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The League of Mercy - The Shelter  

Shelter is a home for the homeless for orphans and destitute children run by the society of the League of Mercy, a community outreach programme of Bombay Diocese, Church of North India . Founded in 1913, it continues to do the humanitarian work of providing a home for the orphans.  

Today it has 40 girls from age 7 to 20 years and they live in an hygienic and healthy environment and in an atmosphere of love and care. The girls attend good schools and they are provided with facilities to concentrate on their studies, closely supervised by the superintendent and other staff members. After schooling they are encouraged to pursue studies in college and/or in vocational training institutes. Recently, some girls have successfully completed Secretarial, Nursing and Travel and Tourism courses and got a good start in life.

The Shelter is a home for children of all castes, creed and religion. Meet a few of these girls:  

Prachi -  Prachi now 10 year old came to us at the age of 4 in 1995. She lost her mother when she was 4 days old. His father was blind and passed away when she was 6 years. Prachi is now studying in St. Agnes in the 3rd standard. She loves to take part in all the activities and wishes to loin the airlines someday. She is very helpful and likes this place a lot.  

Casien - This sisters of Asha Daan bought her here when she was 3 years old. She is now 9 year and studying in the II nd standard at St. Agnes. This loveable tiny tot hopes to be a teacher someday.  

Bharti - Age 14 years was brought by the Balikashram. She lost her father and mother has never visited her. She studies at the Hume High School in Marathi medium. A quite child, likes to be neat and tidy and hopes to become a Doctor.  

Soni - A court committed child from the Balikashram at age 11 year. Nothing much is known of her parents. She is studying Standard lXth in the Hume High School in the Marathi medium. Very friendly and bright she hopes to join the airlines someday.  

Jayashree - Court committed at age 12 years from the Balikashram at age 11 year. No information of her parents. She is studying in the lXth standard in the Hume High School . Avery jolly person and like to help others.

The Shelter is run by donations only. With increasing school fees and other expenses our total expenses keep on going up year after year. The overall annual expenses for a child come to Rs. 2,500/-.  

We solicit donors to make either a regular donation or to support a child or to make one time or periodic donations. Kindly fill in the attached portion and send it along with cash/ cheque payable to The League of Mercy. All donations will be acknowledged and receipts given. Donations to The League of Mercy is exempted under 80G of the Income Tax Act. 1961.  

Any further information is available from:  

The Hon. Secretary / Superintendent:  

61, Clare Road , Byculla, Mumboi 400 008.
Telephone :  23072381  


The Rt. Rev. Bishop of Bombay Church of North India ,
St. John's House

Mumbai  400005
Tel. & Fax: 22151439