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I can fly kites. I’ll become an engineer. I love my school. Teacher says ….I’ll be able to speak someday!

Because he is not dumb…only deaf!  

When Raju joined our school he was extremely shy. He was unable to speak because he was born deaf. But, within a year, in the company of other students like him he adjusted rapidly. He made dramatic progress with the help of a hearing aid. He is now full of curiosity and can even speak a little.

In India there are many children like Raju. According to a 1991 Govt. survey, deaf children constitute 1.7% of the total population of handicapped children. These children are as playful, intelligent, curious and lively as any normal child. Most interesting, these children are highly creative.

We need to scientifically study the problems these children face, give them much required emotional support to remove their inferiority complex and educate them to the best of our abilities.

Jhaveri Thanawala Karnabadhir Vidyalaya

With the moto of giving these children an all around education “Bahire Muke Shikshan Sanstha”, thane established Jhaveri Thanawala Karnabadhir Vidyalaya. Shri velankar started the school in 1950 with just 2 students, which has now grown to 90 students. Children can attend the Montessory School from the age of 2.5 and can go right up to Std. VII, after which efforts are made to enroll them in normal schools.

Every effort is made to ensure that these children get equal opportunities and are trained to stand on their own feet. We have been facing an uphill struggle with failure and despair dogging our footsteps in a stubborn struggle to create, sustain and build this institution.  

It is the first of such schools to be established in thane and the second in Mumbai- thane district. The school is both recognized and receives grants from the social welfare department. Creating more appropriate and useful facilities for the student is our principal aim. To instill confidence in the students they participate in extra curriculum activities, apart from the routine academic studies. The students are coached to participate in various district and state level competitions. Each year we conduct an annual sports competition for all such students in thane. Since the contribution of the parents to the progress of the students is most important, their involvement is sought through regular parents- teachers meetings. Some of our past students have become successful entrepreneurs and quits a few are well employed and independent. Many of our students have also joined normal schools and are progressing well.  

Apart from formal education we also teach drawing & painting, craft dance and swimming. Children who have been taught magic are, in fact regularly giving successful public performances.  

In this age of computers and very competitive environment we train the student to be both independents and capable, as well as, god citizens. It is therefore with deep regret that we have to sometimes refuse admission to new students, simply because we do not have the necessary space.  

Our top most priority is to create classrooms for providing education up to std. X, facilities for teaching much needed vocational skills, library and a hostel for out station students. We also desperately need to provide more sophisticated hearing aids and equipment and an infant center where early treatments and education can be provided.

Naturally all they require additional space and funds. The Govt. has, in principal, agreed to provide the necessary land. We strongly believe that this is a great opportunity for the more fortunate among us to contribute funds on personal efforts for this noble aim.  

You may rest assured that your efforts and money will be going towards a genuine social cause, and to an institution which is recognized by both Government and the public for it’s dedication to the betterment and education of deaf children. Our institution is a registered public trust and accordingly the donations enjoy exemption under section 80G of the income tax Act. Together we can ensure that the dreams of many more Rajus will come true someday.

Our Future Plans

Education up to std. X

Since we are unable to relocate all our students in normal schools we require providing education beyond std. VII with specialized facilitates and trained teachers.

Vocational workshop

In addition to formal education we aim to equip students with employment skills by providing them training in computer operation, type writing, sewing drawing, chalk and candle making etc.

Hearing aid and facilities

To effectively educate these students we need more modern sophisticated hearing aid and equipments for both individual and group study, along with speech and sound proof rooms.  

Infant center

Because of early diagnosis children from the age of 6 months to 2.5 years can benefit considerably from specialized education, modern aids & educational toys.


Hostel facilities are a crucial requirement for students coming from outside Thane, as they need continued and specialized care unlike normal students.

School Building

To accommodate all the required facilities we desperately need spacious accommodation. On the anvil are plans for laboratory, library, and community hall, art center & play ground.  

You can help us through

  • Cash donations
  • Donating personal or group hearing aids
  • Donating typewriter, personal computers, sewing machines, fans or water cooler etc.
  • Donation for construction of new school building.
  • Sponsoring seminars, sports & other competitions
  • Sponsoring prizes

Board Trustees

President                      Mr. Suresh Jayantilal Thanawala
Vice President              Mrs. Sadhana Suresh Vaze
Secretary                      Mrs. Namita Milind Sabnis
Treasurer                      Mrs. Achala Vinayak Mahajan
Trustee                         Mr. Subhodbhai Jhaveri
Trustee                         Mr. K.T Thanawala
Trustee                         Mr. Hasmukhlal Thanawala      
Trustee                         Mr. M. V Joshi

Trustee                        Smt. Leelatai Joshi
Trustee                         Mr. N. S Joshi
Trustee                         Mr. Gourang Thanawala
Principal                       Mr. Vijaya V Khadkikar  

Contact Us

Jhaveri Thanawala School for the Deaf
Kesarwadi Premises, 2nd floor 
Near Koupineshwar Temple
Station Rd.

Thane - 400601
Karmayogi: Ms. Vijaya Khadkikar, Principal
Tel: 25334363