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Residents Association for welfare of residents in area of Andheri-West.

C/o. B2, Tirath, Lallubhai Park, Andheri (W) Mumbai 400 058.

_____________________________Since 1998_____________________________________

Brief History: Our Association is started in November 1998 in view of Hawing Zone declaration at our area. Massive rally was organized and people of the area got together. Memorandum was submitted to Municipal Ward offer. (Circular and cutting of newspaper attached. There was coverage of TV, Newspapers and various magazines.

Since Nov 1998 onward association is working for community development under President of Paresh Mehta with adhoc committee. All societies are members and they also contributed as an when requested. Lallubhai Park Area Residents Association is non-political organization.

Strength of Association: Our Association is made of various housing societies, Tenants building, Bungalows and Housing colony like Tata Housing Center and Parsi Colony.

Total No of societies: 67 societies.

Area Covered: East of SV Road to west of Railway line, North of Irla Nala till South of Flyover Bridge towards of MA High School- Andheri West.

Residents in the area: approximately 15,000. Area map is enclosed for your reference.

1. Received Award from CITISPACE for Best managed Resident Association by Ret. Judge 2003.
2. Second best Association by Bombay Chamber of Commerce- Social service 2003
3. On 12th June 2004 received the Award for best Cleanliness Area by BMC- Hon Mayor.

Various Activities of the association, in brief:

(A) Cleaning of Area: We have removed the 19 trucks of debris and cleaning of Gutters with own effort and private contractors to clean entire area. This activity are undertaken ever year and before monsoon all the gutters are clean to avoid flooding in entire area. Our association is coordinating with BMC on regular basis. From 1st Nov 2001, again cleaning of entire area started with private contractor and this will be ongoing project. Till now we had removed more than 14 trucks.

From 1st Nov 2002, all residents have decided to remove the Dust bins from two locations. LAPARA adhoc committee has taken special interest to educate the residents of entire area and hutment area for Dry and Wet Garbage separation, Provided the two dust bins to each societies for wet and Dry Garbage. With the help of BMC coordination, we are now successful to keep dustbin free area in Lallubhai Park. Our nest step is to make zero Garbage concepts.

(B) Beatification of area: Various buildings have taken up the beatification in front of societies/Bungalows, over the open gutters, by making flowerbeds and garden, where by Association helps to get permission from BMC and help to beautify the area. Some of societies have completed the work and few are yet to complete. If any permission help require from us than please let us know, we will help you for the process.
We also requested the various builders/developers to help us and beatify the streets. We have got good response from them.

(C) Safety and Security of area: Association has appointed with consultation of Juhu Police, Private security personnel with Doberman dogs for night patrolling, for the trial period of six month. No house braking or theft was reported. It was discontinue during the monsoon time. In fact Police department were very happy to help in the area and encourage us to continue such work. We also tried for another 3 months again in last summer but due to lack of fund we had presently discontinue.

(D) Garden Development: There are two BMC gardens in entire area, Lallubhai Park and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Garden. Both the Gardens were painted and given very new look and now many people of this area as well as area from Vile Parle West and Andheri East use it. Both the gardens are also utilized for Senior citizens of this area. Regular Yoga Classes are conducted in two batches. Gardens are painted with Children loving Cartoons and Yoga postures. We have now received the donation, for this cause, from different organizations.  Development. More than 30 new cement benches are put in the two gardens.

We have join hands with BMC for Sardar Patel Garden and provided the entire paints and some of the New Children Play equipments installed. Excellent support was given by BMC K west officers and staff. Garden was re opened by Municipal Commissioner Shri Shrivastav.

(E) Public meetings: Various public meeting are held time to time for awareness of people and benefit of people.

(1) Spiritual Lectures: Baba Amte has also visited our area and given his blessing. Mr. Servesh Vora also spoke on spiritual aspect.

(2) MTNL: General Manager, DGM and other staff addressed the people for their rights and MNTL services. Problems faced by citizens regarding services, and their solutions were taken up in such interactions. MTNL has its exchange in our area, and it frequently under takes digging up of road, causing great nuisance. The matter was taken up in such meeting, along with co ordination with BMC.

(3) Police Department: Dy. Comm. Of police, Asst Comm. of Police and Police station In charge of this area, were invited for meeting and interactions with citizens. They spoke about the safety, about keeping details of domestic servants, about how one should be careful etc and how citizens will be helpful to police and vice a versa. Mahola Committee meeting are also held regularly.

(4) Mahanager Gas/ BSES: Coordination and road digging issues are taken up in the area with request to place boards to display nature of work, estimated time, date of completion and hazard warnings etc

(5) Medical Camp; Sr. Citizen medical check up camp was organized on 8th & 15 July 2002. Blood, Urine, Osteoporosis, Dental, Eye, Cancer, Gynec for ladies was successfully completed with senior Doctors and expert advise with report handed over to each participant at very low cost of Rs. 100 only. Earlier, seminar about neck and back problem was arranged with demonstrations for people of this area at free of cost.

