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Registration No:  Mumbai -F / 26667 and regi no. 788/04 mah.
About us: Organisation is been working in mumbai  since 2003. As the organisation believes that scientific outlook could alone bring about social reformation we are working with the same motto in view with a social perspective 
Vision: mumbai with all her technical expertise is still facing some obstacles in her overall development compared to her competitors. the main reason behind this is the lack of scientific outlook and some baseless beliefs of the people. the organisation is been working to broaden the vision of the individuals by building up scientific temper among them, so that they could look towards there life with a new virtue.

Mission: we believe that scientific outlook alone can bring about social reform

child and women welfare programs.
help assistance during natural calamities.
organising educational and promotional camps in schools and colleges on 72 different topics
organising cancer awareness and detection camps.
organising leprosy awareness and detection camps.
counselling seminars.

Impact: about 450 ladies were trained in MAHILA ATTMANIRBHARTA ABHIYAN.
Programs were conducted in more than 30 schools in and around mumbai to 7000 students

History: the organisation was setup in dec 2003 with a firm view of reformation. the first stepping stone was a huge success MAHILA ATMANIRBHARTA ABHIYAN which saw nearly 450 ladies been trained. From then the organisation has spread in and round mumbai with branches in nasik, thane districts. This was followed by a full fleged maharashtra level drawing competition which saw tremendious response CHITRAKALA VIKAS ABHIYAN. In the meantime KATHA LEKHAN, HASARE GHARKUL, PAK KRUTI, GREETING CARD, such & other contests were organised.To fight against malnutrition & provide help assistance to the emaciated, under the coverage of KUPOSHIT BALAK JIVAN SANVARDHAN PRKALPA & DNYAN VIDNYAN PRABODHAN MOHIM a series of provocating seminars were arrenged in mumbai, nasik, pune, raigadh district.The organisation has been flourishing with such a speed only because of noble support of schools / colleges We still a sapling and in order to stretch as banyan tree we are still in need of some vital elements. 

MAHILA ATMANIRBHARTA ABHIYAN:- different courses - mehendi, jewellery making, fabric/glass/pot painting, candle, flower making, annapurna - free courses.
DNYAN VIDNYAN PRABODHAN MOHIM :- 72 different lectures for school colleges group. 7000 students connected from mumbai, raigadh, pune, nasik.
How can you work with others? : we are working with many different NGOs like stree mukti sanghatana, ABANS, Pratham, CPAA, ALERT india and many other school-colleges. We will arrange free lectures from our 72 subject list, we will give preference to provide them their requirements.  
Yearly Budget: Rs. 50,000.
Revenue Sources: no one. just collection of membership fees.
Corporates can adopt us at yearly sponsorship of Rs. 5 to 6 lacs.

full time: 03
part time: 20
volunteers: 15

Help Needed:
Volunteers: yes 
Donations-in-kind: yes
Services needed: yes
Advisors needed: yes
Jobs Available: no
Donation possibilities: to sponsor raw material for women welfare & self dependency, to sponsor projects on scientific temper for school-college, also health awareness programs.

Contact Details:
Jeevan Sanvardhan Sanstha
6 Shrikrishna Niwas, Maharashtra Nagar, Bhandup (west),
Phone: 022-25940786
Fax: ----
Karmayog: Harish Dixit
phone  9869420466 (best time to call: 24 hours)
cell: 9870209787
website: x
email personal:
Prashant Sonawane
Manoj Pawar
Harish Dixit
Vinay Chandanshive
Santosh Khute
Snehal Chandanshive