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Koshish Centre for the Deaf 

Koshish, a Hindi word, means effort. It is the binding and unrelenting quality that is shared by all those affiliated with the organization. It is the effort by the members of the Trust, its staff, parents, the society and most important of all, the deaf themselves in trying to find ways to overcome hurdles and integrate into the society. All we need to do is to put in an effort. It is this dedication that is being applauded and celebrated.

The Trust

Trust - ENT Charitable Trust was registered in 1979 to help the deaf and children in particular.

The Trust activities range from detection of uncomplained hearing impairment to rehabilitation of the deaf.

Trust Activities

Detection of uncomplained deafness - In the past 20 years an audiometry, ( testing of hearing level ), survey was conducted to detect uncomplained hearing impairment in 100,000 children between the ages of 6 to 15. This is the highest number of children screened audiometrically in the world. Retired school teachers, educated senior citizens and high school graduates were trained as audiometry technicians. The results show that 16 % of private school children and 30 % of slum children experienced hearing impairment. Majority of the causes were preventable and curable. Noting the thoroughness and cost effective approach of this survey, ( Rs. 10 per child / approx. US $ 0.25 ), the World Health Organization has shown its appreciation. In addition, we have been appointed by the State Government for further screening.

Deafness Detection Clinic - The Trust conducts weekly Deafness Detection services free of charge. To date 2,664 patients have been treated, 108 were given free surgical treatment and 53 were given free hearing aids.

Continuing Education Program - Weekly lectures for family physicians and seminars for doctors and paramedicals are organized.

Deafness Detection Camps - Deafness Detection Camps are organized on a regular basis in rural areas.

Publication of Health Literature - The Trust has prepared audio-visual slide shows, published pamphlets and books to create health awareness. The subjects covered are : Deafness due to age, The Deaf and Mute child, Deafness in Women, Deafness in Children, Deafness Screening Project, Hearing Aids, Snoring, Hoarseness of Voice, Ringing in Ear, Earache, Allergy, Stammering, Ear Operations, Drug Addiction, Immunization, Voice Disorders, World of Toys, Diseases of the Nose and Behavioral problems in Children.

Bimonthly Bulletin - Since 1987 Whispering Waves has been published with articles of common interests and is distributed free of cost to approximately 2000 individuals and organizations.

Koshish Piramal School for the Deaf

Schools for the Deaf - Since 1983 the Trust has been conducting three schools for the deaf under the name Koshish. The three Koshish schools are the only private schools to provide free education, medical care, hearing aid kits and rain-ware to its 85 deaf children.

Koshish is the only private school in Mumbai providing free education, hearing aids and medical care to 116 deaf students. The number of students will go upto 140. For the first time we will be starting the classes for the integrated deaf students.

Location - Each of the three schools are located in the western suburbs of Bombay

Staff - The staff of 48 qualified teachers.

Training- The training is imparted not by sign language, but by modern methods of communications through individuals and group hearing aids, audio-visual approach, lip reading, speech therapy with speech monitor.

The monitor creates a graph on the screen, which the child is asked to match by seeking the same sound. This brings clarity to his speech. It helps the deaf and mute child to  ‘Hear and Speak’. This helps in integrating them in regular schools. 100 children are integrated since the inception of Koshish. The integrated students from the fist batch has passed SSC.

Awards : Students of Koshish have received 321 awards in the academic and extra curricular activities. It is the highest number of awards received by any school in the state.

Picnic and Tours : Children are taken to various outstation places of history and also the post office, banks, factories, hospitals etc to increase their general knowledge.


Vocational courses

Children are taught screen printing, computer, sewing, embroidery, knitting, drawing, yoga, martial art, and complete beautician course. They appear for government diploma exams.



  1. Language : French, Arabic, German, Sanskrit

   2.  Tax planning, Investments & Premiums

  1. Mehndi
  2. Hair Style, Switch setting, skin care, make up & beauty course
  3. Astrology
  4. Palmistry
  5. Ikebana & Bonsai
  6. Purse, toy, doll, flower making
  7. Artificial jewellery making
  8. Rexine articles & bag making
  9. Bhajan singing
  10. Embroidery & knitting
  11. Screen printing
  12. Yoga & aerobics
  13. Public speaking
  14. Ceramic paintings
  15. Tailoring
  16. Fabric painting
  17. Judo & Karate
  18. Reiki
  19. Cartoon & Caricatures
  20. Computer
  21. Repairing radio, TV, Video
  22. Painting
  23. Typing
  24. Dancing
  25. Aluminium Foil etching/painting
  26. Photography
  27. Classical vocal
  28. Instrumental



Committee members

Dr Ajay Kothari, ENT surgeon

Mr Kulin Kanji

Dr Gopa Kothari

Mr Chandrakant Gabhawalla, C.A.

Mr Devubhai Kothari


May we request you to sponsor education of atleast one deaf child for one year by donating Rs 4000/-. This will cover his education, books and medical care.


One hearing aid – Rs 4000/-


Sponsoring one handicap for a vocation course- Rs 5000/


Cheque may be drawn in favour of :

ENT Charitable Trust

4, Filka, Daftarty Road,

Malad (E)

Mumbai- 400097

Tel: 28834629

Telefax: 28446448

Fax: 26045926


Koshish Centre for the Deaf 
D. B. Lane
Off Daftary Road
Malad (E)
Mumbai 400097
Karmayogi: Dr. Ajay Kothari, Managing Trustee              
Tel: 26485433, 28446448, 28834629 
Notes: Providing educational & vocational courses. Has modern art gallery available free of charge to any handicap artist anywhere from India. Has up to date hearing aid section, audiology, speech therapy, child behavioral and mental trauma counselling departments. Also see Koshish Piramal School For The Deaf.
Rating: A+
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