-Non formal education:6-12 years.
-Admission to Municipal School: Whenever they are ready, children are helped to gain admission in these schools.
Health,Hygeine and Nutrition
-Pre-natal and post-natal guidance and care for mothers
-immunisation for pregnant mothers and children
-preventive and curative medical care by a panel of doctors.
-Supplementary nutrition for the children and mothers who need it.
Community Outreach and Communication
Awareness about early childhood care, development and educational as well as social issues is created by means of
-Women's group meetings
-Community meetings
-Lok doot performances: street theatre produced by mobile Creches staff
Creche/balwadi teachers training programme- a one year training course, recognised by SNDT University wich enables youngsters to take up jobs in the field of education upon completion of the course.
Extension Services
Over the years our staff has developed considerable expertise in puppetry,  low cost teaching aids, street theatre and other activites related to art and craft. We conduct eorkshops inthese areas and also on child care in general.
Adolescent group project
Recognising that a child is at his most vulnerable to external temptations during the adolescent years, we undertake to help such children. By motivating them to study further/providing them with vocational traininig, we attempt to keep them from joining the work force and picking up bad habits that will jeopardise their futures.
You could be involved with the organisation in the following manner:
-By sponsoring a child for one year -Rs.4,200/-
-By giving a general donation
-By becoming a Mobile Creches volunteer
-By collecting donations in kind(toys, books, audio tapes, paper, waste material like pieces of cloth, cartons, boxes, old cards etc.)
-By sponsoring a student for one year for the teachers training course for Rs. 1200/-
-By spreading information about Mobile Creches.  
Contact Pallavi Narain, Executive Director, Mobile Creches at 22020869 or and visit our website at