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Get involved in YOUR city and locality - Improve Your World
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M O T H E R   N A T U R E   T R U S T
(Regn. no.  E-2779/Pune)
Registered u/s .12A of I.T. Act
1, Madhuvan, Opp. IIPS, Govandi Station Rd., Deonar, Mumbai - 88. INDIA
Phone: (91) 022 2556 5949
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Dear Sir/Madame,

You will be happy to share the empowerment, enlightenment, joy and excitement from our experiences and  adventures.

Seema, 20, discarded the College (she was in one of the so-called best college, viz., R.A.PODAR College) and Sejal, 14, discarded School ( she was in one of the so-called best schools of Bombay, viz., St. Gregorious High School ) in favour of specialiing in the subjects of her choice.  Both of them are mastering the art of dancing, aerobics, Kathak and fitness instead of wasting their lives in reading outdated books which have zero relevance to the present or future needs of the world.

Shrawan and Surabhi discarded all commercial activities in favour of fighting against negative forces around the World.  They are totally involved in Rural development, C0-operative movement, Environment protection and many other issues which are of utmost importance to the world at large.

Anuraag, 21, opted for mastering the art of Investments by reading and understanding the best, quality material on the subject instead of going for  CA, MBA, CFA  and other such degrees.

All of us are enjoying every moment of our lives because we are not slaves of the rotten non-system where hypocrisy, corruption, power, fear, sycophancy rule.

We are  continuously trying to get in touch with people like  Anna Hazare,  Dr. V. Kurien, Mr, Rajendra Singh and many other similar pillars of the Society.

We invite like-minded people around the world to take the decision to be really independent, free, happy and useful to the self and the world.   And, we will be happy to guide all such people in this mission of understanding and fulfilling the true needs of the self as well as the world.

Also, we earnestly solicit your   suggestions so that we can minimise those mistakes which are avoidable and expedite the establishment of  the most sensible and just world through Co-operative movement like Dr. V. Kurien and  Rural development like Anna Hazare.

We have been living at   the above-mentioned address  since last 10 years.  This location is on the Bombay Pune Highway, just near to Govandi Rly. Stn. and Deonar Bus Depot.

We have a burning desire to use our own resources and make people aware of the benefits of Co-operative movement and Water-shed development in a nearby village or community.

We believe that you can guide us in selecting a location which is not very far from our residence so that we can  truly involve ourselves in the noble mission of empowering the innocent and ignorant beginning from a convenient location and then expanding to farthest possible areas of the World.

Please give us some idea about how to select a suitable village.

We have a burning desire to use every inch of available space under the sun for the purpose of growing useful,  suitable plants which can purify the environment, satisfy the nutritional needs of the world, conserve soil and water and create the most enchanting environment.

An article published in the Times of India is attached for your ready reference.

Please guide us suitably for the selection of plants and proper methods of plantation using organic, natural and all other harmless methods.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

Shrawan Gupta
Surabhi Gupta
Telefax:   2556 5949  

No Noise please...

[ SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 06, 2003 04:14:41 AM ]

Many of us talk about noise pollution and its implications, but how many of us can boast of fighting the menace. Thankfully, we have mid forties Shravan Gupta, who has been fighting the cause since the past 15 years in his neighbourhood.

 man with a mission, Shravan has sent over 300 letters to various State Central Ministries, including the Prime Minister Office and the President, against increasing incidents of noise pollution. The Guptas reside at Deonar, in the neighbourhood of Indian Institute of Population Studies, which is close to a temple as well as a mosque, "The temple had 10 bells which would disturb us. I had to fight for a long time, before five bells were finally removed. The mosque also had 10 speakers, which blared incessantly during the namaaz. Now the speakers have been reduced to three. I respect the religious sentiments, but I am against disturbing others' peace in the name of religion," says Shravan emphatically.
His crusade against noise pollution has made him take umpteen visits to Mantralaya and various police officials. All he encountered was pass-the-buck attitude. "Each one said that it is not his department, but someone else's," he informs.

Twice he met Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, who sent a note to the under-secretary and was in turn to the deputy under secretary! Visits in vain have not deterred Shravan, who is now being supported by his daughters Seema (19) and Sejal (13), and his nephew Anurag Gupta (20). His daughters help him by maintaining the correspondence and regular follow-ups with the officials and Anurag keeps track of the happenings around, especially the Stock Exchange. "My aim is to protect the small investors from the big bulls," says Anurag.

Incidentally, the family's livelihood depends on the investments in the stocks. Seema has visited the offices of the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board umpteen times, but she is still awaiting some definite response to her pleas.

Shravan worked at a restaurant in Canada for three years when he decided to return and "devote my time in fighting the corrupt system that we have taken in our stride."
As it happens, Shravan too has received his share of threats from all quarters but the Guptas continue to remain steadfast.

Shravan loves gardening. In fact, it's a passion for him. His bungalow, Madhuvan, in Deonar CHS premises, has 700 varieties of fruit and flower bearing plants. His terrace garden has several fruit-bearing trees, all grown on pots. His neighbours deposit vegetable waste and other wet garbage, which he vermicomposts. He has also been credited with installing a traffic signal near his house, which is very close to the highway. The family single-handedly convinced municipal officials to construct footpath on the Govandi station road, and also helped in erecting streetlights.