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(Registration No. Maharashtra/2271/Ratnagiri, under society Act 1860)
Registered Office: At: Kadvai, Taluka: Sangmeshwar, District Ratnagiri. Maharashtra, India

Mumbai Office Address: KM 24, Sunderbaug, Near Deonar BEST Depot, Sion-Trombay Road, Deonar, Mumbai-400088, Maharashtra, India
Contact: Mr. Deepak Dhopat, Phone: (Res) 022-24500126, Cell: 9869475185,

Office Address: 8, Satyam, Kaviltali, Chiplun, Dist: Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India, 
Contact: Mr. Sunjay Sawant, Phone No: 09422431515, Email:

“Development of the society lies in growth of small marginalized sections, which are part and parcel of the society. We aim at supporting those marginalized groups to come forward and join the society in development process.” 


Janjagruti Sanstha has been working in Chiplun, Sangmeshwar, Khed, Dapoli, Mandangad and Guhager tehsil of Ratnagiri district since last ten years. The organization started working with a niche of establishing a developed community and thus decided to tackle each and every social problem faced by rural community in focused area. While starting its work there was no financial support from any source but still the efforts continued. Initially rural children, women, farmers and supporting them to solve those problems by providing the knowledge of government schemes and also helping to implement those schemes, on addressing the problems faced the focus. Support from society was also asked time to time and this way the organization has been tackling the rural level issues on its own. During this period, Janjagruti established its work, gained trust of local community people and registered the organization.

On 27th December 1999 the organization was registered and continued its work with even more enthusiasm and with more planned efforts. After registration, Janjagruti focused on specific issues and implemented various programmes. Source of financial support is still limited to local donations, which are very less but Janjagruti is fighting hard for the benefit of people.  

The organization aims at…  

An ultimate goal of the organization is, “strengthening marginalized sections of the community and.”  bringing the whole community under the roof of development processes  

Focus Area:  

Rural and tribles areas of Ratangiri District including Taluka’s Chiplun, Sangmeshwar, Guhager, Khed, Dapoli, Mandangarh  

Urban and Semi Urban areas of Ratnagiri, Chiplun and Mumbai  

The specific objectives are,  

1.    To generate awareness among community people regarding their rights and all the benefits, the government has specified for them.  

2.    To educate people about the triviality in following customs and traditions blindly.  

3.  To provide basic quality education to Every child in age group of 3 to 14 
     -  Every Child in School  
  Every Child is learning and retaining  

4.    Provide basic Computer Education through Computer Aided Learning(CAL)  Centre to all children of Rural Areas.  

5.    To make means of income available to women for their personal development  

6.     To make women empower to fight to her right in society.  

7.      To implement schemes and policies of government in focus area.  

8.      To provide education to farmers for agricultural growth.  

9.     To Provide basic data at village level thorough E-governance projects.  

10.  Aware all the people and empower them about all issues in the society to solve it independently, make them sustain in society through our Street Plays.  

Orgnisation’s Programmes :  

The range of activities undertaken by the organization is wide, as the organization has been tackling all the problems faced by any member of the community.

Family counselling centre

The organization has established two family-counseling centres in the Chiplun and Khed focus area.  In the report period also the centre has been continuing its duty of counseling the families. As far as possible the efforts are made towards re-establishing the relationships in the family with the help of counseling instead of forwarding the cases to court.

Seeking of assistance to sustain this activity from Donors.  

Training on agriculture development 

Ø                   Trainings to farmers and youth group in the focus area on the land of 10 Gunthas various agricultural experiments organized.

Ø                   With the experiments it has been proved that natural agricultural product taken on the land of 10 Gunthas can be enough for a 5-person family.

Ø                   On going an intensive training on natural methods of agriculture.

Ø                   The chief functionary of the organization Mr. Sanjay Sawant is having specialization in this experimentation.

Ø                    Training programme for saving groups training on floriculture

Supportive income for women through 

Ø                   Self help Group (SHG): The organization facilitated the processes of saving groups formation in the villages

Ø                   50 Small Savings Groups of women and below poverty line peoples groups have been established in 40 villages.   Transaction of money lending fulfilled her/his urgent needs. All the groups are running well with satisfactory.  

Ø                   A campaign was spread among community women that they could develop their own kitchen gardens, which can add to their present income. 60 women are presently earning Rs500/- to Rs1000/- with the produce in their kitchen gardens. Some women have also provided supportive business of milk dairies, mushroom cultivation and so on. Some women sell some of their produce in the neighboring village and have been earning around Rs2500/- per month as an added income.  

Ø                   Camps on Panchaayat raj and legal education were organized for women.

Ø                   MAVIM is assisting to us to established this groups 

Programme for children

Ø                   For the children of poor, who live in slums on foot path in urban areas, education was provided.

Ø                   For Out of School Children we started 8 Non-Formal Education Centre to mainstreaming of   these children at Shivnadi basti and Bahaddur Shaikh basti, Chiplun

Ø                   Apart from these areas, in the villages, Aambdas, Chirni, Bhelsai, Valope, Kamaye, Anaganwadi and child development centres were started.