(6) Election- Voting Right: All the members of this area were appealed by circular that every voter must vote. (Copy Enclosed)

(7) Meeting With BMC Officials: More than four times Dy. Municipal Commissioners with ward officers, Garden and solid waste departments were invited in Public meeting to address and interact with residents and their problems at various intervals. This is ongoing activity. Cleanliness, Misquotes prevent spray, Water supply and general hygienic issues are discussed on regular basis.

(8) LAPARA has arranged musical evening on 21st Nov 2004 post Diwali meeting at Rajasthan Hostel. All the committee members with spouse were invited to all the society who are members. Video CD presentation shown to all the members and more than 800 people attended the function.

(9) LAPARA Collected Tsunami fund and donated to Ramakrishna Mission, Rs.1,25,000.00 collected from house to house and individual members.

(10) On 21st Nov 2004, LAPARA also awarded the best society three awards in terms of Cleanliness, security and greenery maintain by each society. Three Judges were appointed independently to asses each society.   

(F) Location Map: Association has installed, at five different locations, Oil painted big size board that shows the road and name of Buildings in the area for convenience. Various lanes and sub lanes of area are also identified in the map.

(G) Another two addition Location map and different location plan to put in month of March 2005.

(H) Children Participation: Last Dec 23rd 2000, Association has arranged the Drawing competition for children of various age groups. Free drawing paper; Colour boxes and gift were distributed to all the participants with prizes for top few.

Same evening more than 250 children took part in X-mass party hosted by our association with games, skits, snacks, balloons and caps to encourage the activities of area cleanliness, beautification general hygienic condition. Children from near by area of Shastry Nagar (Hutment area) were also invited and we had tried to bridge the gap between classes of poor and rich.
In fact with this program, people of entire area very much touched and spontaneous donation were also received to continue such activities.

(I) Mahila Mandal: Association is coordinating with Mahila Manal organization in our area and also arranged the Ladies Medical Camp-specially for Gynac base problem and cancer check up. This was with the help of Rotary Club of Bombay Airport (NGO)

(J) Zebra Painting: Our members have painted zebra crossing at two places where school is located, and more traffic hazards is found. This was carried our by association after the traffic police departments requested us to do the same as they did not have fund to do so.

(K) Yoga Classes: Two batches of Yoga classes with music therapy are running free of cost every day at Garden in the morning batches. Paresh Mehta started this. People from Andheri-East and Vile Parle and Juhu lane also take advantage. This is running for last more than two years.

(L) Grievances of Residents: Every Last Sunday of Month all the people are requested to attend the meeting for the making complaints and suggestion at 10.00AM. President with Adhoc committee members are present during this meeting.

(M) Post Boxes: Association has re-instated the two post boxes from our area with coordination Postal departments, which were removed earlier.

(N) Senior Citizen Club: We have two senior citizen clubs, who meets every day in the morning and also Yoga classes also run by them, which was started by Mr. Paresh Mehta. They arrange more than five picnic/mandir darshan with various lecture in a year. Very active Club and today more than 100 members.

(O) Gujarat Earthquake relief: Our Committee member has collected the fund and cloths for Gujarat earthquake victims in the same week of earthquake occurred. We had donated Cash Rs. 57,000.00 to Ramakrishna Mission for Earthquake relief fund and send the cloths to Kutch by truckload.

(P) News Letter: Our association has started the newsletters to update the situation in the area and each flat/house distributed. This was stared from July 2001. Newsletter will be for every month with important tel no of Govt. and other agencies.

(Q) Hawkers: PIL for non-hawking zone at high court we won. However we were successful with BMC for declaring our area as non-hawking zone.  No new hawkers are allowed in our area and people are now vigilant also. Now the case is with Supreme Court and we are planning to intern the same.

(R) We have been invited by various localities to motivate them and form such association and maintain the good area with healthy relationship in various part of Mumbai suburbs.

(S) All accounts are maintained update and audited as well as circulated to all societies, LAPARA also held regular AGMs.  Name of LAPARA Bank: ICICI Bank Ltd.

Future Plans:
(1) Garden development: Newly done Garden, we are shortly starting the Music for two hours in morning and evening and want to create better environments. Also plans adopt both the Gardens with help of sponsorship.

(2) Cleaning: We have planned to clean area as ongoing project. Dust bins/Dumps removed and now try to achieve the Zero Garbage in the entire area. Private cleaning of area started from Jan 2005.

(3) Beautification of area: Every society will make their entrance clean and green with plantation as permitted by BMC.

(4) Reintroduction of Security guards in entire area for night petrol and create safety of the area with the help of Police dept.

Aim: Keep area Clean, beautiful and safe.
 Self-help is best help.
"To create Model area to set an example in city of Mumbai."

On Behalf of Committee Members.

Paresh Mehta- President
Lallubhai Park Area Resident association
C/O Jasma Engineering Mumbai. India
Tel: + 91 22 2687 2708
Fax: + 91 22 2687 0829

Member of Committee: Ninad Desai, Kishor Vora, Ms Dinaz Banaji, Nevi Gandevia, Sharad Dalal, Sunil Kacholia, Jagdeep Desai. Pradeep Bide, Avinash Dandekar, Praful Sheth, Mukund Shah.