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Khotachiwadi – Forever Young

28th May & 29th May 2005

Khotachiwadi a village which Bombay grew around and is the earliest settlement of the East Indian community and Pathare Prabhu. Mr. Khot the landlord leased these plots of land to migrants who began to flock Bombay . The East Indian community who lived places like Manori, Bassein, Gorai, etc. bought these plots and built their colonial style wooden bunglows. Number 1 Khotachiwadi, now destroyed is situated on V.P. Road , where eminent Maharashtrian & Gujarati families built their family homes. The entrance to Khotachiwadi from the Girgaum Side overlooked the beach and the Church was built on the curve of the Girgaum bay.

The Khotachiwadi Welfare & Heritage Trust (Regn. No. E-21926) was formed o the     13th August 2004 to help protect the few bunglows left of the original 65 and help resident of the area to maintain and clean this tourist site which is now a heritage precinct. The Khotachiwadi – Forever Young festival was conceptualized to achieve our goals.


To create an awareness in the neighborhood in Mumbai on the importance of cleanliness and the importance of a heritage site.

To enhance and upgrade the commercial potential of an existing tourist site.

To create employment through home industry schemes.

To create a unique and environmental friendly festival.

To help residents of heritage buildings to raise funds for maintenance and restoration.

The funds raised from this festival would be utilized in providing better public conveniences like

·      Dustbins with liners in designated areas

·      Employing cleaners to supplement and help the overtaxed BMC staff

·      To create in a comic book form a book on personal and social hygiene for school going children

·      To help restore the community temple and club house both situated in the wadi

The festival would be held in the Khotachiwadi Heritage precinct on the 28th & 29th May, 2005.

A map of the area will be created in an antique style with ‘Devangiri’ and English script by dCell of Lintas , India . The logo of the festival as well as the letter head of the trust has also been created by dCell. They will also be helping us in design and decoration of the various commercial outlets and overall festival designing.

The Orchid group of Hotels has consented to be the co-sponsor to the festival.




Sr. No.



Concept - Explanation

Person in Charge


Food Courts

Club Compound

East-Indian Buffet: - Serving delicious recipes outsourced to a professional caterer. The East Indian Buffet stall would have an ambience of the same East Indian Ambience around.

Outsourced to caterers

Front of Don Augiar’s House

China Town : - Serving Chinese ‘momoes’ & ‘couchaes’ in an environment with Chinese lanterns (red coloured). This food court would be set up by one of the households in the wadi who specializes in making Chinese cuisine.


Leena Carvalho

Ideal Wafer Chip Shop Compound

Maharashtrian Wedding Feast Buffet: - This food court would serve authentic Maharastrian wedding feast (only vegetarian). The catering would be all outsourced to a professional ‘Maharashtrian wedding’ caterer. For this food court we intend making some the bride and the groom and getting them married in a beautifully decorated pandal created out of Banana leaves.  

to caterer

Chaudhari House Compound

Kombdi Vada

Outsourced to caterer

Chaudhari House Compound

Maharashtrian  Snacks

  • Pohe
  • Sheera
  • Puran Poli  


Chaudhari House Compound

Paratha & Pickles

Outsourced to caterer

Dr. (Mrs) Henal Shah’s Ground Flr.

Ice & fruit parlor:-  

Dr. (Mrs.) Henal Shah

Mr. James Ferreira  1st Flr.

Tea Lounge with herbal snacks:-

Mr. James Ferreira


Standalone Stalls.

Mrs. Jeanette Phillips Ground Flr. Flat – Caesar Mansion


Specialty Pickles: - Lotus Stem, Jack fruit, carrots, turmeric, carrots, prawns, etc.


Mrs. Jeanette Phillips Ground Flr. Flat – Caesar Mansion

Specialty Masalas: - Particular Community Masalas.


Mrs. Jeanette Phillips Ground Flr. Flat – Caesar Mansion

Chutneys:- East Indian chutneys and Gujarati Chundas


Mrs. Jeanette Phillips Ground Flr. Flat – Caesar Mansion

Jams:- Pineapple, kiwis, mixed fruits.



In front of Cross, Christopher Baptista’s House & Sai Niwas


  • Kokum Shurbat  
  • Thandai
  • Mango Panna
  • Lime Juice
  • Watermelon Slush
  • Jewelry made of flowers as per your design.  




  • Selling East-Indian & Maharastrian snacks  




The Wall

(Art gallery)

Entrance to the wadi from Girgaum Side

  • Landscape painting of the heritage structures of the lane (only in water colors on drawing paper, NOT canvas.)
  • Portraits in charcoal/water color/crayon/oil.  

(The trust would inviting these artist for the sketching between 10th May & 20th May 2005 and then display their art work on the art wall on the date of the event – this exercise would be as a competition and the winner would be given a one year scholarship for further studies in Art)

Mr. Shymal Chavan





Souviener Shop

Willy’s Front Room

      ·         Cups / mugs  
Book mark  
T-Shirts , Jig-saw puzzles,  

John  & Willy Felizardo


Herbal Garden

James Ferreira’s Garden

Potted herbal plants like neem, aloevera,  lemon grass, Tulsi, Basil,etc. will be available at site and on a dial a herb basis.

Mr. James Ferreira


The Boutique -Macattak

Mesquita House

Garments by Savio Jon, Ranji Kelekar, James Ferreira

Mr. Ranji Kelekar


Raw Works

Val Ferreira Ground Flr.

An NGO which specializes in surface decorating objects

Ms. Gauri


Om Creations

Joe Dias’s Ground Flr.

Sale of items created by spastic


Mrs. Sangeeta Khanna



Shutter Bugs


Dr. Shah


Photographs of the visitors by  famous photographers like Ashok Salian against Kitched back drops





Outdoor Locations in the lane

Dashaavtara :- The 10

              I.      Avtaars of  Hindu God

           II.      Marathi Street :- By Nandu Bhende

         III.      Singing in Regional Languages:- by Professionals

           IV.      Back Drops




Appropriate Area

I.      Rangoli:- Outside the rubble ground to keep the places clean.

   II.      Potraits of the lane:- beginning from 10th May to 20th May 2005 , inviting the interested artists to display their creative works

III      Best Pickle:- from households of the lane.

IV. Carrom Competition

V.  Chess Competition: Knock out at the club

Ms. Bhumika Damania


Mr. Shyamal Chavan & Mr. Shilesh





Mr. Amit