Ø                   10 Remedial Classes were for slow learners in the 10 villages with the collaboration of Govt. schools.

Ø                   These centres also conduct various games and train children on Yoga, Mallakhamb, general exercising and other cultural events. These children get to learn here values like national unity, religious unity, brotherhood and this creates a feeling of togetherness among them. 

Ø                   8 Computer Aided learning Centre are running in Govt. schools to provide them basic knowledge of Computer Education.

Ø                   15 children from lower class were provided educational material. Funds for this were raised by conducting various educational programmes. The organization provides uniforms and books and notebooks to these children regularly.  

Programmes for adolescent girls 

Group discussions with adolescent girls on health issues and to generate awareness among them regarding their own body have been organized. Discussions on the issues like physical and emotional changes occurring with girls as they grow older and about motherhood were organized with various groups of adolescent girls in focus area. Girls also responded such programmes positively. Guidance camps were organized for adolescent girls and women on the topics of health education, child rearing etc.

Programmes for youth groups

·           For youth groups various workshops have been conducted, where they are especially trained on effective problem solving methods. These are basically life skills, which are required to lead to successful life. Such workshops have provided these youth groups, mental strength to accept challenges in life and prove themselves. Importance of exercising and development of leadership qualities among youth generation has been discussed with youth groups time to time.

·           Income generation programmes for youth In coordination with State Bank, Chiplun and Mahatma Phule Corporation for Backward communities, two youth members were provided auto rikshaws and support was given to start business independently.

·           A combined project of poultry has been designed with eight youth members from Kalambaste village. A special training programme was also provided to this group.

·           Youth  camp was organized for youth members in the villages, Rampur , Pathardi and  Pimpali. Rights based issues of youth groups were tackled by the organization.

·           Organisaing  the occasion of Yuvak Melawa, were guided the youth members employment and earning  and also  conducted a legal training camp.

·           Group discussions were organized on the topics, “development” and “youth organization”. Response to this programme was good. Such group discussions were organized in other villages too. The topics discussed there were chosen to give maximum knowledge and exposure to young generation of the current issues and about the happenings overall the world.

Street Plays:
The organization conducted altogether 50 shows of street plays, dramas to generate awareness among people regarding addiction, eliminating the practices of following false customs and traditions. Natural farming and various developmental issues

Apart from the programmes mentioned above, some other activities were conducted these are follows:

·                     A support of Rs 10,000/- was provided to people below poverty line to repair their houses.

·                     A support of Rs 15,000/- was provided to newly married couples, especially those who had undergone inter caste marriages.

·                     Common library has been started in the organization office and a gym has been started in Kalambaste village.

·                     Various cultural programmes and get together of women were organized for women in 3-4 villages together. This was used as an opportunity to give them information on importance of medicinal plants and on such occasions, such plants were distributed to women as one each. Training programmes on the same were conducted in schools too.

·                     A rally was organized at Chiplun as a symbol of prohibition to alcohol addiction and to eliminate misconceptions about the customs and traditions among people. Functionaries of other non governmental organizations like “Sanwad”, “Shramik Sahayog” also participated in this rally.

·                     In order to increase the knowledge base of the organization, two trustees attended a conference at Hyderabad , which was organized to discuss the upcoming issues like privatization.

Orgnisation’s  Future Plan:

1.                  To start 4 Counseling Centres in more 2 Tehsil

2.                  To Start 50 Remedial Classes for slow learners in the 40 rural areas and 10
          semi urban areas.

3.                  To start 50 Non-formal Classes for out of school children’s in rural and  
          urban areas.

4.                  To start 10 Computer Aided Learning Centre’s in the  10 villages  in the Gram panchayat for children’s, youths and adults to univesalisation of E-learning.

5.                  To start 1 Vocational Guidance Centre to youths.

6.                  To develop E – Village Panchayat in one Village.

7.                  To develop 5 Education Training Centres in Tehsil place for Financial Sustainability of Organisation.

8.                  To Open Two Co-operative Shops one at in Chiplun and one at in Mumbai for selling goods made by members of small saving groups for sustainability of Self Help Groups Members.

9.                  To develop 12 guntha land plot  for experiments of  natural farming where to prove that   product taken on the land of 12 Gunthas can be enough for a 5-person family.

Organisation Seeking Assistant:  

1.                  Need help in kind e.g: 

·         Old Office Furniture,

·         Used materials, Used computers, Printers, Scanners,

·         other Office equipments.  

2.                  Need help in Donation e.g:

·         Rs. 100,000/- to setup one counseling centre annually

·         Rs. 10,000/- to start one Remedial Class

·         Rs. 12000/- to start one Non-Formal Class

·         Rs. 75,000/- to start one Computer Aided learning Centre or 3 computer one printer and recurring cost of Rs. 15000/-

·         Rs. 100,000/- to start one vocational centre for the year

·         Rs. 100,000/- to develop E-Village Panchayat

·         Rs. 200,000/-to start Educational Training Centre

·         Rs. 500,000/- to start one Co-operative Shop

·         Rs. 700,000/- to develop one Natural Farming Experimental 12 guntha land plot.

Welcome to all you to wish help us as volunteer for organizations.